bhabi plz give ur sister hand ( teaser)

Hey guys its anniya here. I am not updating my ff till Sunday. So I thought to give u teaser. Hope u like it. And miss me.

Coming to teaser.
A girl is lying in hospital.
Doctor; Mrs maheswari we need O +ve blood group. Arrange it quickly.
Rags; my blood group is O + ve u can take my blood. But nothing should happen to her.
D: We can’t promise nothing is our hand. Her body is not responding . There r little chances of her survival.
Someone hold doctor coller .
Boy; Nothing should happen to my swara. I know she is perfectly fine just she is little angry to me that’s y she sleeping. I am going to wake her. After that I will ask forgiveness.
Without listening anything he went inside. Beside him raglak also go.
Boy ; Swara stop your drama. Now wake like good girl. I promise I will give u chocolate. Now wake up.
Swara is still not responding.
Boy; ( almost crying voice) plz swara wake up I promise I will never leave u. We both go away from there.Where there is only two of us.
Stop it sanky. Enough of ur drama.Don’t touch her. Only due to u she is here.
Scene 2
Boy 2 ; Ragini don’t leave I can’t live without u.
Scene 3
“Adi make all arrangements to leaving London.we will continue her treatment there.” Rags

Sanky is carrying little girl in his arms.
“Doll come with me ur Di is waiting for u.” sanky
‘’ uncle leave me”girl
A girl come in front of sanky . why r u kidnapping her.
For sometime he become numb by seeing her beauty.Soon he reliase what she had said.
Sanky ; miss I am not her kidnapping her.
Omg sanky is kidnapping small girl.
Who is pleading to rags. Not leave him.
Now what will happen to swara. Is she die.
Is swasan story end before starting.( not any memory loss)

Note; Read my new os scar prologue.
Give me ur views on coming parts now story is going complete one phase.
Wait for me till Sunday, miss me…stay tuned with anniya for upcoming twist.
Bye and love u all.


  1. Mahjabeen

    Anniya til sundy i cnt wait so mny suspense nd u r tlng to wait..m eagrly waitng fr nxt part..pls update soon

    • Anniya


      What to do yr…. Just need time for planning their meeting and dad has also came home. If he will see I am spending 2 hours on lappy. U can understand…. I will try to update short part on Friday or Saturday BT can’t promise….

  2. little princess

    Really excited to know abt the teaser..the girl is our swara n the one who cries for her is our sanskar.. Laksh is asking ragini to not leave him alone..i think ragini may have blamed laksh for swara’s condition..bcoz he asked swara to save sanskar from alia..eventhough swara did it to prove her innocence,ragini may have blamed laksh…now ragini n adi is taking swara to london for further treatment.. I think sanskar came there to pick swara..but he misunderstood her to be that small girl as laksh used to call her his sanskar would have thought that the small girl is lucky’s doll..and the girl who is asking sanskar whether he is kidnapping that small girl may be swara..i thnk there will be some funny arguments b/w them..all these r just my guesses…waiting to see next chappy.. Update it u

  3. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    I think so sanskaar had not kidnapped that but brought her as he ghought that she is the doll … and the girl who stopped her is swara …

  4. Deeksha

    |Registered Member

    Well the girl lying on bed is swara and the one who is pleading is Sanskaar….. And in scene 2 the one who is pleading is laksh….. And rags tell adi that we will be going to London…….. Anyway dear I didn’t have any guess on last scene…. Anyway dear try to update soon…..

  5. Mica

    |Registered Member

    just now i able read all chappy of this ff
    sorry couldn’t comment in prev chappy due expired date.
    just wanna say..I LOVE THEM, TY

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