bhabi plz give ur sister hand ( teaser)

Guys I know you not like previous part where swara’s said about adi love. Bt think from swara’s POV, Sanskar still not did anything great for her. From now onward mainly story will be focus on Sanskar love , how he will prove his love is also not less than anyone else. Story is only about that yr, so trust me atleast.
Unknown person; you are destroying four lives, only due to your stupid drama.
Girl: what due you mean?
Up came forward
Girl: you????
Up: what do you and your family think I will leave you all easily. I have comeback to destroy you all.
Sanskar: kk fine swara, you think na I am not good enough for your love then you wait you yourself come to me and say Sanskar you are best for me.
Swara: we will see it.
Sanskar: just wait and watch how I will again win your love.
Ragini: Sanskar, I forgive you . now you both can start your life.
Sanskar: thanks bhabhi, I can’t able to express how much happy I am.
He went toward swara
Sanskar: swara, I know you did this na. Thank you…
He hug her, she didn’t respond him.
Swara: go away from my life.
Boy: you are lying , she can’t do that with me.
Voice: go and check yourself.
Now guessing time
Girl and unknown person????
How will Sanskar proof his love?
Ragini forgive him , how it possible?????
Swara not???
In last scene , boy???
While writing teaser can be come up in different order.
Bye, take care and love you all…
If cmnt will be less na than next part will be after 1 month.


  1. Deeksha


    |Registered Member

    Well Anniya….!!!!! First question…. Girl is swara and up is urvashi….. Second question…… Well that depends upon u…..!!!!! Third question…… Ragini forgave him…. I know you are kidding….. If not…. Maybe ragini saw Sanskaar love for swara and she got to know that urvashi is behind all this….. Don’t know….!!!!! Fourth question well I know this….. Boy is Sanskaar and voice is urvashi….!!!!!! Now I want u to update soon!!!!!!!!

  2. Fatima khan

    Hey! Im silent reader of ur ff nd Im commenting for the first time…..Im sooo sorry..soo sorry for not commenting really m sorry but from now I promise I will comment in every part….soo now coming to the point teaser was nice waiting for the next part….
    soo much suspense

  3. G.Chandu


    |Registered Member

    may be in first scene the girl is swara…!! And don’t know anything else…!! I will be soo happy…if you post after 1 month dude…!! 😛 😛 Well..!! just joking…!! 😀

  4. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    Hey you can’t do this. I need an episode tomorrow. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Aa geyii naa fir see kabab mei haddi,, pakore mei makkhi,,huhhh huhhhh huhhhhh !!! i just love her…
    Anniya bring her fast … m ready with staple pin …

    rest all d ????? ???? ????? i’ll answer after 1 month… now watching Doraemon… soo can’t take stress…

    thnk u dear… ;-*

  6. Sanjanaagrawal


    |Registered Member

    Awesome…. and I have no answer tonur qyestions …. will be waiting for next epi … and hope now there is no need to tell u reads and comments on ur ff in wattapad …

    take care
    Keep smiling 😘😘😘😘

  7. Samaira


    |Registered Member

    Bhot question hai mai mar gaye oh ha i tried to send u meassege but this idot phone i have written an os named ” ham ahere si adhar”
    this time stupid wali
    acha come soon m waiting tick tock

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