bhabi plz give ur sister hand (promo/teaser)

Hii guys, again big sry to u all. Today also I will not going to update next part. I know I had said I am free from Monday but no one like to see me free. So they give me lots of work to do. Now I have make ppt for my sister and many more things. From tomorrow or day after tomorrow I will back. So, just giving u promo.
Happy belated independence day..
One more thing I am going to end this ff in 10 parts. So 30th part is last one. In starting I have diff plans for past but it seems to past track is not interesting one. So, now I will end that track in 3 or 4 parts.
A guy and girl are sleeping on same bed in single bedsheets.
“ how could u do this to me ?, plz say it nothing is happen between u both” girl
“ sorry darling, but its true . I must say he is real man. I love u baby” second girl
“ I am not asking anything from u. I knows girl like u . u r bl**dy bi***h. “ girl
“ it’s ur choice to believe me or not. But its true, we both make out love.” Girl 2
“ Why r u not saying anything to her. If u can’t then I will show this bl**dy girl real place.” Girl
Girl 1 began to drag G2.
“ How could u even touch her. She is saying right. Can’t u see that or u don’t want to accept this fact. “ guy

“ you r lying na, I know u only love me” G1
“ stop ur nonsense, before I loose my patience “ guy
“ no I will not leave her. I will kill u , u bi**h snatch my love from me.” g1( she began to slap her)
“ how could u touch her”guy
He hold g1 hand and slap her tight. The girl fall in someone arm.
Sry 4 mistakes, I also don’t know what I had written. So forgive me for my mistakes…
Many of u will surely guess it who r these three. Still I will ask, who is G1,G2, and that guy. Who will save G1?

Bye, take care and love u all…


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