bhabi plz give ur sister hand ( promo/ teaser)


Sry guys, I know I have promised I will update on Sunday. But due to some reason I am very nervous, I don’t able to concentrate on anything. Today also I am not updating, yesterday whole night due to nervousness I don’t sleep. And whole day really busy in work. So now I am really tired. Only giving u small promo…
Boy POV..

I will destroy everything. His father sold my mother in market( I don’t able to remember that place where women are sold, if anyone know pls tell me) I will destroy his all life. I will snatch every relation from him also, I will give him that extent of pain. He will become lifeless.
Third person POV…
Now history will repeat. My son will give same pain, which his father give to me. Now game begin

Are u excited for next part…
I have one question pls answer it with honest..
Am I really a worst writer, someone commented on my previous part my story is totally crap. I want know ur views.

Next part : Tuesday

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  1. Tamanna

    Nice… Don’t be sad yr….your ff is awesome….. Don’t be sad because of some bashers…. Just think about those readers who regularly read your ff and like it….just take these negative comments positively and move on…..
    I have seen some ragsan fans are bashing in swasan ff…..but don’t be sad because of them….. Just Keep smiling and keep updating…

    1. Anniya

      I am also going to do same, just ignoring it…

  2. You are a wonderful writer …. And i luv ur story

    1. Anniya


  3. ur an amazng writer..dats why u hv so many

    1. Anniya


  4. Khushiii

    You’re an amazing writer and this story is just awesome

    1. Anniya


  5. Promo was interesting…!! Post the episode soon..!! Don’t think about those stupid people..!! I saw their comments on other ff’s too..!! They are actually commenting their non-sense comments on some of the most popular amazing swasan ff’s..!! You should feel good…that your ff is one of them…!! You are an awesome writer…!! Keep writing dude..!!!

    1. Anniya

      After knowing they r doing same thing everywhere really feeling like laughing….
      Going to ignore it

  6. Sumeeta

    its good.who told this u ra bad writter.same comment was also given to another ff also.dont be i am sure it is the new way to bash swasan or swasan ff writer.
    i dont know for raglak story.if same things happen in there also.then he/she try to defame swaragini

    1. Anniya

      These idiots will never change. More than loving their fav ones, they love to bash others…

  7. Sanjanaagrawal

    Nice yarrrr …. and who said this …. if u don’t want to tell its ok…… and we should not be nervous on anything …. be strong anniya ….amd u r an awesome writer …. and remember anniya everyone has their different views ….

    And I think so the boy is sanky and third person is lucky ….

    1. Anniya

      Again partially right….
      I am nervous due to my CLG not due to that comment…

  8. Soujanya

    Interesting… Waiting

    1. Anniya


  9. Abirsha

    Anniya its awesome….. Some idiot is commenting on all swasan fan fictions the same thing….. Dont take those words…. She is jealous very much of swasan ff writers…. U r an awesome writer….. Dont give a damn to that nasty comments…..

    1. Anniya

      I have seen same comments on many ff. Now really I am laughing.
      Now onwards going to ignore it…

  10. My dear lovely brainless Ragsan fan,

    If you don’t feel it good… then stop reading…!! I think you are not even a Ragsan fan too..!! You might be some outsider trying to create rift between our swaragini Fans…!! If you are a true Ragsan fan… stop this non-sense using the ‘Ragsan fan’ name..!! Because you are defaming the entire ragsan fans with this fake name…!! If you really dare to criticize it… then comment with your own original correct account…!!

    With lots of pity…
    A sincere swaragini fan..!!

  11. Vyshu10

    Interesting….plz don’t tell dat d person taking revenge is adi.

    And u r a good writer. How can u even think dat u r worst? Paagal ladki….i njy reading ur works dear.

    1. Anniya

      Going to ignore him/her..

  12. Dr dont get it to ur mind…..may be that person is mental person….thats why that idiot doing this….not only to ur ff dr that idion doing this bashing work to all the swasan ff….
    U dont feel bad dr….ur ff is awesome… that duffer is jelouse thats why doing all this bashing…..
    U dont want to feel bad dr….

  13. and coming to the part dr dont tell me its ADI…… plz dr i love him sooo much…..ahhhhhhhhhhhh:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(
    Plz dont make him like this…and promo was awesome…….waiting fr part

    1. Anniya

      Thanks ….
      Don’t worry about adi, I have special plan for him…
      I too love him…

  14. Interesting dear….

    1. Anniya


  15. i am a silent reader u r good writer plz don’t be sad keep writing and love ur ff sorry for not comment

    1. Anniya

      It’s kk dear, if possible continue to comment.

  16. AnuAnn

    Seems interesting.. Don’t dare to give any damn to bashers dear

    1. Anniya

      Going to ignore it…

  17. Dharani

    eagerly waiting for next update hey Anniya dont feel bad u r really a very good writer

    1. Anniya

      I will not stop writing…

  18. Anniya

    Hey I have msg 4 u, plz read my next part…

  19. Hemalattha


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