bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 7)


HII GUYS , thanks for ur response on previous part and i will write os on saturday. most probably i will update it on by the sunday evng or monday morning.till friday u can give ur suggestion. i wanna ask u something every sunday i will update os or ts.that day i will not update this ff. is it ok with u.
from this part past will also start and swara innocence will be proved in next two parts. till then enjoy.
coming to today part…
at mm…

sanskar is still on call.
‘what r u telling AR is following swara since two years. are u sure na this info. is right. ‘ sanky
‘yes sir our source informed us that when swara mam came india from that day a white car always follow her, not only this sir whenever mam is in any problem . he help her without her knowing. but one day he stop this and go back to London.after coming from London, first he take all information regarding her activity. when he come to know about swara mam has leave house he become mad. he told all his man to find her at any cost.’ op
okay keep eyes on him, nothing should happen to swara.’ sanskar

What the hell is this , he is following her since two i never come to know about it. neither swara tell me anything like that. what ADITYA want from her. Is wanna harm her but if it is like that why he save her. and also i notice anger in his eyes after seeing me. whatever may be reason. i have to keep eyes on him.

By accidentally his eyes eyes fell on sanlak photo.they seems to very happy in it.he become emotional after seeing it. He start to remember their past moments.

PAST.. [FB] One boy is sleeping with cuddling pillow.His face is covered with blanket.Another boy come to wake up him. he remove the blanket.
”bro.. wake up, u r elder than me but still every morning u behave like child.” sanky
All goes to waste, suddenly some idea popped into his mind.

he started to touch his hair smoothly.he going to touch his cheeks but other boy hold his hand. and pull him toward himself . due to this sudden behavior he fall on him.
‘ RAGS what r u doing this early morning, why u wake up so early , come sleep with me . by saying this he pull him more closer.he started to lean toward him thinking him as rags to kiss her.sanky is continuous trying to come out his grip.but other boy tighten his grip more he kisses him on his cheeks.
” rags why ur cheeks are so diff today.they are becoming hard. what happen to ur soft cheeks. kk anyways give me my morning kiss.he started to lean toward his lips….
Bhai..what r u doing ” sanky[ shouted] by sudden sounds other boy sleep disturb.
”what happen sanskar, what r u doing in my room.Where is ragini.” other boy
” bhabhi send me to wake up u but it seems to u r lost in bhabhi dreams. bhai u have whole night to romance with her. i am not that type of boy.” sanky
” what r u telling” other boy

” bhai u r trying to kiss me and what r u telling about my cheeks, my cheeks are diff.they are hard. bhai i am warning u i am good boy, i don’t like this things.” sanky
” i am not kissing u where is my rags” other boy
”sanky and laksh what r u doing both. sanskar i send u to wake up him and u are talking to him.don’t u have clg.”
” bhabhi ur husband becoming more romantic day by day .he is romancing with u in his dreams. give him some he don’t need to romance with his bro.he almost snatch my dignity.somehow i escaped.bhai if u again try to do this na . i will run away with my bhabhi” sanky
” sanskar u have clg na u go to ready, today i will drop u. after clg u have to come with me to pick doll.” laksh
” but bhai what is this name doll. is any child is coming.” sanky
” not any child but my…
FB end..
SANKY thoughts are broken by knock on door.

SWARA is still in shock , she is not reacting anything.
adi jerked her shoulder to gain her conscious.
”swara come with me goons are in hospital. they are keeping eyes on you . some may harm you . i can’t take any risk.” adi
” adi they kill him . so we can’t come to know about truth.” swara
” swara this is not time for thinking about it. we have to escape from there. u r my responsibility. if any thing happen to u i can’t able to forgive myself. please come with me.” adi[ Almost in pleading voice] he hold her hand to run from there but swara not move from there
” what happen swara ” adi
” i want doctor laptop and some files” swara
” what ? at this moment u wanna his laptop. swara i will gift u new laptop. first we have to escape from here” adi
” i don’t want his laptop for my enjoyment. i am damm sure in his laptop we will find some proof. ” swara

” but swara goons are already in hospital, any moment they can reach here.we will come there some other day” adi
” u go from there i will not come”
adi knows there is no point of arguing with her she will not listen him. at last they take laptop and one file.
they somehow manage to reach some safe place,
” now can u explain me why u take this laptop.” adi
”vo adi he is our family doctor , he has habit of maintain all details in his lappy. and i take this file because whenever he used to come for aalia check up , he always has this file.” swara
after seeing file and lappy both are shocked….
” it means alia is making fool to everyone, if she was not pregnant then no miscarriage.we can prove ur innocence.” adi
” i can’t believe anyone can stop so low , i don’t let her destroy sanky life”swara
” do u still love sanskar” adi
no adi, i stop loving him long back but it does not mean i hate him.if he will suffer in his life,it also effect jiju.jiju love him very much. i am only doing for him.” swara
swara become to busy in finding more proof.
adi is starring her,..

i know swara u r still in love with him. love can’t forget easily. he is ur not only first love but also true love.even after his betrayl u never hate. sometimes i become jeleous by seeing love for him in ur eyes.i wish i could come before in ur life. i wanna give all happiness that u deserve.he deserve u. i will not say i am perfect for u but i will always love . in every situation of life. i will stand with u. i am not expecting anything from u. my love is pure as ur love for him.i will never come between ur love.i know it is not easy to forget ur love.
pov end..
”adi where are u lost we have to go home, tomorrow is sanskar marriage. we have to stop it. ” swara
”ya i am coming” adi

a persons giving some huge amount of money to some person,he/she ordering them .
i know now she has proof,tomorrow is my marriage. she will surely come to stop it. u have to kill her, and snatch all proof.tell ur all mens to block all roads which lead any cost she have to die tomorrow.[ in stern voice]

sanky room…
sanky pov
i don’t know why i am feeling so restless. like something goona snatch from me.
Raglak room..
both are sleeping cuddling each other.suddenly rag wake up, her face is full sweat.
” rags what happen, why r seeming tensed” laksh
laksh i have seen very bad dream . i saw swara is lying in pool of blood and we r separating.laksh i can’t leave without u both.u both are my reason of leavig.” rags
” relax it’s only dream , no one can seprate us.” laksh
screen freezes at sanraglak tensed ,alia evil and swadi determine face.
precap; present; same as previous.
past ; sanky meeting with doll.

hope this is long part.
hope u guys like this part. give me ur views . till then bye and love u all.

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