bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 61)

Can’t believe its 61? When I started I never I will ever continue. This story really improve me lot. If today I read first of this ff then I feel what is that, no sense in sentence, too much spelling mistake bla bla.
Well thanks for all of you really you bear me so much na…
Adira’s Side

Kaira: what are you doing?
Adi: you only told me to make you understand as I guess I am bad in words so actions are better. What say?
Both were so close to each other, their lips were each apart.
She looked in his eyes, there was only one emotion that was love, love which is only for her. Today she got that for which she used to crave.
Kaira: I too like to see your action.
She closes her eyes giving him positive sign.

He pull her more close, they were like one body even air can’t pass between them. She was panting heavily, her cheeks were turning red. Seeing her condition he smirk little and simply pack on her lips. That was not any kiss, he continue to do so. She became irritated. She angrily keep her lips on his lips she started to bite his upper lips. For some moment he was in shock. Not able to believe she can be so bold, he knows she is not any shy type girl but still didn’t have any idea she will be so bold. Later he also started to kiss her, kiss was full of angriness, patience and most importantly love. Both break kiss after some minutes due to lack of oxygen.
Kaira: this is called kiss not that, you stupid monkey. You don’t know anything.
Adi: ohh I didn’t knew you’re so bold.

Kaira: many things you don’t know about me.
Adi: I will be pleasure to know you. Do you to know me more?
Kaira: I guess I don’t have any other option.
Adi: yeah bad luck.
Both sit at swing and started enjoying each other presence.
Kaira: you still don’t say that why you came here.
Adi stood up from his place and sit at knee.
Adi: really it still needed

Kaira: no, because I already understood it. I was just kidding.
Adi: but I want to to say that I love…
Kaira: I love then

Adi: umm I love your earring from where you take it, it suit you.
She angrily pushes him and stood from her place. She began to move from there.
Adi: I will not say that I love you because I love my life.
Her eyes again became teary.
Adi: and you’re my life, when you leave from there I can’t able to figure out what I will do. Will you give me chance to tie you with me for forever so I have every right to stop you and find you. Do you give me pleasure to make you feel like princess? Do you give me your every single second to me? Do you marry me kaira?
She was overwhelmed by his words, without answering anything she hugged him.
Adi: Arre first answer na
Kaira: action speaks better than words.
He took her in his embrace.
Next day, Adira leave with kayu’s dadi for Kolkata.

At mm,
Adira reach there, All welcome them.
There already priest deciding marriage date for swasan, someone interrupt them.
Voice: not only their also choose date for these two idiots.
Raglak and swasan turn toward that direction.
All went and took blessing of kaira’s dadi.
Swara: wow dadi, you here.
Dadi: yeah, now what to do wanted to marry as soon as possible.
Adira become shy listening it, they bow their heads.
Sanskar: then we all can marry in same mandap.
Swara: yeah not bad idea but Sanskar you still not proposed me.
Sanskar: don’t worry princess just wait for our engagement.
Kaira: engagement also.

Swara: yeah this time we will engage with every function.
Adi: so when is your engagement?
Ragini: not only theirs, with them you both will also engage.
Adi: but we, how can…
Swara: why, you can’t? Just shut up and ready for engagement. It will be after 2 days.
Kaira: well I don’t have any problem.
Swasan: good.
Raglak: yeah pack your bags because all marriage function will happen in Goa.
Kaira: Means destination wedding.
Sanskar: yeah partner, that place is very special for both of us.
Swara: yeah many memories are from that place.
Swasan sees toward each other, both remember about their journey.
Adira,raglak fake coughed to bring them in this world. Both become embarrass and look down.

Sanskar: partner you come with me,I need your help.
Adi: yeah take her, atleast I will get peace by this bak-bak machine.
Kaira: I will see you later
Adi: I know I am so handsome but be patience yr. What will they think?
Kaira; handsome my foot
Sanskar: leave it kaira, both best frnds only know to trouble us.
Swara: now what I did?
Sanskar: propose me and ask my hand( he imitates her)

Adi: what is wrong in it?
Kaira: it will better of you don’t speak who also don’t able to propose a girl.
Sanskar: haww so poor girl, you know how many times I proposed her. Swara you don’t teach anything to your best frnd. I think Kayu you need to rethink about him.
Kaira: I think you’re right.
Adi: oye what right, i proposed her at last na, you better think about your love story which is now going to sink.
Swara: yeah right, may be it not happen that you have to live as divorcee.
Swadi give HiFi to each other.
Kaira: don’t worry shona, my partner will do something which will close your and your best frnd mouth.
Adi: yeah we will see, yeah there is time limit. He have to impress her before marriage only. Then only they can marry. Not only this he also have to win every task before marriage ceremony.

Kaira: challenge accepted, we will win.
Sanskar: but
Kaira: you shut up,I am dealing with monkey let me deal with him.
Swara: Adi, don’t you think its enough.
Adi: you keep quiet, now its about my reputation. Don’t dare to melt by his innocent looks. We have win at any cost.
Laksh: so final there is two teams, team A sanira and Team B Swadi
Laksh: I will be in my doll team means team B
Sanskar: bhabi you can join us, waise bhi you should be in winning team.
Ragini: definitely, only we will win.
Ragini give HiFi to sanira.
Laksh: yeah only in your dreams.
Ragini: my dreams are very nice, you think about your dreams.
Laksh: I already seeing same horrible dream since few years.
Laksh give HiFi to swara.

Niaksh: arre also listen me.
Swara: ohh my champ I know you will be in my team only.
Niaksh: vo Masi,I will be in my dost and mumma team.
Niaksh went and stood beside him making her shock.
Sanskar: good decision champ, now no one can stop us from winning.
Swara: don’t fly so high, my some frnds are also going to join my team. They will come in my engagement.
Sanskar: what do you think only you have frnd, even my frnds are coming in my engagement. So be aware of us.
Adi: don’t worry about us, you think how to save your marriage.
Kaira: don’t worry Mr monkey, he will definitely to it. But think yourself if you will loose then I will give you punishment after marriage.
Adi: accepted mam

Dadi: and I will be rafree who will see no one can cheat.
All nodded in yes.
All went in their respective room.
Swara went with kaira, before she could enter someone pull her.
Person: forget about their games, we have our game.
Swara put her hand around that person neck.
Swara: why Mr maheswari, are you afraid of loosing.
Sanskar: I already loose in your love.
Swara: Is that so?
Sanskar: Any doubt?
Swara: I have many doubts, will you clear it?
Voice: we are ready to clear your all doubts.
Swasan parted away and looked back.

Adira standing there with smirk on their face.
Kaira: so partner what was you saying, you already loose ..
Sanskar: I was trying to manipulate her.
Adi: and what you have doubts shona?
Swara; nothing I was just playing his game on him only.
Adira: you both go in your respective room we don’t trust you.
Adira went from there.
Sanskar: be ready after engagement I have surprise for you.
Swara: do you again propose me in PS?
She asked with tensed expression.
Sanskar: not worry princess this time diff place with diff idea.
Adira: you both still here
Swasan: yeah we are going.
Adira give HiFi to each other.
Swasan: adi/ partner
Adira: yeah coming
After 2 days
All reached Goa for engagement and further function of marriage.

Precap : Some guest joining for engagement and further functions of marriage.
Thanks for telling your choice about whom team you want, well any guess in whose team I will be? And yes still some of you not told me pls tell or else I have to choose myself. And j don’t know about all of yours choice na. One more help tell some songs for sangeet.

And sry for less swasan scenes, don’t worry in next part swasan scenes will be.

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