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One Shot

SOME OF U REQUESTED TO WRITE NEXT PART OF ‘does my decision was right’.i will try to right it but one thing is there i can’t frame swasan together in that. i will only show that swara sucess and her good life without him or any man .sanskar miserable condition and his reptance. by proving a girl don’t need any man to spend her life.she can also spend her life in her way. if u r kk with it then tell me.

guys i have request read that story its really reliaty check. i am not telling u this because i have written it,after reading it if u don’t want share ur reviews then also it’s kk. atleast read it once ,u will not bore.

raglak enter in swara room.they become happy by seeing their doll happy after so many days.
“swara i think you got new frnd, so u forget ur di.” ragini
‘di when u come,sry i don’t notice u. di meet him he is aditya raichand. He save,if he don’t come on time,then i don’t know what should have happen to me.” swara
“don’t say anything like this nothing will happen to u.” ragini
ragini go toward aditya and join her hands.
‘thanks aditya ji for saving my swara,if anything would happen to her.i also don’t able to live. i never forget ur favour.” rags
‘laksh,where u found these unique sister. they always cry,before sometime ur sister in law is crying now your wife.may be your child will be also like ur wife and sil.then how will u manage three babies.”adi
‘three babies”swara asked adi in confuse face.
“arre one is u,ur sister and offcourse would be child.” adi

by hearing this ragini blush,by giving some exuce she go from there.
lakadi both laugh by seeing this.
“sry mr raichand i wihthout thinking anything said so much to you.” laksh
“u don’t need to be sry i can ur place if i also be there i also have done dont’t need to be sry” adi
“aditya,if u don’t mind i want to talk to swara”laksh
“okay i am going outside, swara if u need anything just call me, i am here only.” adi
aditya went from there,meanwhile rags also enter.
“Di and jiju u both seems to be tensed.Everything okay na.”

“swara , sanskar is marrying alia. i know he had done many mistakes but i can’t let him destroy his life. U also how alia is.i know swara his mistakes are unforgivable yet i need ur help. only u can stop him.” laksh
“but laksh how could swara able to do it.she is not fine,i can’t risk her life alia can harm her and also i can’t trust anger he can even harm her.swara will not do anything like that.” rags
“but listen ragini , we don’t have any other way to stop this marriage”
“no laksh i don’t want to listen anything. my decision is fixed,morever he deserve girl like alia.” rags
nurse come,mam sir i have to give her injection.u plz go outside.
both went from there,
“jiju, di is little angry don’t worry she will be fine and i will help you.”swara

after one week….
swara is discharged.she is living with aadtiya.
both are at mission expose alia.
“swara are u sure u want to do this” adi
“YES, ADITYA i wanna expose her not to marriage.only i want to prove my innonce nothing else.” swara

ALIA is choosing her lengha along sanky.
“sanky which color will look good on me” alia
” i have to attend call.i am going, baby choose any color u look awsm in all color.” sanky
meanwhile swadi are shoping in same mall.both are teasing each other.they are cracking their own jokes and laughing on it.these thing are noticed by sanky . he again fumes in anger.
due to crowrd , someone push her,she fall on sanky chest.both are lost in each other.alia also come there by finding him.seeing thier closness,he become irritated.she clear her throat to grab their attention.
“sry i just misblance” sw
“swara are u fine,u don’t get hurt na” adi
” are adi i am prefectly fine,come with me we have do so many shoping.i have to change ur dressing style.u look so boring in it.”sw
swara went from there by ignorning sanky.adi also go behind her.

“sansky what happen to u,u don’t know girls like her.first she is behind u.when u don’t give her any attention,now she behind aditya raichand.” alia
“alia,u r no one to tell me u understand.” sanky
alia go from there,sanky still seeing in that direction where swadi are.

sanky pov…
she never call me sanky.when i was her bf,always used to call me she had meet him only one week before.she is calling him adi.what she said adi u looking boring in these can he look handsome infront of me.I am her choice not can he roam with my swara.what i have said ‘my swara’
his thoughts broken by his baby.

same day 6 pm ….
swadi at hospital…
“adi are u sure we got to know something about alia here.” swa
“swara this is same hospital where alia doctor is working.i am damm sure we got to know something here.” adi
AT some distances two mens are keep eyes on them.they r informing all their activity to someone.
swadi reach doctor cabin,but he was not there.
“adi nurse told us he is inside.but he is nowhere.” sw
“let me check washroom,” adi
in washroom, doctor is trying to run but someone catch him. [guess guys who can be, ya he is adi] he started to hit him badly,by hearing sound swara also reaches.
“what happen adi” sw
“he is trying to run” adi
tell us truth” adi
“sir, what r u talking about” doctor
“don’t dare to become smart,tell us about alia or i kill u.” adi
“sir i don’t know anything” doc
adi go to punch him, by seeing his anger doctor finally ready to open his mouth.
” okay i am telling u,first leave me.” doc

before doc can speak anything someone shoot him.he fell on floor.
trio are shcoked by sudden change.
adi run in that direction from which bullet come.
“plz doc atleast now speak truth.” swara
“alia was not……before he complete he die

meanwhile adi is still running but he also not get sucess person escape.
adi go toward swara.she is still shocked.
“swara come with me we have run away from there,this place is not safe for u.” adi
but she is not reacting anything.

scene shifted to mm..
ragini is tensed.she is roaming here and there.
“ragini relax why r u talking tension everythings will be fine” la
“laksh i am feeling something wrong goona happen with my shona” rags
” ladoo don’t take tention,nothing will happen to her.ADI is with her na why r u taking tention” la
” but lakksh….before she can complete her sentence laksh places his lips,first she becomed shocked but later she also respond him.they broke kiss due to lack of oxygen.[while writing this i rembember swasan liplock,how cute thy are] “ladoo if u speak anything i again kiss u.”
“laksh u r becoming shamless” rags
“acha,i yet not show how shameless i am” la
by hearing him she blushed and go from there.[ i am not writing more about their romance because first my priorty is swasan. and if u want their romantic scene then tell me in next part i will write]

Sanskar room…
sanky is working,he distrub by phone call .
he become shocked after hearing it.

alia room…
she is happily talking to someone.
alia; finsh her,after work i will give u reward.
ended on swadi, and sanky tensed face ,raglak and alia happy face.

precap; phere have started,swara is running by holding some file,raglak are tense, and adi is fighting with goons. someone stabbed knife to……[this is just like a tesear,]

sry for this short part [due to lack of time i don’t able to give long part ]and boring part.
if there is any mistake then forgive me…..
from next part past will also start….
now tell me are u liking it….
bye , take care and love u all.

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  1. Yes want 2nd part ofi os.. As usual awesome chapter dear

    1. Anniya

      Tnx anu…..
      I will write next part of os. Probably Saturday or Sunday.

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  5. Divyanshri

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    1. Anniya

      My plans are same little bit including more reality of this society. For that I really need some time….

      Tnx for commenting…

    1. Anniya

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  6. Sumeeta

    Nice part.i like ur os nd for me its sufficient.i dont need any kind of extension.but majority wants that then u may extend it .nd ur pov is justified.i like swasan very much.but in that case dont unite swasan.i want swara to be a strong lady .nd also sanky must understand his guilt.but i cant hate sanky wholeheartedly.its one kind of human nature also.but he mustfeel guilty that his thought is bound by rule of society.nd ha a girls can spend thei live alone

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