bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 59)

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Swara wake up,she felt her hands in someone grip. Without opening her eyes, she came to know its non other her husband Sanskar. She opened her eyes and caresses his hair. Without disturbing his sleep she went for freshening up.

After some time, Sanskar sleep disturbed by sunrays he rubbed his eyes and started to look in whole room not finding Swara there he became sad &thought that she leaved him. His face became frown and eyes brimmed with tears.
After sometimes, he felt someone hand on his shoulder. He turned and hug that person. He started to cry in fear of loosing his life, his conditions was same like a child lost his mother.
Sanskar: bhai, she leaved me. I will die without her pls tell her na to comeback.
He said all this in chocked voice, laksh don’t able to understand anything. He patted his back and separate him from himself.
Laksh: what happened and where is swara ? Ragini is calling you both.
Before he could speak anything some voice brings happiness in Sanskar life, listening it he felt like someone give him source of living.
Swara: jiju, I am here. Why di is calling us? Anything important?
Laksh: nope, just she is calling for breakfast. And Sanskar you’re kk na?
He nodded in yes, laksh went from there.
Sanskar: swara, where you were? Do you have any idea how I felt not seeing you here?
Swara: relax, I just went for freshen up. By the way if your conditions is like it then what will happen if I actually went from ….
Before she could complete he pin her to wall, she don’t able to understand what is happening. It all happen in nano second.
Sanskar: you want to leave na then okay you’re free this unwanted relationship. Now our motive is over then what is use of us living together but listen one thing don’t say again and again it hurts lot. ( he pointed toward his heart)Whenever you want just go from here without informing me because I can’t able to stop myself to let you go and I know you don’t like it that I don’t let you go.

Without giving any chance to her he left from there, its true that her mind saying to leave him but its also true her heart can’t see him hurt. She well know if she will go then he will be broken but she can’t help it. Right now its most toughest situation for her to choose whom should she follow her mind or her heart. Her trances broken by ragini’s voice.
She went outside and found Sanskar already sitting at dinning table but diff was that he was not sitting at his usual place. She sited at her place and started to doing breakfast. Both were silently starting each other without anyone notice.
Whole day passed swasan don’t talk to each others, his mind was only occupied with one thought how he will able to leave without her? And her condition was same like him,she also knows she can’t able to spend her life without him but also don’t able to understand what to choose. Right now she need her best frnd or her sister who can make her understand what should she choose. But neither she can’t disturb her sister nor aditya this decision only she have to take.
At other hand,
Kayu reached her native place, her eyes were red due to continuously crying, her face was pale by seeing her anyone could guess her inner condition. She washed her face and applied kajal in her eyes and plastered smile on her face.
She reached her house and knock on door.
Kaira’s dadi opened door with smiling face and let her in.
Dadi: so you finally remember me.
Kaira: umm, let me identify you. Sry but who are you?
She holds her ears and squeezed little.
Kayu: sry my Darling, but you became so thin.
Voice: I also said same, she became so thin. See na my Darling looking so pale.
Both turned other side, kaira became shocked seeing that person while that person passes mischievous smile.
Kaira: you!!!!!!
Voice: yes me only and only one piece Aditya uff adi. Well you can call adi I don’t mind.
Aditya turn toward kaira’s dadi who is controlling her laugh.
Adi: Darling, you don’t mind na if she will call me adi. By the way Darling I prepared my special dish if anyone is interested they can come.
Dadi: well I am most interested person.
Both leave from there leaving her confuse and furious.
Both entered in Kitchen and give each other HiFi.
Adi: dadi ,did you saw her reaction it was looking like some one give her shock.
Dadi: yeah but she is looking so pale.
Adi: don’t worry now I came I will make her …..
Before he could complete kaira entered there and hold his hand.
Kaira; I need to talk to you.
Adi: baby, what is this? See my darling will be jealous.
Kaira: dadi, I am taking this monkey from here till then you enjoy.
She drag him from there.
Kaira: what is this?
Adi makes innocent face and looked toward her.
Adi: what?
Kaira: don’t pretend Mr raichand you well knw what I mean. How you came here.
After reaching kaira’s home adi told all thing to her dadi, first she became angry on him but seeing truth in his eyes later she agree with him.
Adi: nothing I just came here by train, you know I also not get any plane ticket. See I became so tired and instead of being happy you’re scolding me. Not fair na…
She become irritated by his casual answer.
Kaira: I don’t ask how you come here, I just ask why you came here?
Adi: just visiting this place, you know na I Lucknow is so beautiful. Anything more, I becoming late so fast.
Kaira: I am not interested in your talks, so you can leave my home.
She turn to go, before she could keep her feet outside the room he pull her toward himself.
Adi: I am sry, I know I hurt you lot but truth is I was so confuse pls forgive na. I promise I never hurt you.
Kaira: everything is over, now let me go.
Adi; plz one chance, I realised that I was at mistake.
Kaira: no I was at mistake, I loved you even after knowing that you can’t love me. You were never at fault all mistake was mine. I thought to make you move on, I thought give you love that you always craved for. All was my mistake…
Adi; plzzz only chance I can proof loving me was not any mistake.
Kaira: never
Adi: pls na, arre atleast listen why I came here.
Kaira: go to hell…
Adi: I will go but only with you.
She pushes him and run from there.
His eyes became teary but he was determined to win her back.
Kaira was smiling at his behaviour, she already knows why he came here. Sanskar already informed her about him. She just want to see its his actual feeling or he is only guilty because of breaking her heart. She don’t want that love which was only due to some guilt. She want his pure love.

At other side,
Their condition was same.
Ragini understood her sister condition, she decided to talk to her.
After doing some conversation she patted her back.
Swara: thanks di, clearing my confusion.
Ragini smile at her and leave from there.
After 5 hours,she write some note for Sanskar and leave from there with her luggage.
Adira side,
Kaira was not ready to listen him, he decided to do something special for her.
He called swara and told her that her bff is not ready to listen her.
Swara: it is all your fault now face her. By the way I got to know you already knew about urvashi Masi.
Adi: hmm I knew it, she is our side. She was only who was helping you secretly.
Swara: but how you came to know about it?
Adi: one dayi was driving my car suddenly she came in front of it. She was breathing heavily and afraid of something. ( if you remember one day someone heard alia’s talks when she was talking with Sanskar pic. And someone was listening it silently. That was only urvashi.) Then she told me everything, she was repenting due to her mistake. Later everything you knows. By the way what is happening in your life.
Swara: I am leaving for Paris.
Adi: are you mad?
Swara: clam down Mr dumb all thing has reason. You try to win your love and let me make my life perfect.
Adi: what do you mean? Is sanskar knows about your leaving.
Swara; nope, but you don’t worry whatever is happening and whatever will happen it will be only good for me and him.
Adi: really so complicated to understand you girls. One side she is not understanding my feeling and other side you.
Swara: leave about me,you just concentrate on your kaira. And yes I want you to see you both together. So do it fast.
Adi: hmm, I don’t know what is cooking in your mind but whatever be your decision I will stand with you.
Swara: hmm now bye, best of luck.
Adi: you too.
At night
Sanskar came in his room and started to look for her. He opened cupboard,finding other empty he became sad.
Sanskar: finally you went, atleast you should meet me na. Ohh now I understand you not even informed me because of morning incident na. Now Sanskar is again alone due to his deeds thanks for leaving me, thanks for not giving me even a single chance.
He said himself and punch his hand on wall.
He lie down at his side and about to close his eyes. His gaze fell on some paper.
After reading it, he only mummers “ sry for not understanding you”

Precap; last part

Till then you all think what ragini said to swara and what is that note?
How adira will unite, do he able to win her?
I also don’t know what crap I wrote, don’t worry you need to bear only one more part. And sry for delay also I was busy in exam that’s why it took so much time.

And one bad news by mistake I formatted my Mobile software now it’s in shop so don’t know I will get it. I am habituate of it, it will be difficult for me to update from lappy. So don’t know when I will post my other stories.
Whenever I will able to post I will post ,hope only today I get it.
Next what you want last part of this story or our angel( Adhm) or 1 st part of you have to leave without me.

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