bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 58)


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Laksh bought someone, seeing him alia’s face color faded away. She stared to shivering in fear.
Swara : Arre what happen to you? You’re shivering?
Alia: I am not feeling well, I will come after sometime.
She turned to go but swara held her hand make her turned herself. She slap her angrily.
Swara: enough of your planning, now open your mouth or else I will not leave you today.
Alia: how dare you slap me? You don’t know who I am?
Alia raises her hand for slapping her but Swara held her hand and twisted it.
Swara: I know you’re cheap person but you don’t know me.
She leave her hand, Alia fall on floor. She started to look at everyone. She sees toward sanskar for trying to show her pain. He turned his face.

Swara: still you not opening your mouth.
She stand with couch support and started to move back. All became confuse by this act. Without anyone notice she pick knife from table.
Alia: I will say truth
Swara: hmm speak
Alia: As you all me, urvashi and his mom are together in plan. My main motive was money. He was easy target for me. So eventually I started to meet him. I keep him instigating to take revenge by using you. Initially it was difficult for me to convince him. But when he saw laksh care for you, he finally agree with me. We planned to dumb you but every time his emotions used to overpowered him. At last we decided that we will spike his drink and make him believe. Finally one night we get that chance, we went to pub and as planned we spiked his drink. Later you knows.
Sanskar saw toward swara, he himself not able to believe he didn’t did that.
Before anyone could react anything alia smartly move and kept knife at swara’s neck.
Sanskar: Alia leave her.
Alia: if you all not give me what I want then I will kill her. you raise hand on me, now I will show you what I can do? From one hand she twisted her hand.
Raglaksan tried to save her but she slightly cuts near neck.
Alia: I only cut small if anyone of you will try to come near me then I will not even think some seconds to think kill her.

Swara: Alia I am saying leave me or else.
Alia: or else what? You will snatch my sanskar from me na that you already did. Now I will kill you then he will be all mine.
Sanskar: what do you think I am toy? Whenever you want you can play with me. Everyone used me first urvashi Masi whom I thought like my mom. Then you and biggest irony was this all was my mother plan because she wants revenge.
He signal laksh to go from behind.
Laksh about move from his place.
Alia: Stop there only or you know what could I do?
Laksh step back, All was helpless.
Alia: hey you
She pointed toward same laksh.
Alia: go and bring property paper. And yeah just one move then your lovable doll will become late doll.
Laksh saw toward sanskar then swara who was struggling in her grip. He began to go from there.
Swara: jiju pls don’t do it.
Ragini: pls Laksh don’t listen her.I will…
Laksh: shut up, she is also imp for me.
Alia: What a family drama.

Sanskar; I need to do something.
He sided his thought because right now his first priority was swara.
Swara trying to free herself, in this process her she again get hurt. She winches in pain. Seeing her condition everyone’s eyes were teary.
Ragini: Alia, you want money na. We will give you whole property but pls leave her.
Alia: not so soon, i should finish her long back only. But silly me I become dumb in planning plotting.
Meanwhile laksh bring paper from their cupboard and handed to Alia.
Alia: so my would be hubby, and brother in law sign these paper fast or your present wife and his doll will become late wife/doll
Swara: sanskar don’t sign, she can’t able to do anything.
Alia: why are you stopping him? Don’t you love your life? Sanskar sign fast or you know.
Swara: jiju atleast you listen na.
Without wasting time laksh sign on paper.

Alia turned toward sanskar.
His eyes became teary thinking swara’s condition. He can’t imagine his life without her.
Sanskar: pls leave it. I beg you , you want me then I will come with you.
Swara: Sanskar she can’t able to anything, pls don’t beg I don’t like it.
Sanskar: for me, at this moment you’re most important.
Both seeing each other with full of emotion.
Alia become irked by seeing it.
Alia: stop you both. just sign on these paper.
Sanskar: Alia I am giving you final warning leave her or you will see my worst side.
Alia tighten her grip at her neck as a result cut become more deep.
Ragini: pls don’t argue.
He nodded in yes.
Alia: I am counting till 3 just sign on it or I will free her from this..
Sanskar: okay I will
Swara: sanskar plssss
Sanskar: I am sorry, always due to me you suffer. I really not deserve you.
He about to sign those papers at mean time someone come and held his hand.
Sanskar looked upward. All person become shocked seeing that person.
Sanskar: maasiiiiii
Urvashi: yes me, I only destroy your life na but today I want to make every thing alright.
Before anyone could react anything, someone from behind held alia.
Alia: mom dad you.

They slapped her hard, swasan emotionally toward each other. Meanwhile sanskar’s mom also reached there.
Sanskar went toward her and slap her.
Sanskar: I hate you , do you listen? I hate myself who thought to take revenge from my brother.
She pleaded lot to forgive him, police reached there and about to take them.
Urvashi: one minute, I want to ask forgiveness from them.
Urvashi ask forgiveness from everyone specially from swara. She hugged her says and give him one chance he really loves you. Those pics were fakes.
Swara not speak anything. She blankly looked sanskar who was standing at a corner who was immersed in guilt.
Later she asked forgiveness from sanskar and wishes him best of luck to win heart of his princess.
Sanskar: Hmm but how do you come here?
Urvashi: they called me.
She point toward two people, both were facing back.
Both turned toward them smilingly.
Sanskar: you both here.
Two girl came there and hug him.
Laksh: but who are they?
Swara: jiju they are Vyshu and shreeyu. Shreeyu is my frnd and vyshu is sanskar frnd.

Vyshu: not only frnd his gf.
Shreeyu: don’t dare to eye on jiju.
Vyshu makes pout.
Vyshu: ya ya only frnd.
Shreeyu; better.
Swara: but you still not tell us how do you both come to know everything.
Vyshu: vo we came here to meet you both but when we saw you slapping her. Then thought to enjoy it.
Sanskar glare at them.
Shreeyu: arre listen us na, then we noticed change in game. First we thought to attack on her but…
Vyshu: now my turn,but later we decided take someone help. We were going police station but in way we met her….
Shreeyu: she already knows us, so when she asked why we are tensed we tell her all matter.
Vyshu: So at last we save you.
Shreeyu: vyshu don’t you wanna do something.
Both looked toward each other and smile mischievously.
All looked confuse.
Swasan/raglak: what is cooking in your mind?

Vyshu/ Shreeyu; wait a minute
Both went toward Alia.
Vyshu: how dare you trouble our frnds.
She slap her.
Shreeyu: and you want my jiju na.
Alia gulped in fear.
Shreeyu: then keep dreaming about it in jail.

She too slap her, vyshu again started to slap her. Both continuously slap her.
Laksh: sanskar save her or else we need to call ambulance.
Swasan went to them and separate them to alia.
Swasan: now enough, police will do their work.
Vyshu: one last chance.
Shreeyu: yes plss
Swasan: shreeyu/ vyshu
Shreeyu/vyshu; kk
Both angrily sees them.
Police took them, alia parents also went from there after asking forgiveness.
Vyshu: yipee chipkili ( lizard) gone.
Shreeyu: control your emotions.
Vyshu nodded in yes.
Ragini: Thanks both of you, only due to you both today my sis is fine.
shreeyu: Arre di, don’t tell us thanks. If you want to do something for us then give me horror movie CDs. Me and vyshu will see it.

Vyshu passes glare to her.
Vyshu: no -no I want your thanks only.
Ragini become confuse by it.
Shreeyu: vo I was teasing her, she is afraid of horror things ( ??????)
All burst out in laugh.
Vyshu; huu, I will not to you all very bad people.
Sanskar: arre sry yr
He side hug her.

Shreeyu was seeing toward who was controlling her anger.
Vyshu: kkk now we need to go.
Sanskar: but why ???
Swara angrily sees toward sanskar.
Shreeyu suppress her smile and went near swara. She side hug her.
Shreeyu: don’t worry shona, I am taking her from here.
Swara: nothing like that, you both can live here.
Vyshu: I am ready, if sanskar will say it.
Shreeyu: vyshuuuuuuuu
Vyshu; okay bye
Shreeyu: vo we have flight, don’t worry we will come some other day.
Both hug swara and bid bye to them.

All still standing there blankly, they trying to make themselves realise now everything is perfect. Sanskar was in fear of loosing his life while swara was in dilemma to what to do?
She fainted there due to blood loss, before she could fall on ground four hand save her.
Sanskar looked toward other person, ragini was there helping him.
Both make swara lie down and called doctor.
After examining doctor told she only needs rest.

After 4 hours
Adi still searching for kaira at every possible places. But nothing coming in his hands.
He was sadly sitting in one corner and thinking about her.
At other side, kayu was seen she was crying miserly thinking about something.
She stood up and started to walk aimlessly.
Not knowing what to do she kept go in a straight direction.
He trying again and again to call her or finding some clue about her. He closes his eyes and thought something.
Adi: I am coming there.
He buy ticket and leave for somewhere.

Swasan side.
She was still sleeping, sanskar was sitting in corner. Ragini was sitting beside swara and caressing her hair. From corner of eyes she was also looking at sanskar broken state.
Ragini: vo laksh I need to go to niaksh. He must be hungry.
Laksh : but???
Laksh : but???
Ragini: come fast,swara is sleeping na so no prblm.
She leave from there giving glance to swasan. Laksh also went behind her.
Sanskar saw now no one is here, he went near her and hold her hand.
He was not saying anything, just seeing her. His eyes saying his unsaid words.
She become conscious and sees him who was looking at her.
Swara: sanskar..
Sanskar: you wake up, do you need anything? Let me call everyone.
He was not seeing toward her.
Swara: I am sorry.
Sanskar become confuse, it should be his line then why she is saying sorry.
Sanskar: sorry but why?
Swara: vo I received some MMS and I thought you ….
Sanskar: you thought I cheat you. Its not yours mistake I am at fault. Let me call bhai and bhabi.
He was hurt but he was also at guilt. For some seconds he also doubted her.
He knock at raglak door who was sitting with niaksh and feeding him.
Sanskar: bhai,Ragini swara get conscious.
Ragini saw toward him and went from there.
Ragini: now how are you ??
Swara: fine
Ragini: idiot girl, what need to do that? You could handle her to police na.
Swara: sry na.
Ragini: pagal, now you take rest I will make soul for you.
Swara: soup, I don’t need it see I am perfectly fine.
Ragini: yeah I am seeing it. Just shut your mouth, doctor said to give rest your mouth. Now no more blabbering.
Swara: yeah
She makes faces and turn other side.
She stood from there.
Ragini: sanskar its your duty to see she finish her soup or not.
Swasanlak sees toward Ragini, its first time she talked to him. He happily nodded in yes.

At hall
Sanskar was trying to call adira.
After sometime she came with soup and give it to him.
Sanskar: Thanks Ragini
Ragini turned toward laksh, who was busy with some papers.
Ragini: Laksh see he is taking my name, tell your brother to not do it or else I will be angry from him.
Sanlak become confuse, laksh understood what she meant.
Laksh: do you heard what she said?
Sanskar can’t able to believe on his ears.
Sanskar: what? I mean you said me. I mean I can call you bhabi, I mean I not need to take your name. I mean..
Ragini: arre how much you speak, now keep silence. Yes now you can call me bhabi. If you will again speak anything then again I will…
Sanskar: no zip on my mouth.
He sign to do it.
She smile at him and send him.
Sanskar happily entered there.
Swara makes face seeing soup in his hands.
Sanskar: you know today she talked to me.
Swara; I saw it.

He keep soup at table.
Sanskar: arre not only it, she call me I can call her bhabi. Do you imagine it. Its means she forgave me.
Swara: I am happy for you. Now every thing sought out. Di jiju become one, Alia went from here, di forgave you. Now no tension. My motive is over.
He became sad that now she will leave him.
Swara: where is kaira and Adi?
Sanskar: I forget to tell you, he realised his love and went to her.
She smiled at him.
Sanskar: can’t you too forgive me?
Swara: sanskar soup is becoming cold, give me fast or else your bhabi will kill you.
He understand she is avoiding it, he make her drink soup and again started renting same things.
She fall sleep due feeling bored.

Precap: swara leaving for paris, kaira reach Lucknow and become shocked to see someone.

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