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At night

Kaira worriedly come in swara’s room.
Kaira: swara where are you?
Swara: arre stop rocket, what happen ?
Kaira: my mobile got broken and I need to do urgent call?
Swara: what is prblm in it, use mine na.
She handed her mobile and began to move from there.
Kaira began to think something to send swara outside.
Kaira : one more prblm.
Swara turned her side and keep hand on her waist.
Swara: what is plan?
Kaira: p..l…a..n? What plan? I didn’t plan anything.
Swara: see Kayu I know you don’t have any work from me. So blurt your plan or I am going.
Kaira : arre nothing plan yar I really have work.
Swara: madam I know you more than yourself. Acha tell me if there is no plan then why are you ignoring him?
Kaira; ohh that plan, I am ignoring him to make realize my importance. Now you come to know na, so don’t are to say anything to him.
Swara: don’t worry Kayu, I will not going to say him anything. By the way which idiot give you this idea? Because I know my sweet Kayu is dumb in love matter.
She playfully slap her cheeks.

Kaira: madam I am more smarter than you. Leave all that I urgently need some decoration stuffs. Pls bring it na.
Swara: decoration stuffs, why but?
Kayu: tmrw is my birthday
Swara sees toward her.
Kaira: I mean my frnd birthday, I need to do arrangement but I forget. Plssssssss shona , you know how na how much I used to forget things.
Swara : okay mam, but see the time. I will go tmrw kk.
She went from there.
Kaira: oh shit, you’re really useless fellow

She ran toward swara and block her way.
Swara: now what?
Kaira: I need immediately.
She joint her hand and make puppy face.
Swara: okay fine, now I am going.
Kaira: but how you will go alone? Do one thing take jiju with you.
Swara: but he is busy.
Kaira: then adi but he must be tired na.
Swara: that’s why I was saying I will go tmrw.
Kaira makes faces.
Kaira: arre take sanskar na. Nowadays he roaming around you only.
Swara: I am not going to ask me company me.
Kaira: see I am first time asking you something. Its kk if you don’t want to go, don’t need to give excuses. I will tell sry to my frnd.
Swara: totally daremabazz , I will ask him. Now happy
Kaira happily nodded in yes and went from there showing thumbs up to someone.

Swasan room
Sanskar pretending to doing work,he again and again looking toward door. Listening someone steps, he opened his laptop and emerged in it.
Swara came inside and looked toward him.
Swara: sanskar, are you free?
Sanskar pretending to not like listening her.
She repeated it but again no response. This rises anger in her. She angrily went toward him and closes his laptop.
Swara: can’t you listen me in once.
Sanskar: but when you called me? Moreover right now I am busy in some office stuffs. Since many days I not able to concentrate on it.
Swara: I don’t know anything, I need you this time. So come with me.
Sanskar: if I say no then.
Swara: this is your wife order. If you’ll not follow my order then I ….
He came close to her and looked in her eyes. She become nervous and step out.
Swara: w..h..a..t
Sanskar: you were saying something.
Swara: ha voh I was saying you have to come with me.
He came more close to her, she about to fall. He held her through waist and go more close to her.
She nervously closes her eyes. Their lips about to touch each other, feeling him so close she clutches her saree.
After some seconds he went from there smilingly making her stand.
She came in sense realizes what happened some moments ago.

He move more closer to her.
“ I am ready, come fast”

She smile at her foolishness. This all scene by Alia. She fumed in anger but later smirked.
Alia’s monologue
Only some seconds left then you both will parted for always. What you both think you will easily make me fool.
Her trances broken by knocking on main gate. Her face expression changed into happiness.
Sanskar opened the door and received some parcel.
Alia seeing all this with smirk.
Soon alia’s face expression changed into angry one.
He about to open parcel but stopped listening swara’s voice.
Swara: stop all these work and we are becoming late.
Sanskar: kk

He kept parcel in his room and came out. Both sited in car.
Sanskar: so madam tell me where we have to go?
She told him some place name, he began to drive the car.
Swara: what do you think about alia’s..
Sanskar interrupted her .
Sanskar: can’t you forget her for sometime. It seems we don’t have any topic rather than her.
She kept silence and turn toward window side.
Seeing they are not going in market direction, she turned toward him.
Swara: you took wrong turn.
He kept silence and continued driving.
Swara: sanskar I said something.
Sanskar: keep patience
Sanskar stopped car at some isolated place, swara mobile beep she about to see msg but sanskar take mobile from her hand.
Swara: what kind of behaviour is this? Give me back.
He nodded in no and switched off it.

He came out from car, she also came out and angrily sees toward him.
Swara: what is this sanskar? I told you to take me to shop.
Sanskar: claim down, I thought in home we always busy in other stuffs so why not come outside and spend some quality time with you. I know after solving every problem bhabi will send you far away from me. We are very near achieving our goals. So I guess I have only some days with you.
She kept silence and moves forward.
He also follow her, swara sited on bench and started to gaze stars.
Swara: my life was so simple before you came up. Its like fairy tale, no prblm only happiness was there.
Sanskar: yeah actually I messed up everything.
Swara: no you made it more beautiful. You fill more happiness in my life. I always want to someone who can love me more than I do. You were that one.
He looked toward her.
Swara: today I want to forget everything, that day, my motive, our marriage. I want to be pervious Swara who doesn’t have any tension in her life. I don’t know what next destiny is planning for us. I want to become that girl whose happiness and sorrows both were starting from her love.
Sanskar: come with me.
Swara: where?
Sanskar: your kidnapper is kidnapping you.

He give his hand to her, she grabbed his hand and move with him. Both reached at dark place, she tightened her grip over his hand.
He gently leave her hand and whisper ” stand here itself, I am coming “
Swara : I am afraid
Sanskar: you told na for tonight you wanna be pervious swara. That swara used to trust her sanskar blindly. Will you trust me tonight?
She nodded in yes.
He leave from there.
10 minutes passed still there was no news of him. She started to looked here and there but not moved from her place showing her trust over him.
Swara: sanskar, are you here? Pls come fast..
Before she could complete she felt something near her feet.
She scream hard and closes her eyes.

At mm
Raglak, adira both seated in front of each other.
As usual kaira was ignoring aditya, he also not looking toward her. He was fighting with himself. All things revolving in his mind, from his meeting with kaira, their fights, her support after swara’s marriage, her antics, finally her ignorance. His face clearly showing sadness.
Raglak also noticing change in their behaviour.
Ragini noticed some different feeling in ADI’s eyes which she used to see for swara.
Kaira moves from there.
Ragini went near adi and sited beside him.
Laksh sees toward her and understand she need to talk something to adi. He give them space and moved from there.
Ragini: adi I am also like your frnd na.
Adi sees toward her.
Adi: yeah of curse you are also my frnd.

Ragini: then tell me what is going between you and kaira.
He told her everything, how his equation change with kaira after Swasan marriage. How he is feeling restless when kaira is ignoring him.
Ragini: its simple adi, you started to consider her more than a frnd.
Adi: means
Ragini: you started to feel for her. I mean now you’re liking her or I say you started to love her.
He immediately stood from there and moves away without any argument.
She smiled at him.
Laksh came near and sees her smiling.
Laksh: I thought you will be sad after knowing he started to feel for someone other than doll.
Ragini: why I should sad. I understood swara and adi are not meant to be together. Adi also deserve happy life like others. Kaira is that happiness. Yeah I don’t like her but I can’t ignore the fact she is best for him.
Laksh: why don’t you like her?
Ragini: actually I am somehow jealous of her. Leave about her.
Both quietly sited there.

Laksh: so what you decided? Have you forgive sanskar? Till you not give him chance four lives will not able to move on their life. All are interlinked with each other.
Ragini closes her eyes and reminiscences recent activity of sanskar.
She opened her eyes and looked toward laksh.
Ragini: where is sanskar?
Laksh: vo he went with swara.
Ragini: this time
Laksh: vo he need…
Ragini: kk leave it, can you do something for me?
Laksh nodded in yes.
Ragini tell him something.
Laksh: really?
She nodded in yes and moved from there.

Aditya room
Aditya: ( monologue) this can’t happen, she is wrong. I can’t love anyone else than her. Yeah Ragini must be misunderstood me. Tmrw I will talk to kaira. I will clear everything with her.
He angrily throws everything and fall asleep on floor itself.

To be continued…
In next part all your confusion will clear, till then think what ragini is planning?

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