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Part 50
Swara came in from and became shocked by seeing scenario , all over floor pillows were there.
She angrily stood at her place, observing whole room whereas sanskar and niaksh were still playing with pillow.
Niaksh first notice swara’s angry glare he tried to signal sanskar but sanskar being sanskar he continues his hitting.
Niaksh: chachu, masi…
Sanskar: don’t take her name, she will spoil our mood.
Niaksh: but chachu masi

Sanskar: niaksh, you wanna sleep here or not.
Niaksh nodded in yes
Sanskar: then keep your mouth shut
Niaksh: ( monologue) chachu, now no one can save you.
Raglak room
Someone silently enter there and changes some arrangements.
After checking all things properly the person went out.
Swasan room
Sanskar still not aware of swara’s presence, he continued to his talking.
Whereas swara boiled more in anger,she entered inside and started to pick all things from the floor.
Sanskar mouth open seeing her, before he could speak anything she started to speak.
Swara: Niaksh, what is all this?
Niaksh: vo Masi, we were just playing..
Swara: is the way to play?
Sanskar: it’s not his…
Swara: Niaksh, help me to clean this mess.
Sanskar started to help her.
Swara: Niaksh leave all that
Niaksh confusedly seeing her.
Niaksh: but Masi I even didn’t touch anything.
Sanskar: your Masi is saying all this to me.
Swara: Niaksh, stop your nonsense.
Niaksh: but what I..
Sanskar: Niaksh, you are looking more cute.
Niaksh; I am not cute
Swara: Niaksh, ..
Sanskar: Niaksh,..
Niaksh; what is all this? Even I don’t fight like it.
Sanskar: I am not fighting with anyone.
Swara: what do you mean by it?

Sanskar: you better understand.
Niaksh: chachu , masi I am feeling sleepy pls stop your fights.
Swara: but I..
Sanskar: ha swara, pls stop your fight.
Swara: I will see you later.
Sanskar: I will wait.
Swara sleep beside Niaksh, sanskar began to go from there.
Niaksh: chachu, where are you going?
Sanskar ; I don’t feel sleepy na ..
Niaksh: no you are not going anywhere, I want to sleep with both of you. Masi ask him na not go anywhere .
Sanskar sees toward swara, she feeling uncomfortable.
Sanskar: champ, you sleep I will come after sometime.

Niaksh: no, you will not go anywhere. I know you will not come here …
Sanskar: champ, promise I will come
Niaksh: even me and Masi will come with you.
Sanskar : but
Swara: sanskar, pls agree with him or else he will not let us sleep.
Sanskar: but are you?
Swara: it’s kk
He lied beside him, he started to look lovingly at her whereas she still seems to angry on him.

As usual Niaksh sleep after listening story from them whereas sleep is far away from both of eyes.
Swara’s eyes whelmed with tears imagining sanskar and alia.
Sanskar well know he had again created mess by teasing her, he thought to handle this situation in own style.
Sanskar: swara
Swara: no response
Sanskar: are you angry with me?
Swara: …..

Sanskar: don’t act like sleeping.
Listening it,she stood and move from room.
Sanskar went behind her.
Both reached terrace ,before she could close door he held handle.
Swara: what are you doing here?
Sanskar: same applies to you.
Swara: why you are here go and talk with your little baby.
She went at corner,he follow her there.
Sanskar: but my little baby is angry from me.
Swara: I am not anyone baby.
Sanskar: when I told you ,you are baby. You are…
Swara: ha I know I am very irritating.
Sanskar: no you’re very my world, my life and my soul.
For some moments she forget she is angry on him,she felt immerse happiness after listening his words.
He make her sit on swing
Sanskar: but why are you angry on me? Did I …
She don’t want to show him she is not angry but jealous of alia.
Swara: yes I am angry from you, what are you telling niaksh?
Sanskar: but you are not talking with me since evening.
Swara: I was busy.
Sanskar: but when I tried to help you..
Swara: I told you na I was busy, now I am feeling sleepy.
She stood up and began to go. He held her hand and pull her toward himself.
Her back collided with his chest,she started to breath heavily.
Sanskar: why don’t you accept rather than angry you were jealous.
Swara: I a…m n….o…t
Sanskar: don’t lie, I myself seen you seeing me and that chipkali .
Swara; no , I was not there.
Sanskar: really
She nodded in yes
Swara: yes, if I was there na then also I don’t have any problem.
Sanskar: then you don’t have any problem na if she will held my hand or try to seduce me..
Swara: and do you allow her?

Sanskar: what do you expect?
Swara : nothing.
Sanskar: so why should I stop her, if my wife hasn’t any problem.
Her tears started to flow, without turning her he touched her cheeks.
Sanskar: but you know one thing.
Swara: what?
Sanskar: I will never do that , I will never allow her or anyone else to come near me expect you.
She turned toward him

Sanskar: I will never make same mistake which I had done in past.
Swara: leave it
Sanskar: no,I want to tell you something. That time I saw you seeing me and her that’s why I did like that.
Swara: why are you telling me now? Its your life you can do anything.
Sanskar: no it’s not my life, this life only belong to you.
Swara sensing she is loosing herself in his eyes, she turned other side.
Sensing his closness is effecting her , he moved away from her.
Sanskar: don’t worry till everything will be not become fine I will never create any situation like that. Now pls wipe your tears I will never tease you from now. With tears you look horrible.
Swara: but I am not jealous.( with little laugh)
Sanskar: ya I know that’s why your eyes are red.
She wipes her tears and plastered smile on face.

Swara: waise I will not save you if you will again tried some stunts like that.
Sanskar: ohh it’s like that then who will save my dignity from her.
Swara: you mean you will again try to do like that.
Sanskar: I have to think for it, if after that I will get to see your cute angry face then nothing is wrong na.
Swara: you duffer..
Sanskar: accept it you were jealous but swara why are you jealous you only marry me for saving us. Now you don’t love na.
Swara: I will show you why I marry.
She pick some sticks and started to chase him.

Laksh alone practising some lines , someone was seeing him from far and smirk little.
Ragini came near him, sensing her presence he stop his work .
Laksh: do you need something?
Ragini; no I just feeling restless that’s why I came here and I have to talk you about swara.
Laksh; I am sry ,I wanted to tell you but I thought you will not understand.
Ragini: leave all that, I just wanna tell you after solving all problem I will send her Paris.
Laksh: we will discuss it later now I have to practice something.
Ragini nodded in yes and sited there.

He again started to practising some lines.
Listening his words , her eyes turned bigger.
Laksh was preparing essay on “My dad”
Ragini: what are you doing?
Laksh: nothing, Niaksh told me to he want my help in writing about my dad that’s why I am preparing myself.
Ragini : ha but you supposed to help him na then why are you reminding lines like you have this assignment.
Laksh: because I wanna well prepared, when I will help him he should feel proud on me. I don’t wanna make him feel ….

Ragini: you know laksh you are doing same things which I used to do for swara in childhood. Whenever she used to show me her assignment more than her I used to panic.
Laksh: this is my first time I never took care of sanskar like that because we had dad and many servants. They all used to take care of us.
Ragini: I was not so big when she used to come to me with her problems but when I think now na then I understood this feeling is very special . Niaksh also make me feel like that but only difference is now I am experienced. I can understand your feeling, you continue your preparation I will talk to you later.
Laksh: you wanna give any tip.
Ragini: no , no one teach you how to handle child you. Niaksh himself make you learn everything, you don’t need to take any tension.
She went from there, he again started to prepare himself for his son.

Adi trying to sleep hard but don’t able to do so, he stood from bed and went near window.
He take out some photos from near drawer ( adiraswasan)
He started to notice each and every pic.
Adi : ( monologue) since sanskar told me careful about surrounding, I don’t know why but I am feeling some changes in your behaviour.
He started to remember kaira behaviour changing toward him.
I don’t know I am thinking right or wrong but I just hope ..
His trances broken by someone arrival.

That person told something to him which make him worried.
Adi: did you told these things to someone else also.
The person nodded in no
Adi: You don’t take tension, I will handle everything.
That person about to speak something but he interrupt
Adi: and yes remember from now onward you will not warn her anything. If anyone come to know about you they will kill you surely.
Person: but if I will not help her then may be she can successfull in her plan.
Adi: that will never happen.

Person: but I want to help her ,you can’t stop me…
Adi: listen I know her life is in danger but she has whole family support. All will give their life to protect her but …
Person : you don’t have any idea, if I will not help her then no one could able to save her from upcoming danger.
Adi: ….
Person: listen I understand you want to protect both of us but I need to rectify my mistake by protecting her. This is only way to make myself guilt free.
Before they could further discuss, they heard someone’s step coming toward their room.
Adi: I think someone is coming, you should hide somewhere.
Someone knock on door

Adi and that person still busy in finding place.
After some moments,someone entered inside and become shocked by seeing scenario.
After finishing all preparation, laksh entered inside room and took some medicines.
Someone was seeing his all activities with smirking face.
After their silly fights swasan started to come down, both become shocked seeing somethong. Both tensely looked at each other.
Ragini also become shocked by seeing something.
Ragini and swasan looked at each other.
To be continued…..
Sry for delay , I was busy in diwali preparation. I know this part is boring ,I just wanna give next part before diwali that’y I wrote it in hurry. Pardon me if it’s boring and not up to mark.
“ happy and safe diwali to everyone ”
May be next part will also take time..
Bye,take care and love you a

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