bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 50)

Hii, omg I can’t believe 50th part. I feeling like dancing, jumping several emotions are inside me. One more thing I tried to fulfill some demands, sry for not including all things. Okay now I am stopping my silly talks and enjoy this part.
Thanks for your response on previous part.
Ragini called swasan for some conversation but before she could ask or say anything, someone came and closes her eyes.
She touched those hand and smile little.
That person signal swasan to keep silence.
Person; mamma , who am I ?, ups not mamma , aunty do you identify me?
Ragini: you, let me guess.
She act to think.
Ragini: umm, I think you are ritik( random one)
He giggle little and give winning smile to swasan.
Niaksh: no, you are wrong.
Ragini: hww, I again loose. Then it must be my little ,cute, handsome, chocolatey boy.
Niaksh: name??
Ragini: name, name I don’t remember his name. Ups sry I forget your name.
Niaksh angrily came in front of her and keep his hands on his waist.
Niaksh: how could you forget my name?
Ragini: ohh that was you vo sry I thought someone else.
Niaksh angrily turn his face other side.
Ragini: so my chocolatey boy is angry from his mumma.
He nodded in yes.
Ragini: so I have to think something special for him.
He nodded in yes.
Ragini: arre but why I will think?
Niaksh: because you don’t able to identify me.
Ragini: but I am your aunty na then why I will try to …
Niaksh: ( interrupt her) arre I was just kidding. You are my sweet mumma.
He pulled her cheeks.
Ragini: no, how can I be your sweet mumma? I am Hitler na..
Niaksh; Hitler?, who called my mumma Hitler?
He turned toward swasan.
Niaksh; is you call her Hitler?
Both smiled at their cute fights and nodded in no
Niaksh: good, mumma no one called you Hitler. Now do something special for me.

She make him sit on hair chair and she herself sited on floor.
Ragini: special , okay you only tell me what you want? And yes expect chocolate.
Niaksh: not fair mumma, you can’t cancel my chocho.
Ragini: okay then leave it.
She act to stood up, he held her hand and again make her sit.
Niaksh: kk, I wanna go on picnic with you and dad. Only we three.
Ragini: but baby dad has work na.
Niaksh: no, I don’t wanna listen anything. I just wanna go picnic. I am going to ask dad.
He run away from there, Ragini also went behind him.
Now swasan are alone there.
Both silently standing there like statue.
Swara: sanskar, do you find out about phone lady?
He nodded in no.
Swara: okay, but we have to find her soon or else alia can harm jiju.
Sanskar: even she can harm you.
Swara: it’s not time to think about me, jiju life is more imp than me.
Coincidentally their conversation heard by someone, the person entered in room and close it from inside.
Person; what do you both mean?, laksh and your life is in danger.
Swara become afraid by seeing that person, she started to looked down and tried to escape from situation.
Person: she will not tell me anything, sanskar can you explain or I will ask alia?

Sanskar looked toward swara who is signalling him not to say anything.
Person came In front of sanskar and signal him to speak.
Sanskar: Ragini, we are just.
Ragini: I don’t wanna listen any excuse only truth.
Sanskar : someone warn us to stop alia or else she will kill bhai and swara.
Ragini: who?
Sanskar: I don’t know, but ya she is some lady.
Ragini: and still alia is living here.
Sanskar: this is only way to stop her, if she will be here then we can easily keep eyes on her every moment.
Swara: that’s why we bought her here.
Ragini: is laksh know about it?
Sanskar: bhai don’t know about his life is in danger but yes he knows the reason of alia being here.
Ragini: or anyone else know about it?
Swara: adi and kiara
Ragini become hurt by this, everyone else know about alia expect her.
Ragini: thanks swara, today you proved I am nothing to you.
She began to move backward whereas tears flowing from her eyes .
Swara: di,I just don’t wanna give you tension.
Ragini: no swara, expect me everyone know all thing but me duffer trying to know about your change in behaviour. Now more than me , are laksh and other people more important than me? When you plan to tell me everything after your and laksh death?
She nodded in no, she tried move near her but Ragini went from there.
Swara: sanskar, again I hurt di.
Sanskar: no swara, she is just angry but when she will cool down then she will be feel proud on you.
Swara ; no sanskar, she will hate me more now.
Sanskar: trust me swara, she will never hate you.
She sees in his eyes , which only reflecting truthiness and pain of not be forgiven by two important ladies.
He also sewing in her eyes, her eyes only reflecting only pain. Pain of losing some precious things.
Both have different pain , but still both are connected through each other’s pain.
Both painfully looking in each other’s eyes, eyes are conveying numerous pain.
Swara broke their painful eyelock and run from there.
Sanskar: ( monologue) no swara , no one will hate you. I will never let you suffer from same pain , from which I am suffering. I promise bhabi will herself come and talk to you.
He move outside and began to search Ragini, he found her near park.
Sanskar: can I talk to you?
Ragini: now there is nothing left for talking. You finally win, you successfully separate my doll from me.
He knell down in front of her.
Sanskar: only one chance, I wanna explain something to you pls.
Ragini stood up and began to go.
Sanskar: till you will not give me a chance to explain her I will sit here in same position.
Ragini: your wish.
Adira and Laksh sees swara running crying ,trio become worried for her.
Trio began to move toward her, before any could understand anything she closes door.
Trio started to bang on door.
Laksh: I think we should not waste time, I am going from window.
Kaira: jiju, I think adi should go. He better understand her.
Laksh: you are right, adi you enter in her room from back side.
He nodded in yes.

Inside swasan room
Swara crying holding swaragini pic in her hand and murmuring to herself.
“ di, will hate me now”
Adi silently enter there.
Adi: I didn’t knew you are so weak that you will start crying on small matters.
She turn toward him.
Swara: do you think it as small thing, I can bear anything but not that.
Adi: okay tell me all thing.Swara : di, come to know everything and…
Adi: and she is more angry from you.
She nodded in yes.
Adi: but mistakes was your na.
Swara: how?
He sited in front of her
Adi: okay you tell me, if tmrw you come to know Ragini hided something from you and all knows expect you. How will you feel?
Swara: what question is this, definitely I will feel like hurt and I will be most angry from di. How could she hide anything from me.
Adj: exactly, swara right she is also hurt. Everyone hide all thing from her you and Laksh both. She never expected these kind of behaviour from you both specially you.
Swara: then what should I do?
Adi: nothing just give her time and slowly make her understand your point.
Swara: then she will talk to me.
Adi: any doubt
She nodded in no and smile little.
Adi: now can you open the door, your beloved jiju and kaira must be worried for you.
Swara: you know adi, in this world you understand me more than myself. I never need to explain you anything, you are too good.
Adi: enough of buttering me. Now can we open door?
She nodded in yes.
After 4 hours,
Sanskar still sited on ground in kneeling manner. Ragini seeing all this from little distance. She felt bed seeing him like that but choose to ignore. Now another half an hour passed.
Sanskar started to feel dizzy , but yet he is determined to tell her their POV.
He going to fall just then someone give him a glass of water.
Voice: take it
He tried to stood up but failed in it.
Person make him sit on bench.
Sanskar: thanks Ragini
Ragini: don’t think I forgive you ,I am only giving you a chance to justify swara.
He nodded in yes.
Sanskar: okay , I will just ask some question from you . you should only answer it in yes or no.
Ragini: what kind of explanation is this?
Sanskar: you gave chance na then let me handle in my way.
She nodded in yes.
Sanskar: thanks for giving me chance. Okay I will not waste your time just answer me one thing “ did you had allow her if she told you whole truth “
Ragini: definitely no, how can I allow her take her risk. And about her marriage, is that step also due to alia.
Sanskar: that’s why she not told you anything, she want save all of us from alia madness. And yes she only marry me due to alia.
Ragini: and what about her?
Sanskar: I know you hate me, but trust me I love her. I will not say anyone can love her more than you. Only I could say she is my life. I will always protect her from every evilness.
Ragini : okay I think I should go now and yeah remember I will only support you all but I am not going to forgive your deeds. Still you are stranger for me and keep distance from my sister. I hope you understand what I mean to say.
He nodded in yes.
Ragini: is anything else , you all knows but I not?
He nodded in no.
Both went from there.
Sanskar came in tiredly sit on bed and himself started to massage his legs.
Swara came their and become confused seeing his doing.
Swara: hey what happen to your legs?
Sanskar quickly covered it.
Sanskar: nothing just little pain.
Swara: pain, did you hurt your self?

Sanskar: no, it’s just due to tiredness I will take little rest then I will perfectly okay and yeah I had told everything to bhabi , did she talked with you?
Swara: no, Niaksh is not leaving her alone. What was her reaction?
Sanskar: I felt she understood your points also but still not conform only she can answer you better. One more thing she told she is with us in our plan.
Swara: really, now nothing will stop us from winning.
Sanskar: okay , now I wanna take nap .
Swara: okay, I am going to try to talk di.
He nodded and she went from there.
He soon dozes off due to so much pain and tiredness .
Someone silently entered in their room and took some thing from cupboard.
That person came near him and about to pack his forehead before she could do further she heard some foot steps and run away with those things.
That person entered in some room and started to feel fragrance from those things.
Person: ( monologue) wow alia , you are superb. Without anyone notice you had successfully taken sanskar shirt.
She changes her dress and wear his shirt. She started to admire herself in mirror.

Next day , evening
Laksh , adira and sanskar are sited in hall.
First laksh, Kayu , adi and at the last sanskar.
Only one place is left beside sanskar, seeing this oppressed alia came and quietly sited there before anyone could say anything.
All were busy in chit chating.
Alia: can I also participate with you all?
Kaira: ( murmuring) Oh god ji, why you wanna send me jail. Now you are thinking why na, then let me tell you one day I murder her no not only murder I will cut her in small- small pieces and throw it to crows. Yeah but if they will also refuse to eat then.
Adi: then nothing, you can eat it I mean you have more power than those tiny crows.
Kaira: I have better idea, I will serve you. Moreover you will enjoy eating miss alia( totally jealous)
Adi: very funny, but your bad luck I am pure vegetarian.
Kaira stamp his food and leave from there.
Alia: what happen to her?
Adi: nothing she just gonna to take knife, she wanna cut you I mean me in small pieces.
Sanskar: I think I should also go.
Adi: ( only audible to sanskar) yeah go quickly if your sweet wife will see you so close with her then may Strom can come in your life.
Sanskar: not only storm , a very big one storm which will shake my whole world.
He began to stand up , before he could do so alia held his hand.
Alia: sanskar, I know we don’t share old relation but still we can be frnds na. Why you always ignore me?
Swara seeing all this with some distance, seeing alia holding his hand she fume in anger. She choose to stay there only and see his reaction.
Sanskar began to free his but suddenly stop seeing swara. He smirk little and again sit in comfortable manner.
Sanskar: no its not like that.
Adi: Laksh, is your bro wanna die from her hand?
Laksh; Swara is standing near us, he is just trying to make her jealous. Just wait for bomb blast.
Adi ; you can also try .
Laksh: swara will only kill him but Ragini will not only kill me . she will also make me marry to her. I think I can handle her but not this mad girl.
Both leave from there.

Alia: then why you not talk to me nicely.
She began to caresses his hand, he started to feel more unconformable but seeing swara’s red face he keep clam.
Sanskar: nothing like that alia, I thought you will harm my swara that’s why I behaved like that.
Alia fume in anger listening ‘ my swara’ from his mouth whereas Swara still burning in jealousy.
Alia: no I will never harm your swara.( she began to think she will not give her easy death. She will give her in those wounds which will not only kill her physically but also break her mentally)
Sanskar : where are you lost? Ya now you can leave my hand.
Swara move from there angrily, seeing her going he jerked his hand and began to go.
He again turned toward her.
Sanskar: ya from now onward never try to come near me. I hate myself …
Alia: ( interrupt him) but but what happen?
Sanskar went from there without answering her and leaving her all confuse.
Same day, night
Niaksh came in swasan room and started to jump on their bed.
Sanskar came from washroom and smile seeing Niaksh there.
Niaksh: frnd,your bed is very soft. From today onward I will sleep on your bed. Just like before I used to sleep with mom and Masi in paris.
Sanskar: but this my room then how can your mom sleep here.
Niaksh went near him and slap his own head playfully.
Niaksh; arre budhu, I will sleep with both of you. Moreover mom has hide all chocolate, so I need little time to find it na. Till I don’t find chocolate I will sleep here only.
Sanskar ; ( monologue) from evening she is angry from me. How many times I tried to talk her but all go in vain.

She angrily folding cloths in room well more than doing that she is throwing clothes here and there.
Sanskar entered in room and smile seeing her cute angry face.
Sanskar: swara, what is this?
Swara keep doing her work.
He again ask her same question and again she not answer him.
He smiles boardly and started to folding clothes. She throw all clothes on him and moved from there.
Fb end

Sanskar ; ( monologue ) now what will you do? Thanks Niaksh, now I will able to tease her more. What to do, she really look cute when she become angry from me. I only know how I able to control my self seeing her cute red face.
He smirk little.
Swara came in room and became shocked seeing scenario .
All over in room, cloths and cushion are lying on floor. Both were still busy in cushion fights.
Precap: same as before

May be next part can take sometime.
Bye, take care and love you all

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