bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 49)

Hii , thanks for your response on previous part.
Ragini waiting for swara at entrance from half an hour.laksh was trying to sense her situation, her face is looking same just like 4 year before when Ragini was tensed for swara.
Ragini: ( monologue) I don’t know why again same fear of loosing her is coming in my mind. She promised me she will take care of her self but yet I don’t able to remove my thought.
Soon her thought disturb by someone coming in home.
Driver entered inside the house with someone in his strong arm.
He placed that person on couch.
Raglak become shocked by seeing that person, both sees toward each other not understanding what is happening here?

Before they could ask anything swasan come there, and sign to come along them.
Raglak follow them whereas alia took sigh of relief.
Alia: ( to herself) see sanskar, what I am doing for you? And you even not giving me single look ( with pout face), very bad sanskar. You even don’t notice my figure, how much I loose my weight for you. You really became boring person with that silly girl but don’t worry your princess has came na she will again change you .
Raglak room
Ragini : what is all this swara?
Sanskar: bhabi.., I mean Ragini by mistake I hit her that’s why I took her here.
Ragini: you always do mistake and my sister has suffer due to you.
Laksh: Ragini, how much times I told you swara is not any child.
Ragini: your brother well knows that fact how much alia hate her, still he bring her here .
Laksh: your sister was with him na. Okay I understand sanskar is at mistake but..
Swara: enough di and jiju, stop your fights. We both took that decision specially I .
Ragini: what do you mean?

Swara: ya di, di try to understand it can be police case.
Ragini: so wat, you were not driving na then what was prblm.
Sanskar feel bad, Ragini is even not ready to melt single.
Swara: but di my husband was driving car na.
Ragini: I already told you not to considered this man as your husband.
Swara: but di, truth will not change by your denial .
There argument ended by someone’s knock on door.
Voice: Ragini mam, that girl is gained conscious .
Ragini: swara, you are not going in front of her she may harm you. Me and laksh will handle.
Swara: but di,..
Ragini: now no more argument
She began to go but stop and turn toward swara.
Ragini: same applies with other people also and I mean it.
Swara: okay as your wish, come sanskar di doesn’t want us to be there.
Swara hold his hand and left from there.
At hall
Raglak came there and stood in front of her.
Alia become disappoint by not finding sanskar there,she closes her eyes in pain.
Ragini: miss alia, if you are fine then you may leave.
Alia: vo , I…

Laksh: do you forget how to speak? If yes then I think I should give you pen and paper (he playfully slap his forehead) ups I forget you don’t know how to write na don’t worry I will call someone who can understand your sign language.
Alia anger reaching at peak level she was somehow controlling it thinking about sanskar.
Whereas swasan from little distance seeing every drama both were controlling there laugh at alia’s condition.
Alia: vo sry laksh bhai, whatever I had done in past. But pls let me stay here until I don’t become fine.
Laksh: you will leave your own or I should call doctor to take you mental aslyum.
Alia: pls bhabi, tell him na to let me stay here.
Ragini: you both not need to listen anything like that, you may came out .
Swasan come there, seeing sanskar after so many days alia started to feel butterflies in her stomach.

Alia stood up and go near sanskar.
Alia: pls sanskar forgive me.
She tried to touch his hand but he step back. Alia gaze turn toward swara who is standing at little distance from her. Before she could go near her, sanskar and Ragini block her way.
Ragini: you may talk to her from here only. I don’t like when any stranger go near her.
Sanskar: even me, I will not tolerate you near my wife specially you.
Alia: okay, I will not go near her. Swara I am your culprit pls forgive me na. I know swara my deeds are not forgivable but if you can forgive sanskar then why not me.
Sanskar: listen miss, it’s her choice whom to forgive and whom not…
Swara: sanskar, she is right if I can try to forgive you then why not her.
Alia smirk at herself that finally her plan work.
Sanskar knows whatever swara is saying it’s only part of her act but still he felt hurt at her statement.
Ragini who is totally unaware of what is going in her sister mind, she burst out.
Ragini: swara, she not only hurt you . she has also hurt all of us , you can’t take this decision alone.
Swara: no di, I think I should forgive her. Alia , I forgive you hope you are really changed person.
Alia nodded in yes.
Alia; ( monologue) what is happening here? Swara forgive me really surely something is fishy here. I need to aware of her small size brain. And where is her third supporter?
( guys leave alia in her dream world)
Swara: di, you always used to say na we should move on from past.
Ragini: listen me carefully , I don’t why you are taking such weird decision from some days but I will not her to be here.
Laksh: even I am with Ragini
Voice: but I am allowing her.
All turned toward that direction , they become shocked by seeing Aditya standing there.
Adi came toward them and stood before laksh.
Adi: laksh, if you are forgetting that then let me remind you. You yourself give 20% of your all properties to me that means this house also.
Laksh: ya I have but you well aware of this girl intention.
Alia: ( monologue) again shock, he is allowing me . I will soon die if I will receive one more shock.
Ragini: but adi
Aditya: Ragini if swara could forgive her then why not we?
Ragini: fine do whatever you want but just remember I didn’t forgive anyone not even swara.
She moved away from there, adi signal servants to show alia guest room.
Adi: sanskar, today I save your both plans but from now onward be careful of whole situation.
Laksh: can anyone explain me anything?
Swara: vo jiju, it is all plan.
Laksh: is your marriage also part of some plan?

Both nodded in yes.
Laksh: are you mad?
Sanskar : bhai, it’s true our marriage is part of some plan but we both are respecting it.
Laksh: I don’t expect these kind of behaviour from you trio.
Swara: jiju, they don’t knew anything. It was all my plan. I involve them later.
Laksh: I didn’t knew the girl whom I always considered as a child she became so big that she can make so much plan.
Swara: now pls you don’t taunt me, I don’t tell you anything because I thought you will not allow me.
Laksh; then why now?
Swara: I just felt I should share it with you , I don’t know why but I am feeling something again going to happen in our life which will change all thing.
Laksh: same like your Hitler sister.

Swadi: jiju/Laksh, you too.
Laksh: okay leave all that but if your sister will know na then she will do court Marshal of us.
Swara: I don’t know why but I am feeling this time di will forgive all of us.
Sanskar; are you alright?
Swara nodded in yes and move away from there.

Sanskar: bhai, I am felling restless like really something gonna to happen.
Adi: you also not start, just go from here and focus on your wife.
He nodded in yes and move toward swara.
Laksh; …
Adi; if you are also going to say same than let me remind you, I am not interested.
Laksh: arre , I didn’t even speak anything like that okay I am also going to my Hitler. You also go to your miss duck.
Before adi could say anything he ran away.
Adi: ( monologue) I stooped sanskar but how I will stop myself even my heart is saying same thing.
He moved from there.
Swara sadly sited in garden area thinking about alia.
Her trances broken by someone phone call.
She going to pick it but before she could do like that sanskar reach there and take it from her hand.
Sanskar: swara, I will see it whose call is this. You take rest.
Swara: sanskar that was my call.
Sanskar put call on loudspeaker.
Voice: you both don’t know me but be aware of alia. She could kill anyone of you mostly you swara and yes warn laksh also.
Before both can react anything the person cut the call.
Sanskar: do you know her?
Swara nodded in no.
Sanskar: I feel I had listen this voice somewhere. But not remembers whose voice is this?
Swara: leave it, it must be some fake call.
Sanskar; no swara, whoever is she? She well known of alia’s plan. That’s y she called you and warn you.
Swara: but what will she get?
Sanskar; I don’t know that, but you think what she said “ you both”.it means she was seeing us from somewhere.
Swara: that means
Sanskar: yes, you sit here I am coming in some minutes.
Swara: even I am coming with you.
He nodded in yes because he also knows it’s next to impossible to make her understand.
Both started to search for that person but it seems to that person more clever than them. Again same person call them and warn them to focus on saving herself and laksh rather than finding her.
Both went from there, days were passing like this all things seems to fine but they were not aware of upcoming storm which is totally going to change their life.
Whereas alia and kaveri were full on busy in there plans. Someone was trying hard to save swara from all this, at her every step that person was warning her to be careful. Finally that day also come when alia started to show her true color openly. She always trying to gain sanskar attention and not leaving even single chance to going close to him.

One fine day, sanskar in his room trying to find his things but as usual he is finding difficulties in it.
Sanskar: Swara, come yr I need your help
Someone entered there and started to give him his things.
Sanskar: thank god swara, you had came or else I don’t know what will happen to me without you.
Swara not react anything and continue to give him his things.
Sanskar: swara, one more thing pls help me wear this tie. I don’t why but I don’t able to make proper knot.
He turn other side and become shocked to see someone else other than swara.
Sanskar : what are you doing here?
Person: vo swara was busy in kitchen, so I thought to help you. Sanskar you still not change, you still need someone help for your work.
Sanskar: listen miss alia, I was calling my wife not you. You may leave.
Alia: but sanskar let me help you.
She tried to touch his hands.

Sanskar: I said na go, then just go away from here.
Sanskar push her and move away from there.
Alia: ( monologue) not bad sanskar, you are still same ya you became more aggressive but yes I am loving this aggressive man. Don’t worry now only 120 hours are remain,after that no one able to stop us becoming one.
Same day, dinner time
All was eating silently, swara and kaira were serving foods to everyone.
Alia yet not came from her room and also no one bother to call her.
Voice: bhai, at least you should call me na.

Adi: don’t worry miss alia, food is not going to finish so soon. You may come and join us.
Alia: thanks Mr riachand , only you are here who think about me.( in flatty tone)
Adi: my pleasure miss alia
She going to sit beside sanskar but nick of kaira pull chair and fall down.
Kaira: ( monologue) you bi**h , you will flirt with my aditya. Now flirt with him.
All started to laugh at her.
Kaira: ups sry alia, but it’s swara place. How can you sit here that’s why I did it.
She glare her and shift her gaze to sanskar who is busy in staring his wife.
Alia: baby , I mean sanskar pls help me.
She forward her hand before sanskar could react anything swara came and help her in standing.
Swara: alia be careful, always remember your true place.
By saying it , she sited next to sanskar.
Sanskar: are you jealous by her?
Swara: you don’ t start again , I just thought to save you if you wanna sit with her then I may leave.
She try to stand but he held her under table.

Sanskar: thanks for saving me, but i hate her company. But swara, you are sure you were not jealous?
Swara: should I call her back?
Sanskar: you are devil.
Swara: I know, now say swara pls protect me always.
Sanskar: fine, pls swara don’t protect me or else she will steal my dignity.
Swara: okay let me think.
Sanskar: swara
Swara: okay done, I am here only. I promise I will always protect you.
Sanskar: I don’t need your protection only , I also need your..
Swara: that thing you will get only on when I will die( playfully)
Sanskar: it means I have to try more 80 years, not fair
Swara: everything is fair between love and war. And this is our war.
This all seen by two person, both fume in anger.
Well none other than Ragini and alia.
Ragini: swara, finish your dinner.
She nodded in yes.

Alia: ( monologue) swara your happiness is only for some days after that only sadness is in your destiny. So laugh as much you want.
She tried to sit beside adi, but seeing Kayu she change her mind and sited at corner.
Days are only passing like that alia madness going to reach now high level, she never leave any chance to create rift between swasan.

Otherhand,sanskar fully trying to get swara’s forgiveness but his every plans were failed by alia. He started to became irked by her but just tolerating her due to his promise to swara.
Moreover no one knew what things are cooking in Ragini’s mind, she started to behave normally with sanskar and….
Precap; alia first attempt to kill laksh, will swasanadi will able to save him or they will loose Laksh for forever???????????????
now think about precap,not about end.

Note: okay guys I will end it near 60 part, now happy. One more thing ending is beginning of new start.

Now I am very happy only one part is remaining for completing 50th you tell me you want anything special ya don’t ask me make swara forgive sanskar, you only get this answer in last parts. Anything else, just say I will try to fulfill it.
About adhm , I will write that after its 50th part.
Bye,take care and love you all.

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