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Sanskar enter in his room, he became shocked to see scenario.
A girl standing there choosing in bathrobe , she was choosing her cloth and mumbling something.
Suddenly she turned her face and become to see sanskar. Before she could shout, sanskar close her mouth by keeping his hand.

Sanskar: shh, is it way coming from washroom? Can’t you take your cloth before?
Swara: …..

Sanskar: now what happen? Why are you silent?
She signal him his hand on her mouth. He removed his hand from her mouth and signal her to speak.
Swara: I don’t forget to take it, it just that cloth don’t fit me.
Sanskar: who said to you gain weight. Can’t you loose little weight.
Swara: how mean, you are saying I am becoming fat.

She held his hand and pull him toward mirror.
Swara: see, I am perfectly okay. Vo toh that cloth only become tight.
He suspress his laugh.
Sanskar: ya right , you are absolutely zero figure. But only your cloth is becoming tight.
Sanskar almost back hugging her.
Swara: am I joking? Now go I will not talk to you.

Sanskar: arre why are you taking serious? You’re most beautiful girl in this world , ya little fat, somewhat short too, and this nose( touching her nose) is big also, but these eyes are so beautiful ya only prblm is one eye is big and other one is small. But yet looking beautiful.
She started to check herself in mirror. She touches her nose.

Swara: is it really big. Am I really becoming fat? Are really my eyes are like that..
She find sanskar suppressing his laugh through mirror.
She understand he is making fun of her. She turned toward him and snakes her hand around his neck.
Sanskar become shocked by her sudden move, he began to go backward.
Swara: what happen Mr patidev, where are you going?

Sanskar: swara, what are you doing? I mean …
Swara; I just coming close to you. Do you have any prblm in it?
He vigorously nodded in yes and no.
She smirks seeing his nervous face, which is not gone unnoticed by sanskar. He understand, she is taking revenge.
He stop moving backward, both were so close to each other , they were able to feel each other heart beat.

Now this time Swara need to feel nervous. She started to remove her hand from his neck. She moved back until she not collided with mirror. Sanskar ; now what happen patni ji?
Swara: I need to change, if anyone will come then it will be problem for us.
Sanskar blocked her way by placing his both hand on wall.
Sanskar: don’t worry I am not careless like you, I had closed door.

Swara: vo ya I have some work with di.
Sanskar: but bhabi is angry with you na.
Moving more closer to her.
Swara: ha I remember I need talk to kaira.

Sanskar: but she is going outside with aditya.
Swara: han toh, jiju you here…
Sanskar immediately left her way, she rushes to washroom.
He heard her laughing sound.

Swara: what happen Mr pati ji, you had closed door na.
He smiled at his own foolishness.
Sanskar: I just thought to leave you or else you would get heart attack.
Swara: very funny Mr patidev

Swara came out wearing red colored suit salwar.
She stand be ahead mirror , he started to stare her. Feeling his gaze her cheeks turned crimson red.
Swara: ( to herself) why he is staring me like that he will eat me?
She jerked her thought and called his name.

Which result to he came in sense.
She show him mangalsutra, he come near her and tie it. He pick little vermilion and fill her hairline.

She began to go from there, listening his voice she turned up.
Sanskar: thanks
She just passes little smile and moved away.

Kaira’s room
Kaira sadly sitting im middle of bunches of cloths.
Swara entered there, she became shocked seeing her condition.
Swara: Kayu, what is all these?
Kaira: see na shona, I don’t have anything to wear.
Swara rotated her eyes in whole room.

Kayu: vo these are not so good.
Swara: what is matter Kayu?
She thought to tease her.
Kayu ; ( fumble) vo nothing I just thought to enquire about my past.
Swara : ha then what is need of dressing so much, you can go in simple wear also.
Kayu: ya so he don’t see toward to me.
Swara: ( innocently) who ?
Kayu ; no one.

Swara: but you told he don’t notice you. Who don’t notice you?
Kayu: I mean , if I will not look good then what people will say the great swara maheswari frnd doesn’t has any fashion sense.
Adi come there shouting her name, behind him sanskar also come finding swara.
Both become shocked by seeing scenario.
Adi: are you leaving this house?
Kaira: Mr giant, I am not leaving you so early.
Adi: ya, how can I expect my good days.
Kaira: you mean, I am..
Adi: yes I mean, you are..
Swasan suspress their laugh by seeing their fight.

Both can’t take long, they burst out in laughing.
Adira give what look to them.
Adi: you both laughing so much na seeing our fights, but I think you forget about yours time. You were worse than us.
Kayu: adi, what do you mean? Sanskar and fighting with her. It’s next to impossible.
Adi: you don’t know anything about them, both land up in PS within their first meeting.
Swara: han toh, we used to fight because we used to love each other. Why you both are fighting?
Both become silent by her statement.

Kayu: I have some work, swara come with me.
She drag her from there.
Sanadi are alone there.
Sanskar: aditya, why you always tease her?
Adi: I like to fight with her.
Sanskar smiled at him.
Sanskar; you know why I still love to fight with her? Because when I tease her na then only she become free with me or else.
His eyes turned moist.
Aditya: don’t worry everything will be fine soon.
Sanskar: hope so

Sanskar: waise you know, kaira is good.
Adi: what do you mean?
Sanskar: I mean she is good na different from other girls.
Adi: hmm
Both excuses each other.
Swara: sanskar, come here fast.
Sanskar: now what happen?
Swara: nothing, I just need to go outside but can’t go alone. You have to come along me.
Sanskar ; why you think I will fulfill your demands?

Swara; because you don’t have any option. Because I am going to find more about your mother,if in this process something happen to me then…
Before she could complete he tightly hug her.
She feel her hair is getting wet, she separate herself from him.
Swara: what is this sanskar?

Sanskar; why you not understand, I can’t afford to loose you again.
He turned his face, she again make him see toward herself.
Swara: I was just kidding sanskar, we can’t wait for alia move. We need to find out everything.
Sanskar: han toh, you could simply tell me reason na what is need to say like that?
Swara: kk sry, now I will never repeat that.
Sanskar: better, well I can’t trust them. So I am coming with you.
Swara: yeah, I just come after telling di.
Sanskar: but what will you tell her.

Swara: don’t know, you have any idea.
Sanskar: no
Swara: it’s kk, I will manage. Till I not come you become ready.
Sanskar: I think this line should be mine. You always take 2-3 hour to became ready.
Swara: now I don’t like to do so.
Sanskar become confused listening her, she went away without explaining further.
Sanskar: ( to himself) what does she mean? Now she not like doing it but why, she used to love it na. Don’t worry Mrs maheswari, today you will again become ready for me by hook or crook. It’s sanskar maheswari promise.
Kayu come dress up in black jeans and baby pink top.
Kaira: adi, how I am looking?
Adi : kk

He was busy in mobile, he didn’t notice her.
Kayu: adi, does red color suit me?
Adi: ya, you are looking fabulous in this red dress.
She throw cushions over him , which result in adi come out from his mobile world. He sees toward her become speechless seeing her.
Adi: beautiful
Kayu: did you say anything?
He nodded in no.
Kayu : waise you are also okay okay.

Adi: what do you mean?
Kayu: nothing, just you are not matching with me. I mean see toward your self. I am looking so beautiful but you , leave this now come with me.
Adi: give me 15 minutes.

Isolated place
Alia: aunty, I find way for entering in their house.
Kaveri; how will you enter there?
Alia: just wait and watch. Swasan themself take me inside their home.
Urvashi; I think she gonna mad in his love.
Alia: I am already mad in his love, the way he looks. Masallah I will die after seeing him such long time.
Urvashi: ( to herself) I hope so

Alia: did you said something?
Urvashi: no
Alia: better
Kaveri: stop it, you both should concentrate on your plans.
Both nodded in yes and crushes kaveri.
Ragini thinking something, her thoughts disturb by knocking on door.
Ragini: come inside
Swara: di, I need to go outside.

Ragini: go, why are you telling me?
Swara: I want your permission.

Ragini: you don’t need anyone’s permission.
Swara: di, I promise soon I will tell you everything.
Ragini: then why not now?

Swara: di, I am going.
She went away.
Ragini: ( to herself)take care, I don’t why but I am feeling something again gonna happen.
Laksh entered there, both were not looking each other.
Ragini passes his medicine and move from there without saying anything.
Laksh ; Ragini, one minute
Ragini: I don’t need to talk with you. I am going outside, niaksh has gone at his frnd house. I will come till evening.
Laksh: …
She went away without listening him.

At hall,
Kaira waiting for adi, she become shocked seeing him.
Adi come there in dressed up in dark blue jeans and white shirt.
She become shocked seeing him plus his killer smile.
Adi move his hand be head her eyes.
Adi: staring is rude miss duck.
She came in sense become emberss seeing him like that.
Kayu: vo I was just checking you are okay or not. Now you can come with me.
She move out from there.
Adi: well you can openly say I am looking more handsome.

Kayu: in your dream
Both seated in car and start their journey with silence.
Swasan room

Swara came there, she become shocked seeing scenario.
Sanskar standing with 5-6 dresses in his hand.
Sanskar: so you come here, now choose one dress for yourself.
Swara: sanskar, you are okay. I mean we are going to find some clue not on any date.
Sanskar: so you want to go on date, no problem we will also go there.
Swara: I didn’t mean it.

Sanskar; leave all this, just choose yourself or I will do it.
Swara : but..
Sanskar: take this, now come fast I need to give you new look.
Swara: I am not going to do anything like that.
Sanskar: well I knew it, that’s why I throw all your dresses. Now only these are, so you don’t have any choice.
Swara: idiot, same like before.
Sanskar: I know it, just do it fast.

Swara take dress from his hand. After some time she came wearing simple blue colored kurti and red leggings.
Sanskar: perfect, now come here.
He make her sit near dressing table.
Sanskar; well you don’t need any makeup. You look breath taking without make up.
She just following his order. She knew it , it will be waste to talk him. He handed her kajal and mascara to apply in eyes.
Sanskar: take it, I don’t know how to do it.

She follow his instruction.
He straightened her hair and give little curve to lower hair.
He choose matching studs and make her wear it.
Sanskar: now you are looking perfect.

Swara: but why all these?
Sanskar: I just wanted my old swara, who used to like all this. Now no further arguments. Only vermilion and mangalsutra is remaining but it will not good on this look, so leave it. Come with me, we are becoming late.
He began to go, she stop him by holding his hand.

Swara: but I like it.
Sanskar; but swara, it will not match.
Swara: you told na you want old swara, she never care for anything. She just used to follow her heart. Now you will make me wear or I should do it myself.
His eyes turned moist, he make her those things.
Swara: now how I am looking?
Sanskar: most beautiful lady I ever seen.
Swara: you are also looking good.

Both blushes little.
He dress up in black trouser and blue t-shirt.
Sanskar: thanks for compliment.
Both moved outside and started their journey.

Precap: swasan and adira outing and someone accident. Ragini forgiving sanskar ( just trust Ragini character)
I know you must be thinking why I use blue color so much because blue is my fav.

Note; guys, as you all know sr is taking six month leap. It means fresh love story of swasan. Pls see it on TV. One more thing , on twitter, fb and telly also I saw many cmnts swasan fan themselves bashing swara. If you are bashing your fav one then what do you expect from others one. Guys stop it, I am not saying it because she is my fav. I don’t know but I don’t feel she is wrong at her place. Both are equally responsible for everything. Sry if I hurt anyone but seriously pls stop bashing swara. Now coming to next part tmrw I will try to update short part of this story but can’t promise.
Bye, take care and love you all…

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