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Thanks for your response on previous part. Ya this part is for my sister. She wanted to read it, I never disclose her anything about upcoming things. When yesterday my whole part deleted then in frustration I told her I will stop writing this story. Really saying I never expected she will be angry from me. You guys know what she told me , she told me’ I don’t want whole story just give me adi scene’ . So this part is for you my sis.
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Alia was seating with two ladies. All were laughing like mad one.
Alia: I can’t believe that day , he believed you.
Swasan side
Swara: see your self sanskar, what is in it?
Sanskar open the packet and become shocked by seeing it.
Sanskar: swara, what is this?
Swara: this is proof of your mother being alive.
Sanskar: but swara you also know, it may be someone plan.
Swara: I knew it, you will not trust me. Can’t you see in these pics it’s clearly seen your mother with alia and urvashi.
Urvashi: how could he not believe his mother’s diary.
Swasan side
Sanskar: I didn’t mean it, someone must be trying to fool you. I myself read her diary. Masi told me how she kill herself.
Swara: okay tell me one thing, if tmrw you will find one diary. And in that diary, you will find I had done suicide due to you. Do you believe it.
Sanskar: what rubbish is this?
Swara: just answer me.
Sanskar: of course no, because I know it you are not so weak.
Swara: why? Arre you have to believe na .
Sanskar; because I know you, you can’t.
Swara: exactly sanskar, you will not believe that diary. Then how could you believe your mother’s diary.
Sanskar: because Masi had given it.
Swara: I don’t believe it, you are such stupid one. You believe them. Sanskar they trap you in their plan.
Sanskar: but swara, what will they get by it.
Kaveri: peace and money.
Swara: yet, I don’t know full reason. But I know they wanted to take revenge from your dad.
Sanskar: laksh bhai’s dad.
Swara: ya, whatever. Sanskar if you ever loved me then trust me.
Sanskar: I trust you, but you say na how could I believe that , all was my mom plan. And how do you know about she being alive.
Swara: when I was returning India, that day I saw her but that time I don’t able to recognize her. But someday before when I saw yours mother diary and her pics. Then I realised she is non another than your mom. From that day I am finding proof. Day before our marriage I received these pics by my informer. I wanted to show you but all alia’s drama stop me taking this step. Sanskar this pic is original I also have it’s original copy. If you want I will show you.
Sanskar; no need to do it, I trust you.
He began to think something.
Sanskar: it mean that all was lie.
Swara: simply yes.
Sanskar: I will not leave anyone.
Swara: no sanskar, not again we will play their game on them only. I am sure sanskar, alia will definitely enter in this house.
Sanskar: before she could enter I will kill her.
Swara: if you will kill her then we never able to catch actual culprit.
Sanskar: this time I will show my mom, what revenge means?
Swara: not only you, me 2. I will show her what is result of messing with Swara.
She began to think something.

Swara: can I ask you one thing?
Alia: I only want sanskar, not any peace. Like before I snatch him this time I again snatch him.
Urvashi: what do you mean?
Alia: just simple, like before I make him believe that we had cross limit. But actually nothing happen between us and that fool blindly believe me
Swara turn her face.
Swara: did you actually …..
Sanskar; ( cut her) I don’t know anything, she told me we had done that.
Swara: means you don’t remember anything.
Sanskar: no, actually that day I was heavily drunk. Until that day I don’t believe her fully when she informed me about child….
Swara; okay, leave we need focus on alia.
Swara; ( to herself) can it possible, that night nothing happened between them. But I myself saw them in that condition and moreover why any girl will play with her dignity?
Sanskar: now where are you lost?
Swara; no where.
Alia: now we just need to enter in that house.
Sanskar: but swara, how will alia managed to enter.
Swara: that is not our tension. She will plan it.
Sanskar: okay I think today I had received enough of shock. Now I need fresh air, are you coming with me?
Swara; vo, I need to talk with di and…
Sanskar: aditya
Swara; hmm
Sanskar: if you want any help , you can tell me.
Swara: no, I will manage.
Raglak room
Ragini still sitting on floor thinking about laksh’s words.
Soul: Ragini, are you same girl? Who used to trust herself ?
Ragini: what do you mean?
Soul: only yours mistake was hiding about niaksh nothing else. Moreover if he wished he could able to find you.
Ragini: but his pain…
Soul: about your struggle, your pain,don’t forget Ragini how you had to feel humiliation in past. How could you forget about niaksh tears and swara condition. And may be he had suffered without you but he has his brother. But who was with you?
Ragini: but swara broke my trust.
Soul: do you think so? Your sister can forgive him.
Ragini nodded in no.
Soul: then
Ragini: she must have reason of her doing. Thanks for making me reliase my mistakes. I will find reason behind their marriage. And also make laksh reliase I am not selfish. Yes I sometimes act over but it doesn’t mean I don’t understand anything.
After half an hour
Ragini working in kitchen, swara came from behind she about to keep her hand on shoulder but stop by Ragini’s voice.
Ragini: no need to touch me.
Swara: pls di, don’t say like this. You are my everything my di, my mom, my dad , my bro even my frnd. Don’t snatch these relation from me. I never see face of mom and dad. Only due to you I never feel like they are not with me. Because you always fulfill every duty of parent.
Ragini: why I can’t ? You can marry him but I can’t even say anything to you.
Swara: di try to understand, I really…
Ragini: you love him, I know you still love him. But did you had forgiven him. Did you really forgotten all things.
Ragini turned toward her and make her see toward herself.
Ragini: answer na, if you will say yes di, I had forgiven him then I promise I will also forgive you and him.
Swara; I f….o….( stammer)
She started to looked down.
Ragini: what happen? You have forgiven him na then why don’t you able to say it.
Swara: di, I just can’t tell you anything but di…
Ragini: I don’t need any explanation, just need reason of your sudden move.
Swara: …….
Ragini; it’s okay don’t tell me, I will myself find it. Just remember one thing if again he did something na then not only you will die but me also. You will be responsible for everything.
By saying, she went away leaving swara alone.
Ragini room
Ragini: ( monologue ) I knew it swara, you can’t broke my trust but I want to reason behind your marriage. That’s why I have to act rude. Swara I am doing all thing only for your betterment. Don’t forget I am also your sister , if you can act then even me. Be ready swara , you yourself tell me reason of your marriage.
Next day, afternoon
Swasan room

Swasan were discussing further plans to trap trio( alia, kaveri, urvashi)
Meantime, adi knock on door
Adi: if you are free sanskar, can I talk to you?
Swara: come inside , adi…
Adi: aditya, Mrs maheswari. I don’t allow any stranger to call me by this name.
Swara: adi, why are you saying like this?
Adi: sanskar, I wanted to know about sudden move . is their any specific reason or simply your both mutually love.
Swara: you are ignoring me.
Adi: can I talk to you alone, if your wife doesn’t mind.
Swara; no, you can’t first you have to talk to me.
Adi; it’s okay I am going.
Swara: if you ever consider me your true frnd then you have to listen me today.
Adi: fine, but remember Swara you will not say anything which can hurt me.
Swara: promise, I will not hurt you.
Sanskar began to go.
Swadi; you don’t need to go anywhere.
Sanskar: I think you both need space. I hope when I will comeback everything sought out between both of you.
He went from there.
Swadi seated on sofa.
Adi; now explain, ya don’t dare to say lie.
Swara: I don’t have forgiven him.
Adi: I know it, I want reason only.
Swara; ( tell him everything, expect kaira’s love)
Adi: so you decided to take this step.
Swara nodded in yes.
Adi: so, I am also one of reason behind it.
Swara: not fully, but yes I want to see you move on. I feel if I had not came in your life then you must be happily leaving. I am responsible for everyone’s miserable life.
Adi: ever I told you about my love.
She nodded in no.
Adi: ever I make you feel like you are responsible for my conditions.
Again, she nodded in no.
Adi: then how you are responsible.
Swara: but I..
Adi: no swara, you are not responsible for anything. If you are feeling guilty due to me then pls don’t do it. It will insult my feeling and do you want someone to insult it.
She nodded in no.
Adi: then just forget about me, I want your frndship nothing more. Can I expect that frnd who never hide anything from me.
Swara: yes but on one condition.
Adi: swara, frndship is not any deal.
Swara: pls, fulfill my one wish.
Adi: okay tell.
Swara: try to move on. I am not saying you to forget your love but just try to make some space in your heart for someone. Plzzzzzzz
Adi: but..
Swara: adi, can’t you fulfill my single wish?
She started to show him her fake tears.
Adi: stop it your drama, I am not niaksh who will fool by your acting. Okay I will but I need time.
Swara: done
Adi: can I ask you fulfill my one wish?
She nodded in yes.
Adi: never do anything which can lead your life in danger. Because many life are interlinked with your life Ragini, laksh, sanskar and…
Swara: and your. I promise I will always try to take care of me.
Adi: waise swara, may be your husband can feel jealous of our frndship.
Swara: if he will trust me then he will not.
Adi: I hope this time your trust win.
Swara: I hope too.
Adi: okay now bye, your duck frnd is waiting for me.
Swara: she has name.
Adi: duck., duck(×5,)
Swara; go to hell
Both went in different direction.
Sanskar moving here and there in tension.

Sanskar; ( monologue) will she able to make him understand everything? Will she also loose her frnd due to me just like she loose her di?
His thoughts broken by ADI’s voice.
Adi: don’t worry, now everything is fine between us. Ya thanks for saving me from that mad girl, only you can handle her.
Sanskar; thanks for understanding her.
Adi: mad husband and wife. Forget it, now take care of her.
Sanskar: yeah, I will. I just need to give one suggestion. Can I?
Adi: don’t worry I will maintain …
Sanskar: ( interrupt him)you both are best frnd and I trust you both. I need to say, try to figure out change in behavior of your other frnds. May be someone want to enter in your life.
Adi: means???
Sanskar: nothing, just be careful.
Adi nodded in yes.
Adi began to go from there.
Kayu: adi wait , I need to talk to you. Can you will help me finding about my past?
Adi; but why so sudden?
Kayu: ( monologue) idiot, duffer, nonsense, fool , why don’t he understand I like to spend time with him.
Adi: oye miss duck, where are you lost?
Kayu: in you.( adi sees her) I mean I am thinking about you can’t you help me without argument.
Adi: okay fine( make faces)
Sanskar smiles listening adira’s conversation.
Sanskar; ( monologue) if only this way is getting her forgiveness then I will do it. She want to see her frnds happy na then I will try my best.
Precap: adira outing, Ragini forgiving sanskar ( guys trust me, if Ragini is doing anything like that then she must have reason) sanskar reaction on whole truth ( about his mother because in this part there is no reaction by him after knowing it)

Next part: you tell me when you want and what you want? Pls everyone should answer, so I can start writing ya this week I am free so daily update.
Adhm or bpgysh

Sry for not updating today because I become busy in watching MSD and also previous written part deleted. So I have to rewrite it, sry if it’s boring.
One more question, do you want to read about adira moments . only then I will include or else I will only concentrate on swasan
I think it’s longest part.
Bye, take care and love you all…..

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