bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 44)

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Swara: because of you sanskar.
He held her tightly.
Sanskar: I am not understanding anything. Pls explain how I am responsible for our marriage.
Swara: I don’t mean to say you are responsible but yes only due to you, I married you.
Sanskar: I am not any brain expert. Who will come to know what are you thinking. Explain clearly.
Swara: okay then listen. You remember, when you gain conscious.
Sanskar: yes that time you had received someone call and you started to shout at them.
Swara: exactly, I had doubt that your mom is alive….
Before she could complete, he stop her showing his hand.
Sanskar: pls swara, I know I was wrong but don’t say anything about her. She had died long back.
He began to go from there but stop by listening further.
Swara: it’s true sanskar, your mom is alive and perfectly okay. She just wanted to destroy us through you. And most importantly you your self think na how it could possible that day I proposed you , you received call not only this suddenly one lady came and started to claim herself as your mother’s sister. Ever you thought why she not came before.
He turned toward her, still he don’t able to understand.
Sensing his face she went near him and keep her hand on his cheeks.
Swara: sanskar, trust me. All was a plan.
Sanskar: swara I want to trust you but I myself read my mother’s diary and seen her grave also. I don’t able to understand anything.
Swara: I will clear your all doubt.
Both silently sit on bed.
Sanskar broke their silence.
Sanskar: but swara that who called you?
Swara: my men,they inform me about alia being run away from jail with help of your Masi.
She was shouting at someone on phone.
Sanskar: what happen , is everything okay?
Without answering him,she went away.
After 2 hour
Swara is standing at some isolated place , again and again she was seeing her mobile.
She heard some voices from backward, she turned to find source of voice coming.
She began to follows in that direction, she end up in a dark room.
Voice: finally swara gadodia reach here. Not bad miss gadodia I am impress.
Swara: who are you?, why you wanna destroy our life?( shouted)
Voice; poor girl, I am not destroying anyone’s life. You are soul reason of everything. Not only you had destroyed your di’s life but also your best frnd.
Swara became shocked listening it.
Swara: how I am responsible for it?
Voice: don’t act miss gadodia , as you know nothing.
Swara: seriously I don’t know anything.
Voice: Aditya riachand love swara gadodia. Not only this miss gadodia, even he ready to …..
Before further words could be complete, swara fall down and started to remember her and adi friendship.
Swara; ( to herself) he loves me. How could it possible , he can’t love me. It’s wrong ….
Voice: no swara, he truly love you but what you had done you destroyed his life then what is difference between you and sanskar. He also did same he give you only pain instead of your love and you are doing same thing with aditya. You both are same swara. Now due to your stupid drama, you are destroying sanskar life also .Swara leave him and marry aditya. He will keep you happy.
By saying it, that person come forward .
She became shocked seeing that person.
She only able to manage one word” alia”
Alia: swara, I realised my mistake. Pls leave sanskar and go away from his life. I love him truly.
Swara: no you don’t love him, you only love his money nothing else.
Alia held swara hair and throw some pics on her face.
Alia: see this pics, it’s aditya house pic, his whole room is fill with your pic . can’t you see his love. Pls leave my sanskar, I love him. See swara you can’t forgive him then why you are acting like you still love him.
Swara: I am not acting I love him and I know he also love me. It’s true I can’t forgive him but we both love each other.

Alia slap her harshly, she fall on floor her lips started to bleed.
Alia: he only loves me. He is mine only mine. If you don’t leave him then I will kill him. If he can’t be mine then not yours also.
Alia cut her hand and write sanskar name there. Swara become shocked seeing her madness.
Swara: alia stop it.
Alia: no first promise me , you will leave him and marry aditya. I promise you I will keep your not your my sanskar happy.
She started to act like mad one.
Alia began to write his name on other part of her body, seeing her acts she became frightened and run away from there.
Swara nervously entered in mm, accidentally she land up in kaira room.
Kaira was talking to herself and sobbing little.
Kaira: from childhood I crave for love but always only sadness are there. Now when I started to love someone, I got to he can’t love me because he love swara. Why god , why only with me? I love aditya.
She became shocked listening her words more shocked alia’s every words were true.
Fb end
Swara: so I decided to marry you. Now tell me sanskar, is I used you? I just wanted to save you from alia madness she can go any extent for you. Moreover sanskar, kaira is nice girl for him. Both will make awsm pair.
Sanskar; like us, I mean how we used to in past.
She nodded in yes.
Sanskar: are you super woman or something else? Why you had gone alone? If something happened to you, then you ever thought about me. No no why will think about me, Mrs maheswari is super woman na. How dare she touch you ? I will kill her this time. No one has any right to hurt you not even me.
She feel happy listening his words.
Swara: if I told you before, do you allow me go there? No na.
Swara: now no argument. And sanskar careful from that mad girl she can harm you.
Sanskar: more than me you need to take care of your self. I know you not need my help but before taking any step just think about me. What will happen if you will leave me?
Swara: I will take care of my self. This time I will not allow them to do anything.
Sanskar: but swara , I want to tell you something.
Swara: now what happen?
Sanskar: you told me learn something from adi. Today I promise you, I will proof my love . one day you will say, sanskar you’re best for me.
Swara: I am sry for that word. But pls now I don’t want your love.
Sanskar: no swara you can’t, you only seen my revenge. Now I will show you my madness for you. I love you truly. From now onward I will never say to forgive me because I will gain your forgiveness by my own. Now pls no more words I don’t have any courage to listen anything. And ya at least sleep at bed , I know it’s difficult for you but I promise I will make everything alright.
She nodded in yes, both sleep on bed and sofa respectively.
Next morning
Sanskar wake up first, seeing swara in his room he smiled remember their marriage. Soon his smiled turned into sadness remembering something.
Sanskar: ( to himself) swara, I have to talk to bhabi. She have to understand you. I know until she doesn’t forgive you , you will not even smile. It’s first step toward proofing my love.
Soon swara open her eyes, she first see sanskar face . he was busy in his own thought.
She move toward him and sit near him.
Swara: sanskar, what happen?
He came in his sense , and says nothing just passes sweet smile.
After 1 hour
Swara’s trying to tie mangalsutra around her neck.
Swara: ( to herself) arre what is this ? My hands are paining but yet not able to tie it.
She started to make faces, sanskar entered there. He smiles seeing her pout. His upper body is not covered.
He went near her and take mangalsutra from hand.
Both seeing each other through mirror.
As his hands touched her back, current passes from their body. Both were Silently seeing each other.
After making her wear mangalsutra, he bend toward dressing table.
Sanskar; swara, I know you only did this marriage for my betterment. I told you I will never ask you any right but I want one right. Can I take that right?Swara: w…h…a……t?
He smiles seeing her face, which turned red due to his closeness.
He pick vermilion and fill her hairline.
Sanskar: this one, not that one what you thought.
He began to go , she held his hand and make him face her. She keep her hand on his chest and slide her hand little.
Sanskar: swara, what are you doing?
Swara: sanskar, what is this?
She pointed toward his chest , something written on it.
He quickly covered it. He began to go from there, she again stop him by coming in front of him.
Swara: answer me, when you did it?
Sanskar: you remember swara, in goa once you tried to write your name on sand but due to water and air it always clear up. Then you were very sad. That day I told you someone will write your name on such place that will never fade.
Swara nodded in yes.
Sanskar: only that time i decided to write your name here. I wanted to give you surprise but destiny has some others plan for us.
Swasan sees in each other eyes. In both of their eyes tears brimmed there, their painful eyelock broke by knock on door.
Laksh entered there.
Laksh: I hope I didn’t disturb you love birds.
Both hurt listening his taunt. Yet both composed each other and hold each other for support.
Sanskar; not at all bhai. Do you have any work?
Laksh; why can’t I come in?
Swara: no jiju, he doesn’t mean that.
Laksh: I am understanding everything doll ups not any doll now Mrs sanskar maheswari. Am I right?
Swara: jiju, pls don’t say like that.
Laksh; why I can’t, if you both wanna marry then you should at least try to inform me but now you both are big enough to take your own decision.
Aditya come there to talk them but seeing them holding each other hand he leave from there.
He went backside and sit there. After some time he felt someone hand on his shoulder. Without seeing that person, he told I am okay.
Voice; stop acting mahan, I know it’s paining Seeing them together.
Adi: no, I am happy for her. Ya I feeling little bad but it will be okay. At least she got her love back.
Kaira: why are you so good?
He hold her hand and make her sit near him.
Aditya: I am selfish Kayu.
Kaira: no, you are not.
Adi: nope Kayu, you don’t know I am really selfish. I am selfish about her smile.
By saying this he hugged her tightly and began to cry. She respond his hug and tried to make him claim.
Kayu: don’t cry adi, if you will cry then what will your devil learn from you. He will say” Kayu di, devil is crying. Did you done something to him?”
Both started to laugh remembering niaksh.
Adi: no he will say” Kayu di, you did right. Now I want chocolate “
Both were still hugging each other. They come in sense by someone voice, both become embress and comfort each other.
Voice: kayu di, devil is crying. You did right now I want chocolate.
Adira sees each other and burst out in laughing.
Niaksh: arre, why are you laughing? Give me chocolate. Mom told me play with you not to go Masi room. She want to talk to her but you both are very bad. No one is giving me chocolate. I will complain to mom.
He ran away, adi and Kayu also run behind him.
Adi: one day I will die due to him.
Kaira: adi, I can’t believe this tiny particle is so much.
Adi: yet you not know him , he is like bomb who can burst on anyone and anytime.
Swasan room
Sanskar: bhai, she is not at fault.
Swara: no jiju, he is not at fault.
Sanskar: can’t you keep your mouth shut? I am saying na you are not.
Swara: but that was my decision.
Laksh become irritated by their blaming game, he shout on them.
Laksh: stop fighting like kids. Now you both are married , at least behave like that na. I want talk you both. And I except correct answer.
By saying it, he went from there.
Swasan sees each other.
Sanskar: you don’t worry I will take all blame on me. Then your di will forgive you.
Swara: but then she will hate you more.
Sanskar: it don’t matter, I have habit of seeing that. Now I stopped excepting love.

He went from there, she started to think about his words.
Swara: ( monologue) soon di will forgive you. This is my promise. It will be first step toward mending all relations. This time I will not let anyone separate my family.
Raglak room
Ragini: laksh, did sanskar told you anything? I know he is at fault. I told you na he is not changed but you didn’t listen me.
Laksh: enough is enough Ragini, you can’t blame my brother every time. I had seen him repenting but you are blinded by sister love. I am not saying less your love for her but at least try to understand situation also. ( shouted)
Ragini; why are shouting at me?
Laksh: so you tell na, what should I do? From day, you had come here you only taunting him ever you think about his emotions. Leave his emotions , even you can’t seeing my feeling. Sometimes I think why you return back to our life. We both were happy with each other. I request you try to see changes in him. Try to understand my feeling also. Or you can leave us.
He angrily went from there, she collapse on floor remembering his words.
Ragini: laksh, you don’t mean that na( shouted)
But he don’t listen it.
Ragini: ( monologue) is he right? I am overacting. Is he really change? Is I really hurted laksh emotions. Is I need to change my self?
After 4 hour
Swasan room
Swara give some envelope to sanskar.
Sanskar: what is this?
Swara; you yourself check it.
He opened envelope, and become shocked seeing it. It slip from his hand.
Precap: I will not tell you.
Note: alia is back guys, ya vyshu and kakali your guess are crct. She is chipkili only.
Now welcome her in your own way.
In past I never show any connection between alia and urvashi. Now their connection will reveal slowly.
Today I don’t have any question.
Ya one question is there,.
Any wild guesses what is in that envelope.
Omg swara and sanky both are taking first steps. Are you with them??
Now blackmailing time, I want cmnt if no cmnt then next part in next Sunday.??????????
Just kidding, next part ; Wednesday.
Bye, take care ,and love you all…

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