bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 42)

Hii Guys, thanks for your response on previous part.

Part 41

……….Raglak were still laughing at each other, forgetting all the sorrow of their past life. Also completely unknown to the fact what next storm coming in their life.
Their moments broken by some voice.
Niaksh: mom, dad come here see Masi is looking so beautiful.
( Swara is dress up in pink lengha with minimal make up yet looking breath taking)
Niaksh: come fast na
Swara: where is di and jiju?
Niaksh: Masi, I make them fall( started to laugh)
Raglak also reaches there, first they don’t notice Swara they only see Niaksh is laughing.
Laksh move toward him and hold his ear.
Laksh: adi was right , you are devil not only devil but king of all devils.
Niaksh: daddy, leave na. See Masi is looking how much beautiful.
Ragini was still standing at some distance, Laksh shift his gaze toward door.

Seeing scenario he became shocked, he only able to wishper one name” swara”
Ragini move toward them, she started to stumble.
Laksh stood up and hold her so she shouldn’t fall.
She jerked his and move toward swara.
Laksh : Niaksh, go and play with your kaira di.
Niaksh: but dad, I wanna stay here.
Ragini: didn’t you listen, what your dad is saying?
Niaksh immediately run away, Ragini turned toward swara.
Ragini: swara, what is this?
Swara: vo di, I am mar…
Fearing her reaction, she don’t able to complete it.
Ragini: speak up dammit.
Still she don’t open her mouth.

Ragini loss her patience , she going to slap her before her hand can touch swara’s cheeks someone’s hand stop her.
Voice: you can’t slap my wife.
Laksh: Sanskar, what is all this?
Ragini: swara, I know you can’t do anything like that. Say na he is speaking all nonsense.
Sanskar; swara, your di is not believing me why not you yourself tell her truth.
Raglak started to see toward swara, she is looking downward.
Laksh: doll, I am not only your jiju but also your frnd na. Don’t be afraid by anyone…
Swara: (interfere him) I married to Sanskar.
Ragini; are you in sense?, come inside we will talk later, I know you are kidding but shona never join your name with this man. He don’t deserve anyone love.
Swara: di, you can’t insult my husband. Jiju we both love each other that’s why we married.
Ragini: shona, see toward me( she cup her face). I know he must have force you.
Laksh: Ragini, your sister is not any 5 year kid.
Ragini: plz laksh ji don’t interfere between us.
Swara; di, he didn’t force me. I married him with all my constant.
Laksh: swara, stop it all this. How could you do like that with her?
Swara: pls jiju, try to understand us we both can’t live without each other.
Sanskar: bhai and ragini, if your interrogation session is over can we come inside.
Sanskar pick swara in arm , move toward his room upps their room.
Ragini still standing at door.

Laksh: Ragini come inside I will talk to them.
Ragini fall on floor, laksh tried to help her.
Ragini: laksh, how could she do it with me? Don’t she think me about once, how I will feel.
Laksh take her in embrace, he wipe her tears.
Ragini: you know laksh, I always prefer her happiness more than anyone else. Even more than Niaksh. You always says na why I don’t tell you about Niaksh.
She see toward him, he was also crying.
Ragini: you remember doctor’s word before 4 year . what he had told I can’t give her blood?
Laksh confusedly looked toward her.
Ragini; only that time I came to know about my pregency. But that time also I didn’t think about my unbron child…
Laksh; ( interfere her) we will talk all this later.
Ragini: no pls listen me na today, I want to share all my pain with you.
Laksh pick her in arm and make her sit on sofa.
Laksh: now tell, then why didn’t you told me only that moment.
Ragini; that time I became selfish in her love. Doctor inform me I have to took her Paris for treatment, I came to told you everything but seeing Sanskar with swara I lost my control.
Laksh: that time I was also at fault.
Ragini; no laksh, you were not I should had tried to understand you.
Laksh: after that
Ragini: I tried to take abortion pills.
Laksh ; how could you try to kill our child.
Ragini; that time I didn’t able to think anything.
Laksh: still Ragini, that was wrong. I will never ever forgive you.
He angrily starred to leave from there. But listening her voice he stopped.
Ragini: aditya, make me understand everything . I curse myself for that stupid idea. You don’t know how much I started to feel guilty…

Without listening further he leave from there.
Aditya stop him in mid way.
Aditya: Laksh , first listen her. Without listening her you can’t go anywhere.
Laksh: you are no one to command me. I am thank full to you , only due to you my son is alive yet I don’t give you any rights to speak up in our matter.
Ragini; pls, give me one chance.
Laksh; fine, speak up
Ragini: thanks adi
Adi: no need to say thanks, you are also my frnd. I am going you both solve your matter. I didn’t had any intention to speak between you.
He leave from there.
Ragini; you know laksh , when me and adi reached Paris na that time also I prefer swara over my child I mean our child.

Ragini reached Paris airport, she was feeling backpain.
Adi: Ragini, are you okay?
Ragini: yes aditya, aditya had you done all arrangement for her treatment.
Adi: yes Ragini, but I think you are feeling weak. You take rest I will do every arrangement.
Ragini: no aditya, I don’t leave her even for one second.
Adi: but ragini..
Ragini: pls aditya try to understand.
Aditya nodded in yes, both reached hospital doctor started to operate swara.

After sometime, doctor came out.
Ragadi move toward them.
Ragini: she is fine na, can I meet her?
Doctor: sry Mrs maheswari, now nothing could happen. She is not responding our any treatment now only she can decide.
Adi: what do you mean?
Doctor: Mr riachand, see I will not give you any fake hope. It seems to she don’t wanna live.
Ragini held doctor collar
Ragini: what are you saying? My sister can’t leave me.
Doctor; Mrs maheswari, listen me first.
She leave his collar
Doctor: I am not saying she is dead, only she is in coma. Now only her will power can bring back in this world.
Ragini; my sister…
Adi: Ragini, doctor told na she will comeback. Give her time na
Ragini: yes aditya, she have to comeback.
Fb end

Laksh emotionally looked toward her.
Laksh: then why not inform us about her and your condition.
Ragini: I was afraid of loosing her.
Laksh ; then

Fb startDays were passing like this, aditya became busy in handling business and taking care of swara meanwhile i used to miss you badly, whole night i used cry badly. To divert my thoughts, i joined aditya in business. Still i used to miss you, mostly when i used to go for check up and doctor used to ask “ where is child’s father?” only I could able to answer he is busy in work. Whenever i used to see any couple i started to cry holding my stomach.
Mostly at night, when I used to wake up and tried to finding you. When not reality used to stuck I , i again started to cry.
At last i drowned myself in business, day by day I was improving. But in only this i started to become emotionless. Now i hardly used to cry, I started to make my heart stone hearted.
Sometimes people used to taunt me, many were also raised finger on my character but ignoring all this fact i moved on in my life. Finally that day come when i gave birth to baby. In delivery time also I don’t even drop single tears.
Aditya gave me my Niaksh in my hands, you know Laksh that I feel like most luckiest women in this world.
I took child in my baby in my arm , he was crying badly may he also started to missing you.
Fb end

Laksh; my baby missed me, I am not there to make him happy.
Tears come out from his eyes,ragini wipes his tears and started to continue.

Fb start
Ragini: don’t cry , you have to become strong for us.
Adi: Ragini, what will you keep his name.
Ragini; he is my Niaksh,
Adi: wow awsm name, when you thought about that.
Ragini: Laksh wanted to give this name to our first child.
Fb end

Laksh: thanks for giving this name to him.
Ragini: how could I deny your wish?
Laksh: after that what happen
I again become emotionless.

Fb start
Adi: are you missing him?
Ragini: any improvement in swara’s condition.
Adi: Ragini, I ask you something.
Ragini: Niaksh, meet him he is your mom’s one and only one friend.when we reach home na then I will make you meet your Masi. You know she will very happy seeing you.
Adi; Ragini , why are you doing it? Atleast now tell Laksh about his child.
Ragini: aditya you can go now, visiting hour is finished.
Aditya angrily move from there, after aditya went single drop of tear fell on Niaksh face. I immediately wipe it and kissed Niaksh’ s forehead.
After 3 and half year, now everything had fully changed now in my life I was no longer weak girl ,i had created my name in business world.
Swara’s condition was still same, only one thing was not changed my love for Swara.
Fb end

Ragini : after that you know everything.
Laksh: I should have try to find you.
Ragini: pls Laksh, leave all that I wanna sleep in your embrace. Will you make me sleep like before you used to do.
He nodded and pick her in arm.
Raglak room
He make her lie on bed and kiss her forehead. He himself lie close to her and took her in his embress. He started to tell her story just like before.
After sometime she slept in his embrace.
Swasan room
Sanskar make her sit at bed.
Sanskar: swara, don’t feel sad bhabhi will understand you.
Swara: no, I know now she will hate me. I broke her trust but Sanskar trust me I didn’t had any option I only took this decision for everyone betterment.
Sanky: okay I trust you, now you go and change.
Swara: not today, I wanna know everything what had happen after my accident. How jiju deal after di leaving, I know how much he love her. It must had difficult for him to live without her.
Sanskar: tmrw I will tell you everything, now you should take rest. You sleep on bed, I will on couch.
Swara: no, I will sleep at couch.
Sanskar; no , I will
Swara: I said na, I will

Both ran toward couch, both slip as a result both fall on floor.
Swara winched in pain.
Sanskar: what happen, are you alright?
Swara: do I am looking like that, only due to you I fall. Now instead of helping me you are not moving…
Sanskar: miss gadodia ups I forget now Mrs Sanskar maheswari you should give me respect.
Swara pushes him
Swara; Mr maheswari, forget about respect. I don’t will to give you any respect.
Sanskar: my wife want to fight with me everytime.
Swara: what to do I love fighting with my husband.
Both burst out in laughing and thanks each other to lighten the situation.
Sanskar help her in standing, but due to pain she didn’t able to do so.
He pick her and make her sit on sofa. He placed pillow for her support.
Swara: thanks
Sanskar: why?
Swara: for marrying me.
He kept his finger on her lips.
Sanskar: I am blessed having you now only one thing I want. Your forgiveness, take your own time but pls forgive me. I can’t able to live without your love.
Swara: Sanskar, I need to change.
She tried to stood up, again winches in pain.
Sanskar: let me help you.

Precap: omg now what will happen, how Swara will manage to change her dress. Is she will ready to take his help ??,in next part Sanskar will start to tell about laksh pain, someone will accidentally listen all this.

Teju and di , do you both like raglak part.
Well this is specially for both of you. Hope I didn’t disappoint you guys and anyone.
My swasan fans, don’t be angry in next part I have surprise for all of you. Wait for my surprise.
Note; reason of marriage will start to reveal after two parts.
Now I will only update in TTS.
Tmrw I will try to update tere bin yaara( but can’t promise I had already lost full part)
Till then dream about swasan.
Bye guys, take care and love you all..

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