bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 41) ( swasan marriage and arshi special)

Hii, thanks for your response on previous part.
I always like to share my pov before starting story, hope you don’t feel bore by it. Today also I wanna say special thanks to them who are supporting me from beginning. And ya one more thing I am happy that you like swara is not forgiving him. After seeing your cmnts on swasan kissing scene, I felt I will disappoint you by not making swara’s forgiving Sanskar. But seeing your positive response I am feeling glad.
Nearly after half an hour, Sanskar open his eyes. He felt something heavy on his chest , he tried to figure out what is that? As soon as he see swara’s is sleeping on his chest, smile crept on his lips. He slowly called her name” swara”
Listening her name from his mouth, firstly she smiled in sleep later she reliase her position she immediately open her eyes and separate from him.
Sanskar; thanks
Swara; ( rudely) for what
Sanskar: these bandages and taking care of me.
Swara: don’t dream high Mr maheswari, I didn’t do anything di bandage your wound. And I am here only due to this fact it is my room. So you not need to keep fake hope.
( firstly his smiled vanish listening her harsh words later he remembered Ragini doings bandage he again become happy)
Sanskar: really, bhabhi did it.
Swara: yes
She stood for go away from that place, he held her hand.
“ ahh”

Swara: what are you doing? , can’t you see that your hands are injured. And can you explain me how you get this much wounds.( she pointed toward his hand and feet)
She gently separate her hand from his hand. He looked down in guilt remembering how he himself give these wounds to own hands.
Swara: I think no one wanna listen me, fine don’t answer me.
Swara: ( murmured) first adi, now he.
She began to go from there but listening his voice she stopped there.
Sanskar: vo yesterday night, when I go from here then I …
Swara: ( cut him) very good, I only expect these from you. You only knows to hurt yourself and me. Beyond these thing what else you know. You really deserve award for your awsm work. Tell me do you want something special. (Angrily)
He tried to come dpwn from bed, in this process he again hurt his feet. As result of that he fall down, she turned toward him and see him disgust manner. Like she is saying see I am right.
He see toward her in pleading manner, asking forgiveness from her. Without giving him any heeds she make him stand and help him lie on bed.
Swara: don’t need to come down from bed.
Fearing from her, he nodded in positive.
Swara: okay, you take care I am sending jiju.
Listening’ jiju’ word he immediately say no.
Sanskar; plz if you want punish me, you can but don’t call him he will directly kill me.
Swara: you deserve this.
Sanskar: arre but listen na
She smiled at his situation and walk away from there.
Sanskar;( to himself) this girl will surely kill me by her smile.

After 5 days
Laksh was silently sitting on in hall. While ragini was running behind niaksh taking his milk glass in her hand.
Niaksh: daddy, tell mom she can’t catch me.
Laksh: I am out of your and your’s mom matter.( he put finger on his lips)
Ragini: Laksh, tell him I am giving him last warning.
Laksh; same condition apply to you also.
Niaksh; ( he laugh at his mother’s situation) mom, I will not drink that yuck. I only want chocolates and pizza.
Laksh; now someone will understand my situation.
Ragini glared him, he again kept finger on his lips.
Ragini; not today , at any cost you have to finish this.
Niaksh immediately ran and hide behind laksh.
Niaksh: now catch me.
Laksh: why you want to kill me?
Niaksh: save me from that milk.
Ragini: Niaksh, it’s last warning.
He nodded in no
Laksh: Niaksh, your mom seems to valcano
Niaksh: daddy, take it easy. She always warn me but in last she herself gave up.
Laksh: but milk is good for health
Niaksh: I am very strong ( he started to show his muscles)
Laksh: but you need to become more strong to escape from lady Hitler.
Niaksh; ( giggle) nope, I hate milk. Expect me no one has power of dealing with lady Hitler.
Ragini: what both of you’re talking?
Niaksh; nothing mom, dad is saying you’re really Hitler.
Laksh open his mouth in ‘ O’ shape
She see toward Laksh and passes death glare. If anyone could burn from someone eyes then Laksh must have turned down in ashes but luckily he is saved.
Ragini: both father and son are mannerless.
Laksh, Niaksh; no ( loudly)
Ragini; yes ( she move toward them)
Niaksh; mom, don’t come here I will run away
She almost reach there, she going to hold Niaksh hand . meantime Niaksh pushes Laksh.
Both raglak fall on sofa and whole milk pour on them.

Two couples are standing there. Two boys and one girl are arguing meanwhile one girl is emotionlessly sitting far from them.
Boy 1; see marriage is not game why you both wanna destroy your lives ?
Boy2: if this is only way to proof my love then I am ready for it. She is first time asking something from me. I can give my life also for her then this is only marriage. And most importantly marrying her is not destroying my life .
girl1: Sanskar, arnav is right you both are taking wrong step. I know you love her but this way marrying. I mean neither family nor frnds.
Arnav; khushi is right, Sanskar make her understand na.
Sanskar; I tried lot.
Arshi; can we talk to her?
Sanky: try your luck too.
Both go toward that girl, Khusi keep her hand on girl’s shoulder.
She turned toward them and hug both of them.
Girl ; bhai, pls try to understand me na.
He caressed her hair and make her stand.
Arnav; swara, do you have forgiven him.
She nodded in no
Khushi: then why this marriage?
Swara: Khushi, atleast you trust me na I am doing all this for everyone betterment.
Arnav : what the …( shouted, swara shiver in fear)
Khushi; ( cut him) will you respect this marriage forever?
Swara: yes, I will never cheat him. I will do everything as wife need to do. Throughout my life I will respect this marriage.
Khushi: are you able to give him husband right?
She looked down, Sanskar come there and answer on behalf of her.
Sanskar: I don’t need any right. If she want this marriage then this marriage will happen at any cost. ( he looked at her, she is still looking down)
Khusi; will you both always stand with each other in every situation ?
Both nodded in yes.
Khushi: will always support each other?
Khushi; now I don’t have any problem. You both can marry.
Arnav: but I have
He angrily leave from there, khushi assured them she will bring him here.
Sanskar; at least tell me na sudden reason of your changed behaviour.
Swara; pls don’t ask me anything( she joined her hand in pleasing manner)
He hold her and put down.
Sanskar; I trust you.
She sadly smiled with teary face.
Other side, khushi trying to make arnav understand
Arnav: you also, instead of making her understand you re ..
Khusi: arnav ji, see in their eyes both love each other. And did you have forget our marriage.
Arnav: that time situation was different.
Khusi; but see us na, now we both love each other. Living a happy life. May be she has some solid reason like you had.
Arnav: I had misunderstanding.
Khusi; do you trust her?
He nodded in yes
Khusi; then pls agree for there marriage.
Arnav ; but
Swasan also reach there,
Swara: pls bhai..
Sanskar; Arnav, give us one chance.
Arnav; kk, Sanskar I am giving you warning if you ever try to hurt her na I will cut you in pieces and throw of to crow.
He gulped in Imaginings his pieces. He immediately replied him.
Sanskar; I will never hurt her even I will never allow single drop of tears in her eyes.
Arnav; better or else you know.
Khusi; I trust you Sanskar, pls keep her happy.
He nodded in yes.
Arshi and swasan stand in front of ganesha idol.
Priest start to recite mantra.
Both garland each other. After garlanding both sit down. They started to perform ritual
At time of kannyadaan.
Swara’s eye filled with tears, Arnav come there and wipe her tears.
Arnav: I know we don’t have blood relation but we have heart relation. Which is more stronger from any other relation.
She nodded in yes and wipes his tears also.
Khushi: if your bro and sister drama have ended can we proceed further.
Sanskar: thank God, atleast you remember it. Warna I thought I will become old at this place only.
Arnav angrily sees toward him.
Sanskar; bad joke
Arshi did their gathbandhan.
Both stand for taking pheres( vows).
After completing phere(vows) both sit down.
Sanskar make her wear mangalsutra and applied vermilion. From both of eyes tears fall down ,
Priest declare their marriage.
Both stand and take blessing of god.
Arshi wishes them best of luck for their future.
Swara emotionally hug arshi.
Arnav; ( to Sanskar) why are you standing like statute , come here.
He smiled at his behaviour and hug them.
Arshi bid bye to swasan.
Swasan emotionally looked at each other.
Raglak were still in same position, both were lost in each other eyes.
Niaksh started to giggling.
Meanwhile , door bell ring which result to bring them back in this world.
She angrily glared Niaksh.
Niaksh: I love you dad
He immediately run for opening door.
Laksh sees her top to bottom and started to laugh.
Ragini; now what
Laksh; you are looking funny.
She also started laughing at him.
Laksh: why you’re laughing?
Ragini; you’re looking more funny.
Precap; how will ragini react at her sister step.( I have suprise for someone in next part, I think she also know about whom I am talking)
Before swasan , only arshi were my fav couples still I love them but not more than my swasan. So I include them, really I love Arnav attitude and khusi innocence.
Adi was on holiday, hope you have missed him and his duck. Don’t worry both are fine and enjoying each other company.
Now you have one task.You have to guess why swasan are married in such hurry.whoever will guess correct reason for swasan marriage , I will give them surprise. Your time start…
Bye, take care and love you all..


  1. Teja


    |Registered Member

    Titi tu cha Gyi yr such a lovely concept yr kitni baar bolu man nhi Bharta I love ur ff totally love in raglak thank u for awaiting surprise soon update luv u
    Gabbar loves titi😘

  2. Kakali


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    SWASAN marriage done… ahhhhh getting current.. huhuhuhu….

    reasone of marriage –
    1- she gets to know Adi loves her,, n Kaira loves Adi… n she wants her best friend Adi to move on with Kaira…

    2- Ragini is very much protective towards Swara… soo if she marries Sanskar ,, Ragini has to live with her as she thinks Sanskar will again hurt her doll… n with this process Raglak will be also together .. Niaksh will get both parents love…

    3– eehhemm ehhem Swara !!! congrats…
    there were my silly guesses like me…

    thnk u dear…

  3. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Sorry Anniya.. i forget to tell about it.. as i was soo busy in reading all chappies… n forgot about my own ones…

    huhuhuhuhuhu i know m half crack…

    • Anniya



      First mistake can be forget
      So I am forgiving you.
      Next time whenever you’ll write don’t forget to Infrom me. I will love to read ur work.
      I am bigger crack than you…

  4. Sammykapoor


    |Registered Member

    shoking episode…but nice dear….may be swara get to know that adi loves her….she cannt love him back in her life….she thought adi move on in his life n be happy….may be she also knows the kaira feelings towards adi ……. thats why swara married in such hurry

  5. Roja

    the reason may be swara get to know adi’s love whose is non other than herself… and also to know about the kaira’s feelings towards adi… so thought of uniting them by marring sanskar…..
    I am not sure…. Is it correct or not let me know…..

  6. Divya

    I know I know I know l know… Swara realised that sanskaar love her and thought that because ragini fears Sanskar hurt her she don’t want to stay with laksh. So sanskaar tell her truth about past and swara want to reveal everything to ragini. And if she marries sanskaar then only the villains will get alert and start their game and swara expose them, right? Well, if not, I’m eagerly waiting for a new twist…

  7. chanu

    Yipeeeeee….. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    So my guess is right. Im doing my hpy dance. 🙂 😀
    congo swasan.. 😉
    Ya I miss adi and his duck.. tell them 2 enjoy and fall 4 each other soon.. 🙂
    Arshi welcome!!
    Hey sanky nt nly arnav i also warn u dnt even think 2 hurt swara again.. if u did dat ull see da real me..

    cmng 2 dis epi it ws awsome epi dr..
    wow u write it so well.
    Whn swasan marriage hppns thier tears r da bst part dr.
    I lv it..
    swara wt hpn yaar??
    I hv lots f guess abt mrg..
    is she knw abt adislv 2wrd her. And she wnt adi 2 move on cz she cn nvr cm 2 his life.
    swara want 2 unite raglak. So its da best thing 2 do cz rags nly thk abt swara
    or sm1 blackmail swara
    hw ws my guess?? 😉 😉 😛
    dn think too much abt it.. im alway talk nonsense.

    Keep writing dr
    Be happy always
    lv ya♥♥

  8. Vidhi

    I think swara came to knw that adi loves her so she married him…. This is my guess😁😁😁😁😅😅n episode was awesome 😘😍😘😍😘😘😍

  9. Ruhi

    Awesome swara get to know that Adi love her & Kiara also love Adi to make both them together SHE DID AALL THIS

  10. xavia

    Whoooohooooo it wz osm dear….i think she got to know dat adi luv her n kaira luvs him So to unite dm….or may b to expose d villains due to whom sanskar betrayed her……or may b sm1 threatened her to do ds…..well dez ol r my guesses…..lets c wt vl b d reason….

  11. krsytle

    Awsm Dr…
    Ya I miss adi and his duck.. tell them 2 enjoy and fall 4 each other soon..
    Arshi welcome!!
    May be this is a reason ….swara want 2 unite raglak. So its da best thing 2 do cz rags nly thk abt swara…
    Ragini is very much protective towards Swara… soo if she marries Sanskar ,, Ragini has to live with her as she thinks Sanskar will again hurt her doll… n with this process Raglak will be also together .. Niaksh will get both parents love…

  12. Shreeyu


    |Registered Member

    Are wah anniya dii … Again you surprised me or shud I say us …. Loved today’s episode but m damn confused …. I think Swara married Sanskar to unite raglak as Ragini will never leave Swara alone and in this way she will stay with sanlak only …. Eventually sorting out the differences between them …. And second may b because of kaira as she has some past due to which Swara wants a bright future for her and as Kaira loves Adi…. And her future is secure with him

  13. Malika


    |Registered Member

    Superb anniya. So sorry for late reply. Please forgive me. And yes wow I love raglak yr. Waiting for next ep. Really can’t wait.

  14. Mahjabeen

    Omg a shock😨😨😨 swasan marraige…nd rlly missed adi tdy..awesome part dear..waitng fr nxt eagrly…..

  15. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    awesome update, yeah i know sanskar is repenting and swara still loves him. i am happy that swasan are married. it will take time for swara to accept sanky wholeheartedly,but eventually she will accept him. now ragini will get a biggest shock of her life. poor aadi.. hope he will move on soon and raglak will unite soon.

    • Anniya



      Adi will definitely try to move on,…
      Yup, Ragini will get biggest shock…
      Ya swara will accept his apology soon…

  16. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    She got to knw dat adi loves her more dan anythng n kaira loves adi… moreover she can never love adi lyk she loved or loves sanskar…so dor adi z bttrmnt she did dis
    Luvd d chappy

  17. tani

    I guess she did did to unite raglak and adira…. Also for niaksh so that he may get his parents love…. Loved it to d core…. Waiting for ur surprise

  18. Mica


    |Registered Member

    Anniya.. please don’t let me think.. it’s too hard for me.. huhuhuhu
    hmm,, OK! i guess she did that for Adira and Raglak..
    but the most reason was… Sanskar’s kiss sooo unforgettable… ahem ahem *shameless me..
    aaww.. at least Swara say she will respect her marriage.. 1 step to forgive Sanskar somehow..
    love it So muuch Anniya! ty

    • Anniya



      Don’t stress your brain too much, your cute roly is enough for me. I also don’t able to forget swasan kiss. We both are shameless..

  19. chandu

    Well…you showed some suspense marriage…!! May be she wants adi not to spoil his life…as she feels he loves someone.And also by doing this… raglak will both be together…!! Let’s see…!! I don’t know how…!! And epi was superb…!! Waiting for next part…!!

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