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Ragini’s irritation inc by passing by passing time, more than irritation she is jealous by seeing laksh freely talking to kaira.
Whereas adi and niaksh becoming annoyed.
Niaksh: devil, you were right about kaira di. See na how much she talks, due to her my mumma not able to talk to dad and even me.
Adi: Little devil, I am always right. But only things you all never understand me. By the way where is our third partner.
Both started to see in all direction.
Adi: devil, I think your must have scolded her. So she is not here , go and ask her where is she?
Niaksh sees toward, she is looking angrily toward laksh.
Niaksh; I will not asked , mom is angry she will scold me also.
Adi: then what you want? I don’t wanna die so early. Go and ask her.
Niaksh makes faces but adi signal him to go.
Niaksh move toward ragini and silently hold her finger to seek her attention.
Ragini: what happen, do you need anything?
Niaksh nodded in no.
Ragini; then
Niaksh; Masi
Ragini: she is in car.
Niaksh: chocolate also.
She pick him in her arm and go toward aditya, seeing her going toward adi laksh fumes in anger.

He decided to go there.
Laksh; kaira, you go and sit in car. We are coming.
She nodded in yes, went from there.
Laksh silently moves toward ragadi side, he maintained some distance so they can’t notice him.
Ragini; adi, you’re spoiling him.
Adi sees her with blank face not understanding anything.
Adi: but now what I did?
Ragini; don’t act as good boy. Only due to him now he can’t even live few second without eating chocolate.
She turned toward niaksh, takes all chocolate from his hands and pockets.
Ragini; see it, 10 chocolates. Still he want chocolate.
Adi; what is my mistakes in it? This all due to his own stubbornness and mostly due to your sister. Both always blackmail me to give chocolate.
Niaksh: mom, he is lying. We both never blackmail him. Mom you na how he always used to trouble us in Paris. Don’t come in his talks and plz give me back my chocolate.
Ragini; enough both of you, you trio belong to same category. Now no more chocolate.

Niaksh started to cry for chocolate, seeing him crying both raglak feels bad but Ragini thought to it’s not good for his health, so she ignore his pleading. Whereas laksh becomes angry on Ragini not to giving him chocolate. He angrily come toward her, seeing laksh adi leave them alone.
Swasan silently sitting in their respective car thinking about each other. Both are waiting for raglak arrival, after waiting for almost half an hour they decided to go and call them. Coincidentally, both came out in same time. There is painful eyelock between them. Both are not talking to each other but their eyes were conveying so much pain. Sanskar break eyelock first remembering ragini’s words. Before anyone them could speak, adi came near them.
Adi; I was finding both of you since half an hour. And you both are here romancing with each other.
Swara; nothing like that
Adi; then, Why are you guys here?
Sanskar; vo bhabhi, told us to wait in car.
Swara: ha, he is right di told us to come here. By the way where is di, jiju and kaira. Do you find her.
Listening kaira adi angrily see toward her.
Adi: sanskar, tell her not take her. She is more irritating than niaksh. Niaksh also not trouble so much as she had troubled in few minutes.
Sanskar: but what she had done?
Adi tell them whole matter how she make him carry her belonging and called him giant.
Listening ADI’s story both swasan started to laugh forgetting whatever happened few minutes ago.
Adi angrily see toward them, sensing his glare Sanskar stop laughing but swara ignore it. Seeing her laughing both sanadi smile at her.

From some distance kaira noticing all thing , unknowingly she felt different feeling seeing ADI’s smile. Next moment her smile fade away seeing his lovely gaze on swara. An unknown tear espace from her eyes.
Whereas swara first time feel awkward sensing their gaze mostly Adi’s gaze, she stop laughing and see toward him.
Adi reliases his position , he quickly managed to change his emotion love to anger. But it doesn’t go unnoticed by four pairs of eyes.
Swara; am I looking like joker, you both are staring me.
Kaira wipes her tears and happily come near them.
Kaira:shona, leave these idiots boys.
Both hug each other, adi again fumes in anger whereas Sanskar confusedly seeing her.
He turned toward aditya for asking who is she?
Before he could ask adi himself answer him, she is his enemy’ kaira’
Swara: you already met adi, now meet my another friend..
Kaira: shona, I think with time your taste became worse. How could you choose this fellow as ‘frnd’ , don’t you find someone better than him.(point toward adi)
Adi; miss duck, for your kind information she don’t choosed me as her frnd. I choose her as my frnd.
Swara: right adi, kaira he is so good ya sometimes act like jerk but its okay now I had already done mistake accepting his frnds . so I don’t have any option.
Adi sees her with open mouth.
Sanskar patted his shoulder.

Sanskar: girls are like this only. They totally forget our favors.
Adi; right, today I got to know all are same.
Both dramatically hug each other.
Kaira: swara, are you sure Mr giant and your frnd are ‘ not that type’ of guys. ( swara first turn to see sanadi then to kaira, she passes giggle at her)
Kaira; arre, I mean look toward them how much both are involved in each other they almost forget two beautiful girls are standing before them.
Listening word ‘ beautiful’ sanadi burst out in laughing and break hug.
Adi: do you listen, miss duck considered herself as beautiful. Miss duck,I know shona is kk in looks but you.

He make makes face at her.
Sanskar; yes adi, but you are wrong kaira is kk but swara ‘ eww’
Kaira angrily sees toward adi whereas swara throwing dragger to Sanskar.
Swara: kaira, I think I should call my bodyguard. He will show them their true place.
Sanskar: ohh so kiddo wants someone help , let me guess ( he acts as thinking) ya you will call your jiju.
Adi: Sanskar, now she don’t take her jiju help.
Swara smile at adi but next moment she angrily sees him.
Adi: she will call her tiny body guard. Hai na kiddo
Kaira; oh Mr Giant what are you saying you yourself afraid of that cute baby.
Swara: right kaira, only by listening niaksh name na he started to running and ya that man(pointed toward Sanskar) he afraid by my di. In front of her both stand like statue.
Laksh forcefully take niaksh from Ragini hand.

Laksh forcefully take niaksh from Ragini hand.
Laksh: baby, don’t cry. I will give you more chocolate than it.
Ragini: laksh, don’t bring our matters between it. His health will be effected by eating so many chocolate.
Laksh; I am not doing anything like that, I can’t see him crying. I don’t have stone heart like you.
Ragini; even I can’t but when matters come to health I have to ignore his tears also. Sometimes these tear are better than ….
Laksh; ( cut her) I don’t know but I can’t see him like this.
Ragini; you don’t have any experience in handling kids. Sometimes we have ignore their demands for their better future.
He felt by bad by listening her words.
Laksh: I know I don’t have any experience in handling kids. But I will also learn like you. I am going with him , if you want come with us you can.
Ragini; I don’t mean that..
Without giving her chance to explain he moved away.
Ragini: ( to herself) Sanskar , this all things are happening due to you only. This time, without showing your true face I will not go from here. I will also mend my and laksh relation like before.
She follow laksh, seeing scenario in front of her eyes she whole heartily started to laugh.
Both swasan and adira are fighting like kid even niaksh started to fight from swaira’s side. Laksh was standing there with suppressing his laugh.
Expect laksh no one notice Ragini’s arrival. He go and stood with ragini.
Ragini: laksh ji, see them ( swasan) they are still fighting like kids.
Laksh; you are seeing first time this, you can’t even imagine how swasan are still fighting like kid.
Ragini; I know both are so much childish. You know laksh ji, in Paris shona always used to fight with adi.
Laksh; I know, I told me all this. Now I can’t even imagine our house, how our house will tolerate 5 mads people.
She smile at him.
Laksh; I miss your this smile.
Ragini: even I, I miss you so…

Before she can complete she reliases what she going to say. She composed herself and separated all of them from each other.
Ragini: swara, adi you both aren’t kid.
Niaksh; mom, I am kid na . can I continue fight?
Adi; ha ragini, he is kid na then let us complete our fight. Ragini you tell are girls more good looking than us?
Niaksh; mom, ha tell na he and chachu are saying boys are more good looking than girls. I am telling them my mom and Masi are most beautiful in this world even di is so beautiful but they are not agreeing with me.
Ragini; adi, he is right girls are good in every aspects.
Laksh; like every time, you are wrong.
Ragini: what do you mean?
Sanskar: bhabhi, bhai is right.
Ragini: sanky, your brother is dumbo. You should be my side not his side.
Swara; di, I know girls are good but my jiju is not dumbo. He is more intelligent than you.
Sanskar: swara , you are wrong my bhabhi is best.
Swara: my jiju
Sanskar: bhabhi
Niaksh: chachu, I am confuse.
He keep his finger on head.
Raglak: why?
Niaksh; whose side I should take.
Adira; our side
All of them burst out in laugh forgetting all of their fights and sorrows. But this happiness not remain for long time they all reliases their position. They all seated in respective place and move toward maheswari mansion.
After reaching home,expect adira and niaksh all went silently in room.
Kaira: Mr giant , do they have any problem with each other.
Adi doesn’t want to share anything with her that’s he ignored her and went to his room.
Niaksh offer her chocolate , both forgetting everything started to enjoy this moment.

Precap; swara trying to open adi’s box.

I will not update for more than 1 week. Today also I am not going to update, but thought to update before taking this long leave and also want to infrom you guys not to wait for my ff till 28 sep. Well I have exam from 24 sep, only yesterday I get to know about my exams. I will be busy in that.Next part will after exam, means on 29 sep or from 1 oct
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