bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 37)

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Part 36
Raglak side
Ragini trying hard to free herself from his clutches. But he is making his grip more tighter than before. At last she gave up,let him hold her hand and see him angrily.
Ignoring her anger he almost drag her she hissed in pain, sensing her pain he make his grip somewhat loose.
Laksh: I am not like you still I can’t see in pain.
Ragini: where is my son and sister.?
Laksh: I think you’re forgetting something.( with painful smile)
She sees her surroundings but not find anything missing.

Ragini: I don’t think so.
Laksh: how do you remember that niaksh is not your son but also mine. And swara is also like my kid but you forget all these in front of your big ego.
Ragini: I don’t have any ego. Niaksh is my son only not your. And he has…
Laksh; ( cut her in middle) truth will never change.

They both reach outside.
Ragini: I told you I want to meet swaraksh not to come here.
Laksh: with passing time your sense also gone.
Ragini; what do you mean?
Laksh: I mean airport is not like my home that I will shout there name and they will come running.
Ragini; so funny, I want to laugh at your stupid joke but my smile fade away seeing you here.
Laksh: even my smile

Both turn opposite side.
Both eyes filled with tears. Both started to think about their happy moments.
Laksh; ( monologue) I want to remain angry from you but can’t able to do it. I am trying my maximum to show you I hate you but can’t able to do it so. My love always win over my angriness.
Ragini; ( monologue) I know you are pretending to hate me. You are trying hard to show your anger. But as usual your love is not allowing to do so. I love you more than anything in this world, I just wanna make you reliase your mistake. Yes laksh that day you had done biggest mistake by keeping silence, I can’t forgive you for that. Most importantly still you are blindly love with your brother. This time I promise I will show you his true face betrayers can’t be changed. He is one of them.
Swara; I only gave him that name.
Sanskar; ( monologue) now ready to die from your lady hand.
Swara; where are you lost ?, so what are you saying Adi is down market name. Let me tell you Adi sounds more good than aditya and most importantly I called him Adi due to I love this name.
Sanskar; but you never call me sanky.
She understand he is feeling jealous. She thought to make him more jealous.
Swara: ha toh I don’t like give Nick name to every person , only special person have right on receiving name by me.
Sanskar: that’s y I was saying na don’t call him Adi.
She smile seeing his face , he is looking so cute due to his jealousy.
Swara: he is special that’s y I call him by that name. He is aditya for this whole world but for me he is my bestie Adi.
Sanskar: and me?

Swara; what you?
Sanskar; give me Nick name also but good one not like kidnapper.
Swara: why I will give Nick name to you?, you are not that much special ,so I can’t give you any names ‘ Sanskar ‘ is better for you.
Sanskar hold her hand and bring her in corner so no one could notice them.
Sanskar; you’re right I am not that much special you can give Nick name because I am most special person in your life more than anyone else.
She become shocked by his answer she thought make him jealous but instead of getting jealous he give her shock.
He leave her hand and begin to go from there whereas she is still in shock by his answer.
Raglak still standing outside showing their back to each other.
Ragini: call your brother and tell him to bring shona here.
Laksh; you can also call doll to come here.

She turned toward him , fumes in anger to see him not facing her.
Ragini: see toward me
Laksh: why? You wanna talk then come to my side.
Ragini: you are disgusting.
She forcefully make him turned towards herself.
Ragini: she is my doll not your.
Laksh; I can’t believe you are owner of xyz company.
Ragini: why?
Laksh: ( go close to her face and sensually touches it) because you are behaving like 5 year old child. Even niaksh don’t behave like you he is more mature than you.
She don’t react anything due to his touch.
He smiles at her and parted away.
Laksh: now you can open your eyes.
She became embarrassed but don’t want to show him .

Ragini: I am more mature than niaksh even more than swara.
Laksh: then proof yourself.
Ragini: no, you call them or else I will go inside.
Laksh: not only childish but also stubborn.
He dial her no.
Listening phone ring she came in sense.
Swara: hello
Laksh; you both stop your romance , come here fast warna your Hitler di eat my brain.
Ragini snatch phone from him.
Ragini; shona, come here or else I will show my true face.
Laksh; ( to himself) how many face she has. Niaksh is right she is Hitler.
Ragini: stop your blabbering( to laksh)
Swara; but I don’t say anything.
Ragini; ( irritated) not you
Laksh: then whom?

Ragini: you
Swara; di, you are confusing me. First you said not me now you are saying me. Di I think due to jiju presence you had lost your brain.
Ragini: I am not, first you come here then I will show you all who has loose brain
Laksh again going to speak before he could speak she put her hand on his mouth and stamped his foot.
Swara: di, stop torturing my jiju. I am coming.
Swara started to find sanskar, she sees him with some air hostess.she angrily go near him and keep hand on his shoulder.
Swara: darling, what are you doing here.
She is angrily seeing all of them.
Listening darling from her mouth he understand she is not liking him with girls.
Sanskar: nothing darling,I am just talking to these preety ladies. They give me very amazing name.
She gritted teeth and hold him by his waist.
Swara: so you are enjoying with your sisters. Let me introduce myself to them.
She forward her hand for handshake , unwillingly they also give their hand.
Swara: I am swara, his fiance. Sry to say this but I am taking your brother.
Sanskar: arre let me enjoy with these preety girls. Ha toh what we are talking, ya I remember you can call me sanku. Sanku name is showing so much love.
Swara: I don’t like this name.

Sanskar: why?
Swara: bye girls, your brother want his dozz.
She drag him from there.
Sanskar: swara, what are you doing?, what they will think about me? And what was you saying brother. Listen dear, they aren’t my sister.
Swara; they are, all girls are your sister expect me.
Sanskar: what relation you have with me? I don’t remember if we ever engage.
Not finding any words to answer him she changed the topic.
Swara: jiju is calling us. Di has reached here she want to meet me, come fast she don’t like waiting for anyone.
Sanskar; don’t change topic , why you called me darling and ( point toward her hand which is still wrapping his waist)
She immediately jerked it, started to move from there.
Sanskar; answer na

Swara; we are becoming late that’s why I act as your typical fiance.
He smiles at her answer.
Sanskar; no because just like I can’t see you with an
yone else. You also can’t see me with anyone else.
Swara: you’re taking me wrong.

Both reached outside, raglak see them but swasan don’t notice them. They continued their fights. She going to fall, at nick of time he catches her from her waist. Seeing them in that position laksh smile whereas ragini fumes in anger.
Laksh: see how much they still care for each other.

She went toward them and make them separate from each other.
Ragini: what are you doing with this man.
Swara: vo di, I was finding niaksh and Adi.
Ragini: go and sit in car, I will call Adi.
She turned toward sanskar.
Ragini; and you,don’t dare to come near my sister.
Sanskar: bhabhi, I just helping her..
She shows him her hand.
Ragini: call me ragini, we don’t have any relation. And aditya is for her help, she doesn’t need any help from stranger.
He silently in yes and go from there. Laksh signal him not to feel bad for her words. He give him smile.

Swara silently went and sit in car whereas sanskar sit in other car.
Both are seeing each other but don’t showing their tears.
Ragini: call Adi
Laksh: kk
Adi still carrying kaira luggage.
Kaira: come fast Mr gaint. My bestie must be waiting for me.
Adi: miss duck, shona has many work rather than missing you.
Niaksh: but I am missing my mom.
Adira; niaksh, when two big people talks small one shouldn’t interfere.
Niaksh; I will tell my mom to punish both of you.( he shows them tongue)
Adi remember ragini reaction when niaksh used to complain about him. He gulped in fear.
Adi: arre sry na, don’t say anything to her I will give you two big chocolate.
Kaira; ohh God, how much you are afraid by this cute baby’s mother.
Adi: when you will meet her na then you will understand my condition.
Kaira: I know her.

Trio reach outside, they go toward raglak.
Niaksh immediately come down and hugged ragini.
Niaksh; mom, I miss you so much.
He shows her through his hand.
Ragini: me also.
Niaksh; mom, you know now I am on new mission.
Ragini: what
Niaksh: masi is angry from chachu na , I will again make them frnds.
Ragini: baby, you don’t need to do these things now your mom has come na she will make everything right. Where is your devil.
niaksh; mom , now he is gaint. di has given him new name. you know mom di make him coolie.
ragini: ohh, now who is your new di and where is your di’s gaint.
Adi: I am here only.

Kaira: arre ragini di, ignore this gaint meet me I am kaira.
Ragini; kaira, I know you. Why you again introducing your self.
Kaira; I thought with your age you have forgotten me.
Ragini: Adi, why you call her here. She is so irritating.
Before Adi can answer , kaira answers her.
Kaira; arre I bring him here not he. ( she see toward laksh, who is smiling at them)
She go toward him.
Kaira: hey you laksh na, ragini di husband.
He nodded in yes.
Laksh: and you are doll’s best frnd.
She nodded in yes.
Kaira: don’t you find anyone better than her.( point toward ragini)
Ragini: kaira, I think your best frnd must be waiting for you. Rather than wasting your time go and meet her.

Kaira: I will meet her later first let me take class of jiju. So jiju where I was?
Laksh: you were asking how I find her.

Precap; ???

Bye , take care and love you all…

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