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Episode 35

Swasan side
Swara: keep your dirty thoughts aside. I just wanna di and jiju first see each other rather than anyone. Most importantly if she will see you with me then it will be not possible to control her anger.
Listening swara’s words his face turned pale , he again remember Ragini’s words.
Sanskar ; ( monologue) whenever I tried to forgetting my past and move on over my guilt , than something happen which always remind me my deeds.
Seeing him in his lost thoughts, she reliases what she had blurted.
She hesitantly shake his shock shoulder. Before she could speak to justify herself. He started to speak.

Sanskar: I am fine, you are right if she will see me here then it will create more problem in their relation. I am thinking , I should leave the house also then all problem will be solve at once. What’s your opinion about it.

Swara is seeing him in disbelief.
Swara: you’re acting like coward who only want to escape from problems. Just face your problem, running away is not any solution.
Sanskar: but, if she will see me there then do you think she will be ready to live there in same roof where her sister’s culprit and her culprit is living. That’s y I am thinking to leave separate until situation not come in under control.
Swara: i can’t believe you’re saying this.

Laksh side
Laksh is still waiting for Ragini, there is no sign of her arrival anywhere. As time was passing, his condition becoming worse. Whereas ragini’s condition as same him , by passing time her heartbeat is raising more and more.
While she is lost in her own world , air hostess inform her, she had reached her destination.
As soon as she came down her eyes started to someone.
Other side laksh also started see his surrounding, suddenly he notice someone who is having difficulties to handling luggage. He thought to help her.
He go toward that direction to help her.
Laksh: miss, can I help you.
Listening his voice , the girl’s eyes brimmed with tears and became froze.
Adi and Niaksh are continuously trying to locate kaira.
Adi: little devil, see where we are stuck due to blabbering machine.
Niaksh giggle little and act as angry.
Niaksh: adi, she has beautiful name.
Adi: oye, don’t act as your devil masi . you can’t believe me na, kaira voice is like duck.
Someone is listening their conversation silently. Unknown to it, adi continue his talks.
Adi; sometimes I think even duck don’t have that much worse voice.
Niaksh: devil, if Masi or kaira di will listen you then they will cut you in several pieces.
Adi: I don’t have any fear of your Masi or that duck.
Niaksh: I know you are afraid by Masi.
Adi nodded in no.

Niaksh: okay, then I will show her your secret box.
Listening secret box name he started to sweat.
Adi: ( monologue) god ji, do you only find this unique piece to send in my life? This tiny bomb always blackmail me , I don’t know what sins I had done in my previous life that I get him in this life. Pls god I have one request, in next birth you can make me lizard, monkey or anything but not human I can’t tolerate him in every birth.
Seeing him lost, Niaksh smile naughtily and turned other side to escape from there.
Before he could walk far someone hold his hand.

Voice; you should not run like this.
Niaksh: who are you? Leave my hand.
Listening niaksh voice he came in sense. He turned to see where is niaksh
Seeing someone is holding niaksh hand, he immediately pulled niaksh toward himself.
Adi: how dare you to touch him.
He almost shouted at her.

Voice: Niaksh, come here.
Niaksh being afraid he tightly hugging adi.
Adi; how do you know him?
Ignoring him,she kneel down and go close to niaksh. Niaksh moved backward , she gently held his hand.
Voice; don’t be afraid, I am your kaira di.
Niaksh; really
She nodded in yes.
Niaksh immediately hug her. Adi become shocked seeing sudden change.

Adi: niaksh , what are you doing?( angrily)
She signal Niaksh to not say her name, he nodded in positive.
She stood up and took him in her arm.
Kaira: Mr …. Whatever I am taking him with me , you can come along us.
Adi: you can’t
Kaira: I can
They started to argue whereas niaksh started to eat chocolates.
At last niaksh became irritated and stops them,
Niaksh: sry di, but now I can’t listen this devil voice.
Adi angrily see him , other hand kaira caresses his hair and passes smile at him.
Niaksh: devil, she is masi’s frnd.
Kaira: no Niaksh, I am duck even ducks are better than me.
Adi mouth open in ” O” shaped, his face turn red due to embracement.
Raglak side
Due to listening Laksh voice, her luggage slip from hand and she turned toward him.
Laksh: Ragini
Ragini: l..a..k…s…h
Seeing ragini shocked face, he smirked little which is unnoticed by her.
Laksh: what happen? , are you in shock to seeing me?
Ragini; why are you here?( shouted)

Laksh; I am here to take my son’s mother and some unanswered question.
Ragini; oh, so you finally got to know about my son. That’s why your love make you came here.
Laksh; I don’t want to create here any scene, come with me . first we have to find swasan , adira and niaksh. I don’t have any time to waste in fighting with strangers.
Listening “ swasan and strangers “, she angrily see him and feel like someone had stabbed her with 1000 knife into her heart.
She gather some courage to speak.
Ragini: again your brother is behind my sister. This time from whom he want to take revenge, let me guess ( act as thinking) its must be me na. This time again by using her he wanted to give me wound but I will never let him in success in this. And what you say ‘ stranger’ then listen I don’t wanna go with any stranger. I will myself find swara and niaksh, I don’t need your help. You can leave from here.

Laksh: whatever you want to think , you can think I will not give you any justification. Silently come with me or else
Ragini: what else?
Laksh; I know other way also.
Ragini: I will not
She take her luggage and started to move away from him.
He angrily go toward her , snatches her luggage and hold her tightly so she can’t be free from his clutches.
Sanskar ; what do you mean?
Swara: you better know, what I mean?
Sanskar: seriously, I didn’t understand.
Swara: wishper something
Sanskar: do you think this will work?
Swara: 100%
Sanskar; but it has risk.

Swara; I only learn from you to take risk, now you have again take risk but this time only difference is you are going to do some good things.
Sanskar; I will
She nodded in assuring way, in his every steps for uniting raglak she will be with him.
Swara; now, don’t waste time niaksh must have trouble adi a lot.
They started to find adi.
Sanskar; why you called him adi?( being jealous)
Swara: ( not understanding, he is jealous) what do you mean?
Sanskar: I mean his name is aditya not adi. Adi sounds weird.
Kiara; what happen Mr.., now where is your sound box.
Adi: aditya riachand.
Kaira: whatever, haa toh where I was…
Niaksh: di, sound box
Adi: little devil, shut your mouth or else I will not going leave you.
Niaksh started to cry fakely.
Niaksh: di, he always make me cry.

Adi: me????( repeat several time)
Kaira: do you have any problem in listening. Yes you..
Adi: oye don’t think him as innocent soul he is real devil.
Niaksh; di, I am very small kid. How can I trouble big giant.
Kaira: true, he is big giant.
Adi: not only your voice but you are also like duck.
Niaksh: di, he is saying you duck.
She angrily glared him.
Kaira; we shouldn’t give heeds to physco.
Niaksh; physco, what is this( asked her so cutely)
Adi; physco means mad one just like your duck di.
She angrily see him and order him to come with her luggage.
Adi sees luggage and and angrily raised his eyebrows.
Adi: I am not your coolie.

Kaira: I am going with niaksh. Bye come quickly or else we both will leave you here only.
She marched away without showing any mercy to him.
Niaksh; very good di, now put me down i can walk.
Kaira: niaksh, I know everything about you. Don’t think me as a fool who can easily come in your talk. You are really devil.
Niaksh: not fare di, you are like him only. Only my Masi can understand me. I will not talk to you.
Niaksh turn his face while kaira smile at his antics.
Adi is following both of them angrily .
Swara: what do you mean?, I give weird name.
Sanskar: I don’t say like this, aditya is better than adi. Adi sound like low market name, aditya is so nice. So call him aditya not Adi kk.
While taking Adi name, he started to make weird faces.
Swara; I only give him this name.
Precap: ????

Note; kaira never had meet adi and niaksh neither they had seen each each other. Only kaira know about them through swara , same in adi and niaksh case.
Bye, take care and love you all…

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