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Sry for not replying you guys,nowadays I don’t have sufficient time so I decided instead of replying why not I utilize that time in writing. It doesn’t mean I am not reading your comment. I had read all comments. I am very happy seeing your love for this ff and for adi also.
He pull her toward himself, her back crashed with his chest.
Swara: leave me or result will be bed for you.
Sanskar: I don’t care about result. First answer me why can’t you forgive me.
Swara: I don’t want to do that.
Sanskar; listen swara, you forgive me or not now it doesn’t matter for me. You just be ready to become mine forever.
Swara; in your dreams.
He pull her more closer and wishper “ my dreams are very beautiful “
Swara: Sanskar, I warn you.
He nodded in no and started to give her wet kisses on neck.
Swara: ( weak voice)leave me
Sanskar: you still have some feeling for me.
She nodded in no
Sanskar; then why my closeness is effecting you,why my tears still pinched your heart, why my smile still give you reason of smile.
Swara: it doesn’t
Sanskar: don’t lie shona, you can’t change the fact that you still love me.
Before she could answer him, niaksh called her for help.
She pushes him and runaway before niaksh could enter there.

Next Morning
All are ready to go airport expect Sanlak.
Niaksh; Masi, why dad and chachu are not coming with us?
Adi: even I am not coming.
Niaksh give him deathly glare and pull his T-shirt to make him sit.
Niaksh: why?
Adi; ask your Masi, who is more coming with your Hitler mom.
Swara; adi, she has beautiful name.
Adi: ya so beautiful like her voice. Laksh you can’t even imagine how horrible her voice is?
Laksh: about whom you are talking?
Adi: not only this laksh, even Hitler don’t like her. Now you can imagine how she must be.
Swara: adi, stop lying di like her just they don’t have good equation. That’s all..
Laksh; doll, then I must want to meet her.
Adi; then you go na, you will see world war 3 when Hitler meet duck.
Sanlak: duck??

Niaksh is just giggling at adi’s situation while swara is giving him deathly glare.
Adi: ya duck, even duck have beautiful voice than her friend.
Adi saying all this dramatically.
Sanskar: aditya, now I am desperately waiting to meet her.
Swara: why you are waiting to meet her? She is my frnd not yours.
Sanskar understand she is jealous. He thought to tease her more
Sanskar; why not?, may she started to like me and after that we both can marry each other.
Laksh go toward adi, and wishper” now you will see real world war”
Swara: you idiot, how can you think about anyone like this.

She pointed her finger toward him. He come close to her and hold her finger.
Sanskar; why I can’t?
Swara: you can’t because you …
She stops in mid reliasing what she is going to blurt.
Sanskar: because me?
Swara: because you don’t deserve her,she is so beautiful and you are like lizard.
Sanskar: but you love this lizard.
Swara: I don’t this lizard, I love my kidn…
She again going to blurting this time she stop by Sanskar himself.
Sanskar: I know, you love kidnapper means that is me.
She stamped his foot and take chocolate from adi pocket.

Adi: this was for niaksh not you?
Swara; you pig, idiot , devil and more just shut your mouth. All are coming to pick them no excuses.
Adi: swara, I will give you big chocolates.
Niaksh; I also want( listening chocolate name he came in action)
Laksh: adi, you go na. I can’t come there.
Sanskar: ha aditya, we can’t send these two kids alone.
Swaksh: kid( both swara and niaksh see toward him.)
Niaksh: chachu, I thought as my frnd but you break my heart.
Swara: not only niaksh, even mine.
Both started to eat chocolate angrily.
Laksh; stop your kid game and listen me.
All nodded in yes

Laksh: doll, she will not like to seeing me there.
Sanskar: no bhai, you should go. If she doesn’t see you there na then she will feel bad.
Adi: laksh, he is saying right. Sanskar you should also go with him. I can’t come due to her irritating frnd.
Swara throw chocolates pieces on aditya.
Swara: how can you say her irritating, you never meet her but saying all things about her like you know her from several births. Now it’s final you will come with us that’s my order.
Laksh: oh god, adi these sisters think you as Punching bag.
Niaksh: dad, me 2.
Adi: you still not seen my condition, when ragini come na then these two devil use to fulfil their demands through me.
Swaksh: you shut up, we will complain about you to di/mom.
Sanskar; really I don’t know how I will handle her lifelong.
Sanskar says that in low voice which can only audible to laksh.
Laksh; ha toh I don’t told you to love her.
Sanskar; even I don’t told you to love bhabhi.
Both brothers started to pacify each other.
Swara; you both , come with us. Jiju, don’t worry about di. And no one need to worry about her. I and niaksh handle her.
Niaksh: but Masi why they are fearing of mom.
Swara; she will beat them na that’s y.
Adi started to escape from there before he could go sanlak catches him.
Sanlak; we all die together.

All went to pick ragini and kaira.
Kaira already reached there with lots of begs. She is not able locate swara.
while ragini is still in plane.
Swara: adi, you go and search for kaira.
Adi: me???( point toward himself)
Niaksh: devil, does you changed your name no na then she is telling you only.
Adi; you little devil, sometimes I have doubts you’re not Hitler son. May be in hospital someone change you with her baby.
Niaksh; dad, see na he is teasing me.
Laksh is in tension thinking about ragini, how will she react and do he able to control his anger after seeing her.

Listening niaksh voice he came in sense and pick him in arm.
Laksh: what happen?
He kisses his forehead.
Niaksh kisses him back.
Niaksh: dad, he is saying I am not mumma’s baby.
Laksh; he is right
Niaksh see him angrily but soon he become happy by listening further.
Laksh: you’re dad’s baby, you know in childhood even I used to tease my relatives and run away after snatching their things from them. You are my carbon copy.
Sanskar: ha bhai, he is just like you. That’s y bhabhi able to live away from you.
Laksh: ya you’re right that’s y she never feel my absence.
Niaksh: daadu, what are you saying.
Laksh; nothing baby.

Swara : adi, pls go na
With no option left he went from there with niaksh.
Swara signal Sanskar to come with her.
Sanskar not understanding her, he started to give emotional support to laksh.
Swara: jiju, you wait here me and Sanskar going to find kaira.
Laksh; but adi gone na
Swara: I can’t trust him when Niaksh is with him.
Without waiting for his answer she drag Sanskar.
Sanskar; what are you doing?, bhai needs me.
Swara; di flight is about to land.
Sanskar: toh…
He reliases what must running in her small brain. He thought to tease her.
Sanskar: just say na clearly, you want to spend time with me.

Precap: guess what will happen when adri and raglak meet. Moreover Hitler and duck will also going to meet each other.

Note: this part I had written in bus so I am not sure it is good or not. Sry for mistakes…
Bye, take care and love you all…

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