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Hii, thanks 4 your response on previous part and again sry 4 not replying you.
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Part 33
Kaira’s place
Kaira: what deal?
She started to making faces.
Dadi:stop making faces, listen carefully if you go Kolkata I will tell you about your parents.
Kaira: you’re lying like every time. From childhood you was doing same promise but every time break it.
Dadi: this time pakka wala (surely) promise.
Kaira move forward and take her hand.
Dadi; what are you doing?
Kaira: take my swear, you will later not back off.

She jerked her hand from kaira’s hand.
Kaira: ( tear brimmed in her eyes) I knew it…
Before she could complete , dadi places her hand on kaira’s hair.
Dadi; I swear, I will tell you everything about your past.
Kaira: okay then I also promise, I will go Kolkata but where I will live.
Dadi: with your monkey.
Kaira; darling, but when I talked to last time he was in Paris.

Dadi: nowadays he is in Kolkata with his father.
Kaira: really, then Hitler and my bff will be also there na.
She started to throw things in happiness. Dadi see her and smile at her weird behaviour.
Dadi: I don’t know about your Hitler but ya your bff is there.
Kaira; I love you so much Darling. Oh god I can’t believe I will meet my shona after long time and niaksh also. Darling you know I will meet niaksh first time, he is so cute.
Dadi: I know everything, you pack your bags. You have to leave today itself only.
Kaira started to dance with her dadi.
Swara’s room
Both bent down to pick phone at same time. Both end up in hitting each other.
“ ouch”
He started to caressed her forehead.
Both started to see in each other eyes. They had sweet eyelock which is broken by niaksh’s giggling.
Both comeback in sense,they started to pick phone . while picking there fingers touch each other. Again both started to see in each other eyes.
Niaksh seeing all this with utter confusion, he tried to bring them back in this world. All things went in vain, they are not paying any heeds to him.
Niaksh; ( monologue) what happen to them? I should call dad and devil.
Ragini is packing her bags , while taking cloths from cupboard accidentally one photo frame fall.
Ragini: ( to herself) again my work inc, after reaching India. Firstly I will finish them.
She bent down to pick photo, after seeing their wedding pic( tears brimmed in her eyes) she started to caressing it.
Ragini: ( monologue) laksh, why you keep silence that day. You know that day only I received my life biggest happiness and shock as well. You only thought about your brother but what about me? In these 4 years you never tried to find me also. I wish only for once you should tried to understand me but no you saw your brother’s pain not mine. How I was feeling that time seeing my life in death bed. Laksh I am comng there to take my things , I just have one wish this time pls try to understand me . don’t try to make any difficulties for me. I know you must be angry with me for hiding about niaksh, that time I didn’t had any option.many times I tried to call you but every time your silence stops me, I want to return in your life but I can’t.
Her trances broken by maria’s( servant) voice
Maria; mam, these are your tickets.
Ragini: when is flight?

Maria: today’s evening.
She signal her to go from here.
Ragini; I am coming back.
Niaksh tried to wake laksh and adi.
Niaksh: dad, devil wake up fast I need to show you something.
Adi: ( still sleepy) little devil, don’t disturb me. You also come , let us sleep for more time.
Niaksh: no, I will not. Dad, you wake na.
Laksh: what happen ?
Laksh rub his eyes.

Niaksh: come with me.
Without giving him any chance ,he hold his hand and tame him with himself. They reaches swara’s room.
Niaksh: dad, what are they doing.
Laksh: nothing baby, they are playing game.
Niaksh; which game?
Laksh; is someone told you,you asks so many question.
Niaksh cutely nodded in no.

Laksh: not even your mom.
He again nodded in no.
Laksh; ( monologue) wow ragini, when I used to ask even one question. You used to scold me but this devil who’s ahead then me also , you never says even one word to him. The is not fare. Now I am jealous of him.
Niaksh; these elder always lost somewhere, oh god how I am going to handle them for life long.
He keep his hand on his own head.
Niaksh pinch laksh’s hand.
“ ahh”
Listening laksh’s voice all come in their senses.
Swasan immediately stood up and stand far from each other.
Laksh: Niaksh, what happen?
Niaksh: you also started to play game na, so I pinch you.
Niaksh immediately hide behind Sanskar.
Niaksh; buddy, is dad looking angry?

Laksh; you first come here then I show you how I am looking.
Niaksh peep out from one side, again he hide out there.
Sanskar; but why you pinch him and about which game you are talking.
Niaksh: same game, which you and Masi were playing.
Swasan; we’re not.
Laksh: first you come out.
Niaksh: no , first give me new games and chocolate then I will come. And frnd why you both are lying. Dad told me you are playing game.
Sanskar; champ, listen na
Sanskar turn other side to hold him, he immediately run outside.
Niaksh; you can’t catch me( he shows them tongue and run away)
Laksh: Sanskar, what are you both doing.

Sanskar: vo nothing , I have some work.
Laksh: arre sanskar, I am going you both continue your work.
Swara; jiju, leave these things…
Laksh; arre doll, how can I leave it.
Sanskar: bhai, I was just helping her.
Laksh: I saw , how you are helping her.
Swara; if you not stop your teasing then I will go away from here.
Laksh; okay sry
Adi come there while breathing heavily.

Due to running he about to fall , laksh hold him.
Laksh: we are not running away from you.
Adi: thanks buddy but I have good news.
Swara; don’t tell me, you are going to propose your love.
Adi: no( sadly)
Swara: jiju, you don’t know he loves someone but never able to confess his feelings.
Laksh: really.

Sanskar; bhai,leave it na. Ha aditya, what was you saying?
Before adi can answer , swalak interrupt him
Swa-lak; no, we want to know ‘ who is that lucky girl’
Adi; Buddy, she is just making stories.
Swara: no jiju, I saw him keeping some photos in his secret box but he never allow me to see it.
Laksh; oh really adi
Adi: buddy, leave this devil. Tomorrow our Hitler is coming .
Adi is trying hard to hide his tears.
Expect Sanskar, no one notice it.
He feels bad for him. Adi notice Sanskar gaze on him, he drink his tears and plaster smile on his face.

Adi; buddy, now we will surely unite you both.
Laksh went away without uttering even a word. They ignore it thinking , he may needs some space.
Swara; not only di but some special one is also coming here.
Sanlak: who?
Swara: someone very special. Adi, may be after seeing her you forget about your lady love.
Adi: swara, never say I like this
He went angrily from there.
Swara; does today is angry bird day? First jiju and now he , all are behaving weird.
Sanskar: you should not speak like this to him.
Swara: who are you to say this? He is my bestie , its my wish how I speak to him. You are no one to order me how I should speak to him.
Sanskar held her hand and pull toward himself. Her back touches his chest.
Sanskar; who I am? Do you want to know.
Swara: Sanskar, leave me
Sanskar: no, first I will answer you then I will leave you.
Kaira’s place
She is roaming here and there in tension. Some children come near her and give her somethings.
Kaira: what are these things?
Chotu; di, this is our fav things for which you always used to fight with us. You are going na that’s y we are giving you. So you can’t forget us.
She hug all of them and return their things.

Kaira: arre budhu, I was just teasing you all. These things are belong to you all so take it. And I will never forget my tiny frnds. You also promise , you all never forget me.
They all nodded in yes.
Chotu: di,next time when you come then don’t come alone.
Kaira; why?
Chotu: come with your prince charming.
They all run from there, kaira started to chase them.
Ragini ;(monologue) from tomorrow against everything going to change. Pls god give me that much strength to face him. I don’t want to fall weak.
Precap: raglak and adira meeting
Kaira; you can imagine your fav one for her role. As you know I am confuse soul , sometimes I imagine kanchi and sometimes you imagine your fav one.
Kaira is for aditya.
Bye, take care and love you all…

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