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Laksh room
Swara: di, don’t say like this.
Ragini: why I can’t? , you made fool of my love.
Swara: I can explain.
Ragini; what you wanna explain?, I clearly told you not to go India. But you…
She interrupt her
Swara: di, I came here only for you. I know you love jiju. Only due to me you both are separated.
Ragini: ( angrily) how many times I told you , you’re not fault at all. It was my decision to separate from him.
Swara: but di, you only took that decision due to me na.
While speaking to Ragini, she not even leave Sanskar hand even for single second.
Ragini: no princess…
Swara: no di( she started to cry)
Ragini; shona, plz comeback. This time I don’t have any power to Loose you.
Swara; no di, I will not
Ragini; okay fine,then I am coming. Give phone to adi.

She follow her institution, she give him phone.
Adi: hello Ragini
Ragini; you also fooled me, I can understand swara she is little bit immature but you also. You know na what happened with her in past still you support her.
Adi: relax ragini…
Ragini: how can I relax? You’re not understanding me adi, that man is there may be he will again harm her.
Listening Ragini word, instantly Sanskar leave swara’s hand.
Adi: I promise you, nothing will happen to her.
Ragini: before 4 years, you and Laksh both made same promise to me.

Laksh looked down remembering his promise to her, he will protect swara at any cost.
Adi: last time trust me.
Ragini: I can’t adi, do one favour on me.
Adi: what?
Ragini; don’t allow her to go near that man. I don’t have that much strength to see her getting hurt again. Plz promise me, you will keep her away from laksh’s brother.
Adi: but ragini
Ragini: no if and but, I just wanna keep her away from him.
Adi; ragini, she is not any child who will blindly follow us and moreover she still..

Swara interrupt him
Swara: di, I promise you this time I not let anyone to hurt me.
Ragini: shona, until I don’t reach take care of yourself and niaksh. By the way shona, how are you and …
Ragini started to hesitate speaking further.
Swara; he is not fine. He is only miss you.
Ragini; I am not asking about him.
Swara; whom?, I am telling you about Niaksh. He is missing you.what you had thought?
Ragini: vo nothing, I wanna talk to niaksh.
Swara: di, he is playing. Di, I love you and sorry 2.
Ragini: shona, I will see you trio after coming there.
Before swara can rply,adi snatch phone her
Adi: listen Hitler,your son wants to marry bring some girl for him.
Ragini; adi, stop your drama.
Adi: I am serious, he was finding girl for himself.
Ragini: adi, don’t dare to spoil him.
Adi: oye Hitler, no one have any guts to say anything to that devil.
Ragini: if I was there na then definitely I had finished you till now.
Listening ragini be frank with adi, laksh boiled with anger.

Adi notice laksh eyes, which is filled with jealousy and anger.
Adi: rago, I am missing you.
Ragini: adi, is someone with you there.
Laksh closes his fist in anger.
Adi: no rago, only me and my shona.
This time Sanskar, who is sitting there blankly started to see adi.
While adi continue to tease both of brothers.
Adi: rago my darling, see na my shona is ready to kill me.
Ragini: shona, if you’re not able kill na then tell me I will definitely kill him.
Adi: my shona is not like you, she love me very much. Hai na shona( friendly love)
Swara: don’t worry di, I will handle him. You come fast, someone is waiting for you.
Ragini: you take care of yourself and don’t dare to go near him.
After cutting call, all are giving deathly glare to him.
Laksh: doll, you go and play with niaksh I have talk to adi.
Swara: jiju, handle him carefully.I am going.
She went from there, he tried to stop her but without giving any look to him she went away.

Adi: buddy, I am going to my shona.( he notice Sanskar) I mean I have some important meeting.
Sanskar: aditya, you don’t wanna talk to your rago Darling.
Laksh; and shona also.
Both started to ahead toward him while he is going backward.
Both started to hit him, he is running all over room. They are throwing things at him.
Adi: arre leave me you both, I was just kidding. I am just trying to lighten situation.
Laksh; no adi, you are missing na your rago Darling.
Sanskar: bhai you forget about shona.
Laksh: shona also.
Adi was trying to catch things to defend himself but they are continuously throwing things at him.
After sometime, trio dozz of on floor with each other support.

Next day
Trio are still in same position, niaksh silently enter and silently he wake up Sanskar.
Sanskar: what happen champ?
Niaksh: do you wanna solve problem with Masi.
Sanskar: champ, what are you talking?
Niaksh: arre budhu, come with me.

Same place, lucknow
The old lady is trying to console girl. She is continuing throwing thing from window.
Dadi; kaira, listen na.
Kaira: no darling , you wanna send me Kolkata” the hell”
Dadi: kaira, Kolkata is very beautiful place. You will love that place.
Kaira: no dadi, all place is like hell for me without you.
Dadi: kayu, plz go once for me.
Kaira: Darling, I don’t wanna leave you.
Dadi: kayu, make a deal.
Kaira stare her angrily.
Kaira; what?
Dadi ; you have to stay there only for two months. May be in these two you will find your solumates also.
Kaira; why you think so, I will listen you.
Dadi: because you have not any option left expect it.

Sanskar and niaksh are peeping in Swara room. While she is continuously talking to someone.
Swara: don’t worry , you send her I will manage her.
Caller: ….
Swara: if she is stubborn then I am also her friend, you don’t know me I am ahead then her.
While sanskar and niaksh are still there.
Leaving all worry,Niaksh eating chocolate sitting on floor.
Niaksh; ( while eating) frnd, did she finish her talking.
Sanskar: champ, your Masi is continuously blabbering on phone.
Niaksh: she must be talking to chimpanzee
Niaksh stood up, and run inside with dragging sanskar along with him.
Niaksh: Masi( shouted)
Due to sudden sound phone slip from her hand.
Swara: what happen Niaksh?
She didn’t notice Sanskar , she bent down to pick phone. Same time Sanskar also bent down.

Precap; ???

Note; sry not for posting “ tere bin yaara” I am quite busy that’s y I don’t able to write that. I will try to post as soon as possible.
Also my holidays going to finish so I will not able to regular. Whenever I will get time , I will post.
Kaira; kanchi/ aneri( yup, she is for my fav adi)
Adi+kaira: ???
Bye, take care and love you all….

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  3. nice epi as always
    lv it as always.
    who is playing kairas role? cn i imagine her as nisha in n.o.u.c.?
    hey i read ur first 10 epis. lv dat. bt after reading dat im so angry with sanskar. urrg hw cn he do like dat? rly?

    keep writing
    be happy always.

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