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Adi: can I know who is that girl?
Niaksh: ( he came down from Sanskar’s lap, and hold swara’s hand) vo I will marry Masi.
Sanadi give him unbelievable look while swalak are laughing on his innocence.
Laksh: how will you marry your Masi?, your mom will not agree with this proposal?
Niaksh: ( give them puppy look) why?
Adi: little devil, see your height first. “ I will marry Masi( he imitates niaksh)
Swara: adi, keep your mouth shut.
Adi kept fingers on his lips
Swara: champ, you can’t marry me.
Sanskar: ha champ, how can you marry her? When she is already booked.
All started to see him.

Sanskar: vo I mean, she is so bigger than you ma.
Niaksh again started to cry, even more louder than before
Niaksh; no I want to marry her.
Swara; jiju, who give him marriage album.
Laksh – adi give her ‘I don’t know’ look. She turned toward Sanskar. He looked down
Swa- lak: Sanskar, is it you?
Sanskar: bhai, I remember I have some important meeting.
Laksh: now you will handle him.
Sanskar giving them helpless look.
Sanskar: champ listen na
Niaksh: no, first I want marry her.
Sanskar: ( monologue) god ji, do you have problem with me only. First aditya, ragini bhabhi and now new villan of my love story. This devil want to snatch my shona.
His trances are broken by adi’s voice.

Adi: don’t marry her, she will beat you. Ask your dad how after marriage your mumma used to torture him.
Niaksh turned toward laksh while laksh is giving glare to sanadi.
Niaksh:dad, is devil saying right? After marriage girls torture us.
Swara: adi, I will show you what is torture . just wait for sometime.
Laksh: baby, when your mumma come na then ask her. Also not forget to mention about adi.
Adi gulped in fear.
Niaksh: but dad when I will marry.
Laksh: ask your chachu.
Sanskar: bhai why me?
Swara: ha champ,he will make you marry.
Sanskar; arre but why me?
Swara come near him and wishper” now handle him and don’t forget to choose good girl for him.
He held hr hand without anyone notice” don’t worry shona, I will choose best girl for him. You well know my choices are best.

Swara: don’t call me’ shona’
Laksh and swadi espace from this situation now only niaksh and Sanskar are there.
Sanskar ; niaksh, I am going to find girl for you. Till then don’t cry.
Niaksh; chachu, when will you marry?
Sanskar; when your Masi will agree for marriage then.
Niaksh: but why?
Sanskar: champ, now I will never give you any album. Come with me, I will call your mumma.
Niaksh: arre, first I wanna marry.
Sanskar: niaksh, first we will make patch up of your mom and dad then we will make you marry. Are You okay with it.
He nodded in yes.
Ragini is in office doing some work. She disturbed by continuously ringing phone, seeing unknown no first she ignore it.
Sanskar: champ, when your mom pick phone na then without talking give it to dad.
He nodded in yes.

At last she decided to pick it
Ragini: hello,…
Caller : no response
Niaksh handed phone to laksh and run away.
Laksh hold it properly, listening opposite side voice he became numb.
Ragini: hello ( again no response)
Ragini; who the hell are you? If you don’t want to talk then why you call
Listening Ragini’s voice tears start coming from laksh eyes.
Ragini; ( shouted) who are you?
This time she listen someone sobbing sound
She also become silent. Tears start from her eyes also
Ragini; laksh, is it you?( while crying)
Laksh: ( still not respond her)
Ragini: laksh, speak na. I know you are there.
He don’t able to manage now. So he cut the call and throw it.
Ragini; Laksh…
She immediately dial the no but this time no is coming switch off.

He started to throw all the things. Listening sound from his room swadi and Sanskar came there, Niaksh also tried but swara send him giving some excuse.
Adi: buddy, what happen?
Laksh: I listen her
Swadi don’t understand anything. Sanskar went toward him and hug him.
Laksh; I listen her
Sanskar: bhai, soon she will also come.
Swara; whom you listen and who will come?
Laksh: doll, her voice is still same only now she has little attitude.( with teary eyes and fumbling voice)
Adi: but who?
She also had same condition there, whole cabin is mess up.
Ragini ; ( monologue) this can’t be true, he can’t return back to my life. If he will come then that man also come and he again destroy my princess life. I can’t let him enter in my life again. I will call back princess and niaksh. Ya this is right I will call them back. She immediately dial swara’s no but no came unreachable. She decided to call her hostel.
After talking there, her anger raised up. She immediately call aditya.
Swadi are trying to understand situation.
Suddenly adi phone flashed Ragini name, he keep it on loudspeaker.
Adi: hello ragini, what happen?
Ragini: give call to swara
Adi: arre Hitler, you called me not swara. She is in London.
Ragini: don’t act adi, I came to know everything.
Adi; w…h…a…t
Ragini: listen adi, I want to talk her.
Adi: but ragini
Swara is signalling him to handle situation. Sanskar hold her to calm her , she entangled her hand to his.
Swara: Sanskar, now what will happen. Will my di stop talking to me?
Sanskar: don’t worry shona, she will understand you.
Swara: but kidnapper, if she don’t understand my motive then.
Sanskar: shona, do you trust your di.
Swara; more than anything.
Sanskar; then don’t worry whatever she will say na listen it without any argument.
While laksh is silently listening her voice which is filled with angry.
Adi: ragini, calm down
Ragini: give her phone or else result will bad for you both.
With no option left, he give her phone. She take it with trembling hand.
Swara: hello di
Ragini: don’t call me di..
Unknown place
A girl is playing cricket with some children.
Girl;chotu, throw ball from right angle na.
Chotu : di, we’re throwing right but you only not able to hit it.
Girl; I am champion, you don’t know about me.
Someone came from behind and hold her ear.
Voice; my champion , come inside then I will show you how to hit century.
Girl: Dadi, sry na forgive your darling for last time.
Dadi: not this time, I will send you Kolkata this time surely.

She angrily throw bat and run away cryingly.
Dadi; ( monologue) why she not understand, I have only some days left , after me who will take care of her. This time I will nt melt by her anger. Plz god send someone for my child.
You can imagine aneri or kanchi or anyone whom do you like for this girl.
Note: chanu and akshita I had clear your confusion in previous part .kindly check it for clearing your confusion. If you still have any confusion let me know, I will give you summary till now.
Bye, take care and love you all..

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