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Adi smiled with teary eyes.
Adi: then how could you expect from me? I don’t know from when does you love her, why you love her, what her smile matter to you, how her tears effect you? But I know about my self I love her from 6 years. I love her everything. Her one smile is precious for me. Her tears like 1000 knife stabbed inside my heart. Someone true said-
Ek tarfa pyar ki taakat hi kuch aur hoti hai
Auron ke rishte ki tarah ye do logon mein nahi bant’ti, Sirf mera haq hai ispe
(There is a different kind of power in one-sided love
Like other relations, it does not get divided between two people
Only I have the right over it)

You will never understand my emotions. But I can understand you. You forget your love for revenge.
Sanskar: I know I am guilty for it. Whatever I had done to her in past it’s unforgivable yet I want her. I can understand your pain. I knows how much it pain when you whom you love more than anything they will never love you back.
Aditya: then you have win her again with your love. Love has power of healing . only your love can heal her wounds that was given by you. Don’t worry about me. More than my pain her smile is matter for me.
Sanskar: I am trying but she is not ready to accept it.
Adi: she will never accept you back but you have to win her heart as you did before. You have to assure her “ this time your love will not lose in front of anything”
Sanskar: but how?, moreover bhabhi will never accept our relation.
Adi: don’t think about ragini. First win swara trust.
Sanskar: thanks, I will
Adi: now stop crying like child. If Niaksh sees you na crying then he will not going to leave you.
Sanskar wipes his tears.

Sanskar: I am sry.
Adi: why?
Sanskar: being selfish, I know you love her more than me..
Adi interrupt him and put his hand over his shoulder.
Adi: it not matter who loves her more. Only important thing is who can keep her happy. It’s definitely you.
Sanskar hug him in assuring way’ he will keep her happy’
Without knocking niaksh entered there and started pulling adi’s trouser
Niaksh: devil, I am missing mom. Call her now.
Adi: little devil, I will not going to help you. You troubled me lot today.
Niaksh: listen devil, I am giving you warning.
Adi: what warning?
Niaksh: I will disclose your secret box to Masi.
Adi: okay I will call Hitler.
Sanskar kneel down.
Sanskar: I don’t knew my nephew have this much power.

Niaksh turn toward him.
Niaksh: dad told me , you are my chachu. Do you will be my and Masi friend?
Sanskar; let me think.
Niaksh started to tickle him.
Niaksh: don’t think so much. We never give our hands to anyone.
Sanskar; but will your Masi accept my friendship?
Niaksh; if she can accept this devil friendship then she will definitely accept your too.
Sanskar; okay then friends.
Niaksh; then my chocolate?
Sanskar: I will give you tomorrow.
Niaksh nodded in yes and smiles at him.
Niaksh pulled adi hand and made him seat.
Niaksh: so devil, let us think our new friend name.
Adi: you are second version of ‘ my devil’.
Sanskar: your devil?
Niaksh; aree friend, Masi is his devil only.
Listening Niaksh both adi and Sanskar become silent.
Niaksh: arre friend, what happen? You don’t know devil he always stick to..

Adi interrupt him
Adi: little devil, come with me. I will make you talk to ragini.
Niaksh: bye friend,( he kissed on Sanskar cheeks and drag adi with him)
Sanskar; adi, she is your devil only.
Sanskar smiled at him meanwhile Niaksh dragged adi before he can say anything.
Sanskar ;( monologue) now I am little afraid , does my swara still love me or not. Her and adi bond are more stronger than I ever expected. Swara I can’t loose you. Don’t worry Sanskar she only love you. She may deny but her eyes can never lie. Adi is only her best friend.
Laksh room
Swara is weeping silently, laksh give her tissue.
She wipe her tears.
Swara: what you wanna know?
Laksh: why you don’t mentioned Sanskar name to niaksh.
Swara stand from there and started to go toward window.
Swara: because I don’t feel it necessary.
Laksh: you both sister have same problem.
Swara turned toward him.

Swara: what do you mean?
Laksh: don’t act smart, you also knows what I mean.
Swara: my di was never at fault.
Laksh: do you think it’s correct to keep hide this fact that I became father. Do I didn’t had that much right also to know about niaksh.
Swara: you have every right but not your brother. He is reason for our miserable life.
Laksh: So you hate him.
Swara looks down, she didn’t have that much courage to say that she is still love with him . most probably she will always be love with him.

Laksh: answer na
Swara: yes( without seeing him)
Laksh: no, you not. You still love him lot.
Swara: I don’t want to think about him.
Laksh: why?
Swara: if you have other questions then ask me. I will answer each and every question but not about Sanskar.
She began to go from there, laksh voice make her stop there in same position.
Laksh: do you ever forget him for even for a second. Do it will be effect you if he will marry someone. Do it will effect you if something happen to him. Just imagine one day he may die…
Before he could complete his sentence , she hit her hand on door.
Swara: never say these things again.
Laksh: why swara?
She looses her patience and turn toward him.
Swara: because I love him. He is my life. It’s true I can never forgive him but yet I can’t see him dying.( she shouted loudly)

Laksh; then why are you not forgive him.he is repenting swara, without you he will die.
Swara: jiju, didn’t you ever angry on him for his deeds.
Laksh; I was but when I saw his condition when you both left from here then my love overpower my anger.
Swara: you can’t even imagine our condition. Whenever Niaksh asked about you’ how much it give pain to di’
Laksh: I can
Swara: you can’t , you can see your brother condition but not my and di condition. How we both cope with those situation. Di always use to act strong but I know more than me it had effect her. Without even single fault she have to live separated from you.
Laksh; I didn’t say her to leave me.
It was her decision.
Swara: neither you stop her( shouted)

Listening her voice adi and niaksh reaches there.
Niaksh: dad, don’t say anything to my Masi.
Niaksh held her hand and make her sit on bed. He wipes her tears.
Niaksh: dad, why you make my Masi cry.( he notice her hand is bleeding)
Niaksh: see due to you, what happen to her?
Swara: hey champ, its not your dad fault. Say sry to him.
Niaksh: then why are these tears.(seeing swara tears his eyes also becomes moist)
Swara: vo I just …

Adi understand what must had happened. He decided to help her.
Adi: arre little devil, your Masi is missing our hittler.
Niaksh: don’t worry Masi, she will soon come here. Then we both trouble her. One minute I am coming after giving something to dad.
He goes toward laksh, to match his height. He stand on sofa.
Niaksh: you are also missing her na. ( he give her chocolate and one pic)
Laksh; what is this?
Niaksh; mom told me whenever I will miss her na then see this pic.( ragini and Niaksh pic)
Laksh: but this pic for you na.
Niaksh: you’re my dad then I can share my things with you na. Whenever you miss my mom na then you can this pic.
Laksh: and chocolate?

Niaksh: come near me then I will tell.( laksh come near him)
He wishper in his ears” because you’re my dad na. But don’t share this chocolate with anyone even not with Masi.”
Laksh nodded.
Niaksh; now where is my chocolate.
Meanwhile adi is dressing swara’s wound. He is continuously scolding but she not giving any damn to it.
Niaksh; one minute dad, this devil will kill my Masi with his scolding.
He come down and turn adi to his side.
Niaksh: devil, you should not scold her. Mom says we should handle them with love. Now see me how I will make her smile again.
Sanskar room
He is searching something in cupboard. After some second he founded one album. He started to see it with moist eyes.
Sanskar ; ( monologue) you remember Princess, that day I won over you. That day was same day when our destiny started to plan for our separation. I wish I never attended that life changing call.

Precap; swasan marriage( present)( not sure I will include it in next part or not)
Past: same as previous.
Suggest name for girl opposite to adi and also whom you like to see opp to him.
Adi: mishkat verma( last seen in nisha aur uske cousins)

Bye, take car and love you all

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      Sry for not raglak scene in this part also.
      In next there is small par sweet scene of them. Hope you will like
      I also feel bad for him…
      Don’t worry soon everything will be okay

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      Just little patience…
      Soon it will be clear how they will married…

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    keep writing dr
    be happy always

    1. Anniya

      I am really fb of your comment…
      Your community always encourage me.
      About revenge, he wanted to take from laksh. So he decided to hurt Swara.
      If you have still any doubt then you can tell me, I will clarify it…
      Hanks for suggestion also…
      I love adi character, that’s commenting

      1. Anniya

        Typing error*
        Thanks for suggestion also
        I will update next part today itself

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    Awesome … and sry for not commenting in previous parts … and I will also be not able to comment in upcoming parts …. and for adi’s opposite cast kanchi singh {currently playing role of gayu in YRKKH}

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