bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 3)


May be no one liked it’s kk so expected deeksha no one comment.I will stop writing. Or may be u don’t able to find it article don’t published in swaragini column.
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Someone slap sanky.Everyone schoked by this.yup it’s none other than laksh.
How dare u sanskar to slap her.Ur blood is showing true colors.Just like ur mother u r wicked person.I am ashamed that I considered u my bro.I love u more than anything BT u only want give me pain.first u destroyed swara life now only this is remained. Today u cross ur all limits.If u hate me so much give me pain nt swaragini wat r their fault.Only that na they r related to me.First ur mother destroyed my mom life now u r destroyed her life.

‘No words against my mom.she is innocent. Here we r nt discussing about my mother’s fault.We all know she kill my child.I am calking police.She deserve punishment’. Sanky.

‘Leave her she will soon reliase her mistake.Swara I am forgiving u this time’.

‘No I am calling police’
Before he can complete his sentence rags burst out.
She don’t need ur forgiveness. U should ask her sorry may be she forgive u.Sanskar u want to call police na than call . I am also who can even touch my sister.:rags

I am giving u two either leave this house or police will come .U also know if police come here . Then only badmouth about ur upbringing. Better u leave this house: alia

‘Swara u r nt going anywhere. If someone has prblm they can leave’ laksh

‘U r forgetting this house is on my name nt urs.If I want I can kick u all.’ Sanky

‘Enough sanskar u and ur baby want to that i should leave this house na kk I am going. BT remark my words when u get to know truth.U don’t able to rectify ur mistake.’swara

‘Swara u r nt going alone we r also leaving this house.Ragini pack ur and mine bags.’ Laksh

‘ No jiju this house is ur father’s matter if anyone by cheating make house on their name.Moreover if u both come wid me then wat is use of proving my innocence.’ swara

‘no swara I am wid laksh .we will come wid u”rags

‘Di u r daughter in law of this house u have responsibility toward it’ plz Di I will be more fine.plz understand na.’swara

‘BT swara how can u alone manage u have nt having habit of leaving alone ‘laksh

:Jiju I also nt having living in pain BT from 1year I facing many prblm.don’t worry I will habituate of it’. Swara

She leave the house.
Whereas ragini start crying.
‘Plz laksh do something I will die if some thing happen to her.’rags said while sobbing.

While expect raglak someone is also sad.layer of tears can easily seen in his eyes.any guesses ………….sanky

‘Alia u rest I am going to my room.if any prblm then call me’Sanky
He brust out in his room.why swara y u did this.I know I give u pain.Bt I don’t know for taking revenge from me U will stop so low.I hate u swara!…..
Flashback end.
She is still walking aimlessly bt wid determined face.She don’t know what is store in her future bt one thing is she will prove her innocence. She don’t want anyone raise fingers on her upbringing.

An isolated place.There is a bungalow. Someone is seeing some videos.
In first video a girl is helping someone.
In second same girl is laughing with her frnds.
In third video she is sad.while seeing third the person also became sad…..

So any guesses who is he.Does he help swara or come wid storm in her miserable life.Why is he sad by seeing last video.What relation he have wid that girl.

Swara in some isolated place.someone is coming toward her wid knife.
Will raglak able to save her.

Bye this is enough. My hands is paining now.give some suggestion for that person role.If u don’t like anything just tell me freely.Give some suggestion of sad song also.take care and sweet dreams.

yup I forget one thing my CLG start from Monday. After Monday I will irregular.
Luv u all.

Credit to: sanky fan

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    Thank u and give me suggestion 4 song.I don’t able to find it.

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