bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 28)


Hii, thanks for your response on previous one and sry for my behaviour also what to do I am really a crack one I easily become angry. I promise I will never do it again. Now don’t be angry on me and enjoy this part.
They both continue their childish fight for sometime. They end up in their silly fights. Both angrily went in respective room.

Next mrng
Laksh is himself decorating room for niaksh. He is asking every small detail from swara.
Laksh: doll, does he like video game?
Swara: jiju, it’s 10th times you are asking me something.
Laksh: I don’t know na his likes or dislikes. I want in every corner of room only his favorite things..
Swara cut him , keeps hand on his shoulder.
Swara: jiju whatever you will do from heart na, he will love that. By the way jiju since you got to know about niaksh you forgotten me.
Sanskar ; bhai, something is burning here. Oh I get that someone is burning in jealousy.
Swara: I am not jealous.

Sanskar; I don’t take anyone name.
Swara: but you mean that only.
Sanskar : I don’t
Laksh is silently listening them and smiling inside thinking about their previous fights which leads them closer to each other.
Swara: jiju, stop smiling and tell your brother don’t mess with me.
Sanskar; if he wants smile then let him smile na. All are not like you , they always ready for fights.
Swara: I started fights or you?
Sanskar; let me think.

Swara: you don’t need to think anything. Because you always started fighting with me.
Laksh become irritated now seeing them.
Laksh: I started fight, you both are like pure water. Who can never fight with anyone.
Both become silent , listening laksh’s words.
Laksh; I called both of you for helping me in decoration but you never able to live without taunting with each other. I still can’t believe how you both live separately for four years.
Sanskar: vo bhai, I just kidding. I don’t want to hurt you.
Laksh: only that is problem , you never want hurt anyone but you always end up in hurting someone.
Sanskar: bhai, I just want to some fun nothing else.

He went away from there with moist eyes. Sensing situation swara also went from there.
Laksh;( monologue) I am sry Sanskar, I don’t mean to hurt you. Still I can see love in both of your eyes for each other. Sometimes pain bring us closer. Seeing you in pain, I am sure she will not able to stop herself again coming in your life. You both are still same as before who only fight to remain closer to each other only difference is that your betrayal broke her in pieces.
He again become busy in preparing room for niaksh.
Sanskar is silently cryingly on terrace remembering all moments with raglak while from little far swara is seeing him moist eyes. She don’t able to stop herself going to him.
Swara: take this, you look horrible while crying.
She offered him handkerchief. He seeing her with teary eyes and hug her. First she don’t understand what to do ? Later she also hugged him.
Swara: don’t cry Sanskar, everything will be fine. Believe me , I will unite jiju and di.
Sanskar: really
Swara: yes but only problem is I need some kidnapper help. Do that kidnapper will help me?
Both are still hugging each other. Sanskar broke hug listening her answer.
Sanskar: that kidnapper is ready to help you but does jiju’s doll will ready to take his help?
Swara: I guess if kidnapper will give her some bribe then she can think about it.
Both burst out in laugh.
Sanskar; swara, I will help you in it.
Swara: thanks, but it doesn’t mean that I will comeback in your life. I only wanna take your help because you can bring di here.

Sanskar: you don’t worry about bhabhi after niaksh arrival with that man. I will make sure bhabhi also have come here with any cost. And about your coming back in my life, we will see that.
Swara: he is not that man. He has good name,you can call him by his sweet name.
Sanskar; I have diabetes, more sweet can be risk my health.
Swara: you will never change.
Sanskar; if I will change then how could I able to win you back.
Swara: you’re impossible
Sanskar shouts from behind” I don’t look horrible while crying someone had told me in past I look more handsome.

She went from there smilingly.
Sanskar; ( monologue) I know in past I had mostly hurt you only. But now I will win you again.
All this seen by laksh, he smile boardly . finally his plan work little now he is sure everything will become alright yet he is afraid of Ragini’s reaction. How will she react when she will come to know swara is here and swasan are again coming close to each other.
Niaksh is sitting in his cupboard. Ragini comes there finding him.
Ragini: oh god ji, now niaksh is not in his room also. How I will give him chocolates and most importantly he will not able to talk his Masi.
Niaksh silently listening it, hearing chocolate and swara name. He wants to come there but again become sad remembering ragini scolding.
Ragini: it’s kk, if he is not here. I will give all chocolates, video games and his favourite cushion to servants.
He immediately jump from there and started to pick his videos games and all favourite things from room. At last he stand before Ragini.
Niaksh; my chocolate

Ragini: but you are angry baby na.
He cutely nodded in no
She pick him in her arms and made him sit on bed . she herself sit on floor in kneeling position.
Ragini: you want chocolate
Niaksh; yes, and I also want talk to Masi. I will complain to her that you slap me.
Ragini: oh no , if you will complain to her then she will beat him with sticks.
She made pout face, seeing it niaksh started to smile at her.
Niaksh: okay I will not say anything but you promise you will not give my favourite things to anyone.
She nodded in yes and give him all chocolates to him.
Ragini; while I have one surprise for you.
Niaksh; what( while eating chocolate)
Ragini; I will not tell
He stop eating chocolate and kiss her on cheeks.
Niaksh; now?

She nodded in no
He again kiss her on another cheeks.
Niaksh; now?
Ragini: first give me chocolate then I will think little.
Niaksh: you are becoming like devil( aditya)
He make her eat chocolate.
Ragini: okay, my sweet baby. You can go India but promise me you will not trouble aditya.
Niaksh: I never trouble him , he only trouble me. You don’t know his reliaty he always snatch my and Masi chocolates.
Ragini: okay, I will tell him not disturb you. Now happy,
He nodded in yes and run away while shouting aditya name.
Next day
All are discussing about further planning how to bring ragini here but our hero is busy in thinking about aditya.
Swara: jiju, don’t worry me and adi have some plan but it can only work when he( pointing toward Sanskar) help us.
Sanskar only listen “ adi” name from her mouth. Again become devdas.
Laksh shake him but no use. Swalak see toward each other and naughtily smile. They both stand from their place and shout in his ear. This make him coming in is sense. While both run away from him, he started to chase them.

Precap: Niaksh coming to India. Again swasan emotional moment and Niaksh teasing Sanskar and aditya.
Note; raglak are separated due to swara’s condition. She had been in hospital that time Sanskar want to not live swara but due to his betrayal Ragini don’t want to Sanskar near her sister. But laksh support Sanskar it make her angry. She give him choice to choose one of them and at last they both finally separated from each other.

Sry for not including past one.
Bye, take care and love you all..

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