bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 26) ( unique proposal at unique place)

Hii guys, thanks for your response on previous part.
Sanskar: swara, don’t ignore my talks. Answer my question, do you mean that?
Swara is still not looking at him, her eyes are closed.
Sanskar: swara look at me.
He made her turn toward him, she slowly opening her eyes.
Sanskar: Swara ( lovingly)
Swara: I don’t mean that I love you.
Sanskar: but I didn’t said you mean you love
Swara: vo Sanskar,
Sanskar: hmm
Swara: Sanskar, truck had stopped and I am feeling hungry.
Sanskar: really swara, this moment you want to eat.
She nodded in yes.

They hear driver opening back gate, both composes themselves.
Driver: putar, dhaba has come. You both may hungry, eat here after that we will continue our journey.
Both nodded in yes
Sanskar help swara in coming down without even looking at her. She felt bad he is avoiding her.
Sanskar: you may go, after finishing you call me I will help you.
Swara: you will not come.
Sanskar: I am not hungry.
Swara: okay then I will also not eat.
She folded her hand near chest
Sanskar: swara( angrily)
Swara: Sanskar( more angrily)
Sanskar: okay come,
She nodded in no. He give her warning through eyes. She simply ignore it and turn other side.
Sanskar: now what?
Swara: first you say sry then ask me with smile ‘ swara, come with me for lunch’
Sanskar: sry for what?
She turned toward him.
Swara: you ignored me na ..
Sanskar give her unbelievable look.
Sanskar; okay I am sry shona, pls come with me for lunch. I am too much hungry, if you don’t eat then I will also not eat.( with fake smile)
Swara: let me think
Sanskar: swara, come now.
Both went for lunch, after completing their meal . they again started their journey.
After 5 hours
Both finally reach goa. They decided tomorrow they will make all arrangement for raglak. Both went in their respective room.
Sanskar side
He is happily lying on bed thinking about their recent moment.
Sanskar : ( monologue) princess, till you doesn’t confess I am fearing to loose you. But now I know even you love me. Don’t worry princess after completing all work I will give you surprise.
Swara side
Swara: ( monologue) arre how could I say like this. I know he likes me but it may be only attraction. If he don’t have same feeling like love then. No swara you are thinking too much, he also love you. In his eyes love can be easily seen.
Both slept smilingly thinking about each other.
Next day
As usual both are teasing each other. Both make plan for today’s work, First they decided they will go on same beach where raglak met first time after that same hotel where ragini used to stay that time.

Both reaches there in afternoon. Due to hot weather that no one is there, they silently started to make all arrangement in some corner. After finishing all work, they seated on sand. Swara is resting her head on Sanskar shoulder. Sanskar’s hand is warping Swara waist. Cold air is blowing.Both are silently watching sunset, birds are chirping there. Melodious music is playing due to waves. None of them want to go from there leaving each other.
Sanskar finally broke silence. Sanskar: swara, what kind of proposal you want?
Swara: why? You want to propose me.

Sanskar: I am not mad to propose you. Just casually asking. Why you think that I will propose you.
Swara: I just kidding, I will also not going to accept kidnapper like you.
Sanskar: now tell na, what kind of proposal you like.
Swara: I want proposal should be really unique. Like no lover had done for their love ones. It should be heart taking. I like shocking proposal.
Sanskar: swara, you want proposal or heart attack.
Swara: both
She ran from there near water, she started to play with it.
Sanskar shouted from behind but she didn’t listen him. At last he also reaches there, both started to play in water. Both become tired after so much enjoying.
They again seated there..
Swara is writing her name on sand but due to water it again and again wash away. She become sad seeing it.
Sanskar: swara don’t be sad yr.
Swara: I want to write my name here.
Sanskar: don’t worry for this matter. Someone will write your name on that place where no one able to erase.
Both silently looking at each other. Swara not understood his words inner meaning. She just smiled little. After sometime they went from there.

Next morning
Swara is finding Sanskar . she asked everyone present there bug no one has any clue about him. Someone informed her some policeman took some boys due to drug deal. She become panic not finding not finding him anywhere.
She decided to go near police station to check once. She is crying remembering their sweet fights.
Police station( PS)
Swara reach PS , she immediately entered there. There was dark all side even not single source of light is present. Now she become hell scared by it. She started to cry more. Someone back hug her.
Swara: who are you? Leave me else I will..
He go close to her face and wishper” what you will do”
Swara: I will complain to my jiju.
Guy: but I guess here is no one to save you. I can easily do anything with you.
Swara: pls leave me( she started to cry loudly)
Guy: okay I will leave in one condition, if you will give me one answer.
Swara: okay ask
Guy: Do you love me?
Swara; I even not know you moreover I love someone else.
He more tightly holded her. By his touch now she understood who it may be.
Guy: whom?
Swara: arre why I tell you?
Guy: if you not tell me then I will do anything with you.
Swara: you can do I am giving you permission.
Now he become angry , why she is allowing him to do anything.But he composes himself.
Guy: but sometime before you said you love someone.
Swara: but now I love you.
Guy: how can you do that?
Swara: why I can’t do that Sanskar?
Sanskar; arre I mean how can you love some stranger.( he reliases she had taken his name)what you said now?
Swara; I forget..
He make her turn toward himself.
Lights on, now both can see each other clearly. In her eyes still tears are there. He wipe her tears and slightly moved , sit on his knees.
Sanskar; I want to give you your answer of that questions which you had asked in truck. Do you want your answer.
She nodded in yes
Sanskar: I will always make you understand my feeling. I will also understand your feeling even without your saying.
She seeing him with teary eyes.
Sanskar; I will always make you feel special because you are really special for me.
She smiled at him
Sanskar: I will always make your heart beat raise to coming closer to you. I will always remain closer to you.
She just seeing him continuously
Sanskar: I will always come to your room to tease you. No I will shift there for you. At last that room is our only.
Sanskar: do you accept this kidnapper as your life partner.
Swara: you can’t say yourself kidnapper only I have that right.
Sanskar: arre now again you are fighting. Answer my proposal or I should try on someone else.
Swara: you idiot, do someone propose in jail. Place should be romantic but you duffer.
Sanskar: arre my princess, first answer me then we will fight.
Swara; no I will not answer.
Sanskar: pls
She nodded in yes.
Sanskar: but now I should think about I really love you or not.
Swara angrily glare him.
Sanskar: I really love you not from someday but from many years.
Swara; I hate you.
Sanskar; you love me.
He stand,and take her in his embrace.
Swara; I love you
Sanskar; I know, I love you too.
Both hugging each other.
All policemen clap for them, she become shy seeing so many people . she hides her face in his chest.
Sanskar thanks all of them to allow him propose her in PS.
After that both went from there.
His trances broken by someone coming in his room.
He become shocked by seeing that person.
Swara had come there with first aid box. Without saying anything she started to clean his hand and do dressing on his wound. Sanskar with teary eyes seeing her.
After dressing, she clean his room silently. Sanskar still seated on floor , he just follow his gaze wherever she was going. She began to go from there. He stop her holding her hand. He stand and go near her.
Sanskar: swara how could you do engagement. I know bhabhi must have forced you. I will talk to her, I know you only love me.
Precap: present- swara answer
Past : first romantic date as couple and cute fight due to jail proposal

Do you like Sanskar answer? And his choice of place?
Pls give me one answer : do you want niaksh entry soon or after sometime when Sanskar again make some little place in swara heart….
Bye , take care and love you all…..


  1. chanu

    wow nice epi
    lv sankys answr. awww thats wrd r sooo sweet & cute.
    & ps 😮 its rly unique place. he he gd idea.
    i dnt need niaksh so soon. bt write wt u want.
    keep writing
    be happy always

  2. Kakali

    Sooo awesome proposal dear😊… loved it… the way u write it,, it’s so heart touching n m feeling each n every word… n thnx for d present track… i want Niaksh to come soon… 1st he will help Swara to unite RAGLAK ,,, in that time he will come close to Sanskar ,,, their bonding n afterwards with d help of Niaksh sanskar would make space in swara’s heart…n Niaksh will also reunite SWASAN…😙😙.. its just a wish..

  3. Mahjabeen

    Awwww😇😇😇so awesome proposal..nd yeah his choice is perfect nd his answer ws superb..nd pls let sanskar make some space in swaras heart den make niaksh enty dear…nd well sry fr nt being able to comment dear as i m busy in my exams..hope u understand..waitng fr nxt

  4. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Aaawww dat was cute 😍 usual loved it… its your choice dear as its ur story u kne bttr dan us how d story is going yo proceed…continue soon

  5. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Wow reallu cute anniya…. Loved the proposal scene in jail….. Very unique idea…. Want niaksh soon dr….

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