bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 22)

Hii guys, Thanks for ur response on previous part.
Many of u also want present track, so for u guys I will start present after their mutual confession in past. Hope u are kk with it.
After 4 hours
Swasan are at mm in their respective room thinking about each other. None of them able to sleep, they just rotating here and there. They started to think what had happen 4 hours back.
Before 4 hours.
Both are leaning toward each other. Their lips are only one inch apart. Now their lips almost touching each other. Now they are going to kiss but their trances broken by sudden clapping sound.
Both came into sense, none of them are able to eye contact with each other. All are praising them.
After completing their dinner. Without talking each other, they marched toward car. Both are silently seated there.

“ Sorry” both
Again they turn opp side.
Without turning , they again speak at same time
It’s kk
Still no one able to start conversation. Sanskar started to thinking how to avoid this situation. His face soon lit up like 1000 watt bulb.
Sanskar: waise Swara, do u have learn dance somewhere?

Swara: yes, I am learned dance when I am in London. But why are asking it.
Sanskar: you are really danced so well.
Now again both are comfortable with each other.
Swara: even you dance , so good.
Sanskar:Thanks for compliment. But I don’t take any training still I dance better than you.
Swara: u idiot, I danced better not you. You even not know “D” of dance.
Sanskar: I just thought to praise so u not feel u are worst dancer but I don’t know u will start to fight with me.
Swara: you

Both burst out in laughing.
Soon they reach at mm.
Ragini is still waiting for both of them while laksh is sleeping in his room.
Swasan entered inside laughing with each other and holding each other hand. It is shock for Ragini, she faint.
Swara: Sanskar, what happen to di?
Sanskar: how I know? , I also entered with u . u call bhai I am placing bhabhi at sofa.
She nodded and went to call laksh.
Laksh come outside rubbing his eyes.
Laksh( irritated): what happen ? Why u wake up me?
Swara: vo jiju, u see your self.
Laksh saw Ragini lying unconscious on sofa, Sanskar rubbing her hand. He run toward her and places her head in his lap.

Laksh: how it happen? Before sometime she was absolutely fine.
Sanskar; we also not know as soon as we entered she fainted.
Laksh: have u called doctor?
Swasan nodded in no
He become angry seeing it. He gently places her head on sofa and start to call doctor.
Swara: vo jiju, water

In anger, he throwed water from her hand.
Laksh; I don’t need it. I don’t expect this kind behaviour from ur side. Sanskar is careless but u swqra.U both go from here. ( shouted in anger)
Listening it, swara eyes becomes teary. Sanskar also see her eyes but thought to keep quiet for some time. Doctor entered and started to check her.
Laksh: doctor, is she fine.
Doctor; yes Mr. maheswari, she is absolutely fine just fainted due to some shock. Now I leaving, she will get conscious in half an hour.
Sanskar started to go with doctor, but laksh stop him.
Laksh: u don’t need to do it, I am here.
Laksh went with doctor to drop him till car. After it pick ragini and went in room.
After half an hour

Swara is still sobbing silently. Sanskar is also seated sadly on sofa.
Ragini is still unconsciously lying in their room.
At hall
Sanskar hesitantly places hand on swara’s shoulder.
Swara turn toward him and hug him tightly. He also warps his hands around her.
Sanskar: shona don’t cry na, bhai just become anger seeing bhabhi in that condition. So he shouted at you. Plz stop crying na, I can’t see u like this.
Swara: I just helping him na. ( still crying) I give water to him sprinkle on her. Believe me Sanskar, I love both of them. How can he?
Sanskar: uff shona, he is just worried na. Look I am saying sry to u. If u want I will also do sit up.

Swara: pakka, u will do sit ups.( said so cutely)
Sanskar nodded in positive.

Both are still hugging each other.
Ragini also get conscious.
Both raglak come at hall. Seeing swasan hugging each other. Again ragini going to faint but this time laksh hold her.
Swasan are still unaware about raglak arrival.
Raglak looked each other smilingly. They both clear their thorats.
Swasan parted from each other.
Swara started to go toward ragini but stop due to remembering laksh’s anger. Her eyes become moist again.
Laksh: sry doll.
Swara stayed quiet. Again her tears start to flow.
Laksh went toward her and wipes her tears.
Laksh; I am sry na doll, I become frustrated na.
Swara ignore him, go toward ragini and hug her. Laksh felt bad due to her ignorance.
Sanskar also ignore him and go to swaragini.
Sanskar: bhabhi, what had happen to you ?

Swaragini parted away, Swara also asked same question.
Ragini: nothing happened to me. I just saw something shocking that’s y I fainted.
Swasan: what?
Laksh: she saw u guys are laughing with each other and holding each other. That’s y she fainted.
Swasan become embress and down their head.
Laksh: waise Sanskar, she was again going to faint.
Both started to leave from there to avoid further embarrassment.
Swara passes by laksh side but did not speak anything
Laksh: doll, stop na. I am sry na. Don’t you talk to me.
Swara nodded in no.

Laksh sitted on knee and hold his ears.
Laksh: now?
Sanskar: bhai, u never did it for me.
Ragini; also not for me.
Swara smiles little
Ragini and Sanskar giving unbelievable looks to them.
Laksh: u both can’t keep your mouth shut. Doll say na..
Swara: on one condition
Laksh: what?
Raglak and Sanskar started to look at swara face.
Precap; love start…..

Any guesses what will be her condition.
Bye, take care and love u all….


    • Anniya



      Their first kiss should be special na. They both should be in their sense. How can I let them spoil it.
      Thank u so much…

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