bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 22) ( Date special)

Part 21

Hii guys, Thanks for response on previous part.

Swara: (monologue) What he is thinking of himself? He will take swara, swara gadodia on date never it gonna be happen.
Someone knock on door,
She said irritatingly “ come inside”
She turned toward door,by seeing that person she again become angry.
Swara: what the hell you are doing here?
Guy: swara, listen me once.( she nodded positively) Thanks for giving me chance, Swara I will not lie to u. Fact is that I like u, I want ur friendship atleast yr. I am not saying u to like me back, but atleast give chance to me. Plz swara, now whatever be your decision I will agree with it. I will not force you for anything. If u want come with me then plz accept my gift. I am waiting for u outside. I will wait for 1 hour, if you not come I will understand u don’t want my friendship.
Without listening her answer , he went from there.
After 1 hour
Sanskar is waiting for swara impatiently.
I don’t know even this girl will come or not. Pls god, help me once.

After half an hour
Why this girl is not understanding my feeling.
He began to go from there with sad face.
Someone shouted from behind
“ wait for a minute, u don’t know girls need sometime to ready”
Sanskar turned that side , he become freeze by seeing it.
Swara is standing there dress up in red gown with light make up and curl hair from lower side.
Swara: Mr kidnapper, u should wait more na . see me, I am not ready yet. Wait for more half an hour I have to choose earning , sandal and watch.
Sanskar is still lost in her beauty. Without thinking anything he said can I choose earning for you?
Again without listening her answer he entered in her room and began to search earring.
Swara: ( entering behind him) arre Sanskar u don’t able to help me.
He just ignore her , and continued searching.
Swara: leave it na, I myself find something wearable.
Sanskar: can’t you be quite for second? And what types of earning these are( taking some in hand) , ur choice is very bad. Now come with me I will buy something for you.
Swara: My choices are perfect , only u don’t have good choices.
Sanskar: You are my choice. So, how can be my choice is not good. Now come with me, we are becoming late.
Unwillingly she nodded in positively
He open car’s gate for her like gentleman.
While starting car , he on the fm.
On FM, “ hua aaj pehli bar mai eshe muskuraya hoon” is played
Both began to stare each other. Soon swara came in sense ,she started to look outide. Sanskar turn off FM to avoid more discomfort between them.

After 15 minutes, both reaches their destination.
Sanskar again open car door for her, he give his hand to come out.
She take his hand and come from car.
Still holding each other hand they entered in restaurant.
He leave her hand , forward the chair for her . she seated there and he himself seated in front of her.
Still they are silent, he thought to break their slience
Sanskar: I am first time seeing you this much silent.
Swara: still there are many thing u don’t know about me.
Sanskar: I want to know everything about you( said while starring straight in her eyes)
There is again sweet eyelock between them, no one want to stop this moment.
Waiter come to take other
Waiter: mam sir, what should u want?, he gave them menu card.
Sanskar: u may go, we will soon order.
Waiter nodded and went from there.
Sanskar; swara, what u want to eat?
Swara; u take me here na then y u not order yourself.
Sanskar nodded positively, began to look at card. Soon he order cheese balls and panner tikas in starter.
Soon, manager announced for couple dance.
Many couples went on dance floor, swasan still sitting at there place.
Manger requested them to join dance floor
Sanskar stand up from his place and go near swara
Sanskar; can I have permission to dance with my new frnd.
Swara give her hand in his hand.
Both reach there,..
( read each line, it will be easy for you imagine them)

Soon DJ start playing song,
“Sanskar keep his hand on her waist and made her keep her hand on his shoulder.”
Hua hai aaj pehli baar
Jo aise muskuraya hoon
Tumhein dekha jaana yeh
Ke kyon duniya mein aaya hoon x (2)
“He pulled her closer while dancing not breaking their eye contact.”
Yeh jaan lekar ke jaan meri
Tumhein jeene main aaya hoon
Main tumse ishq karne ki
Ijaazat Rab se laya hoon
“He move her away, swara seems to confuse but he passes genuine smile and start to twirl her like doll.”
Zameen se aasman tak hum
Dhoondh aaye jahan saara
Bana paya nahin ab tak
Khuda tumse koyi pyara x (2)
“He pushed his front into his back still moving slowly, now swara back collided with his chest”
Baaton mein teri hai badmashiyan
Sab bewajah ki hain tareefiyan
Main likh doon aasman par yeh
Ke padh lega jahan saara
Hua na hoga ab koyi
Yahan hum do sa dobara
“ they both are still in back hugging position. Again started dance slowly in same position”
Main duniya bhar ki tareefein
Tere sajde mein laaya hoon
Main tumse ishq karne ki
Ijaazat Rab se laya hoon

Rab se laya hoon
Rab se laya hoon
“ They both loss their sense , sanskar started to rub his nose on her neck”
Tu hai jo rubaru mere
Bada mehfooz rehta hoon
Tere milne ka shukrana
Khuda se roz karta hoon x (2)
“ They are out of control forgetting about their surrounding,still moving side by side”
Humko pata hai yeh nadaaniyan haan
Aawara dil ki hain aawaraiyan
Yeh dil pagal bana baitha
Ise ab tu hi samjha de
Dikhe tujhmein meri duniya
Meri duniya tu ban ja re
“ he moved her in front of him, stared her lips. She also nodded positively and closes her eyes”
Hoon khush-kismat jo kismat se
Tumhein aise main paaya hoon
Main tumse ishq karne ki
Ijaazat Rab se laya hoon
Both lean toward each other….
Precap; ?????
Do you like their dance sequence?
After so many difficulties I tried to write dance sequence. I tried my best to describe dance scene, sry if it’s not up to mark.
Bye, take care and love u all


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    awsm part, u must be thinking that whenever u don’t update from long only that time I comment sry I am busy in studies. that’s I don’t comment on any ff.

  2. Mica


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    i was dancing beside them, eagerly waiting their kiss moment :3
    will it be a kiss ???
    Anniyaaaa… answer me! answer me!
    luv it dear, i listen the song too

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