bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 21)

Part 20
Hii guys, Thanks for ur response on previous part.
Today is swasan 1 year of fake marriage. This is starting of their wonderful journey. So, I am avoiding alia entry for few parts. And writing an os with happy ending this time. I will post os as soon as possible.
Swara: No ,jiju I will not go with this kidnapper.
Sanskar; I am not also dieing to go with u. Bhai I can’t handle this kid, if she lost in CLG. Then u and bhabhi only blame me.
Laksh: enough both of u, I don’t want to listen anything. Swara u don’t have any option rather than go with him and sanskar if u not take her than ur pocket money will be stop for 3 months. Her safety is ur responsibility. Now u both can leave.
Swasan; Hitler(mumbled)
Laksh: I know..
Trio went away from there,.
Guy: swara come fast we don’t have whole day.
Ragini: relax devar ji, girls need time to ready.
Sanky: what is need to take so much time, she already looks so preety without even make up..( reliases what he said). I mean ..
Ragini: I understand ur feeling devar ji.
Sanky: bhabhi, I don’t mean that
Rags; did I say something?
Sanky: no,( by seeing toward stairs he become statute, seeing in that direction with open mouth)
Girl; di how I am looking?
Sanskar; gorgeous
( swara has dress up in blue full sleeves top and black jeans)
Ragini: sanskar close ur mouth and control ur tounge also( wishper in his ears)
Swara: di, I ask u something. Am I not looking good or I should change this.
Ragini: no baby, u r looking like princess.
Swara: really di,( she kisses her on cheeks)
Sanskar; yes u are really looking like princess.
Swara: really( so much happy listening compliment, kisses him on cheeks)
Sanky places his hand on that cheeks , started blushing.
Swara: I am so sry, just become so excited( run outside due to shyness)
Ragini: Sanskar don’t mind, she is little childish.
Sanskar: its kk bhabhi( bhabhi u don’t know she give me my life biggest gift in mind) I am going.
Ragini; take care of her, CLG is new for her.
Swara: Mr kidnapper, now u r not becoming late. Come fast…( said loudly)
Sanskar; kk bhabhi
At gate
Sanskar: I don’t u r so fast, u kiss me in front of bhabhi. Atleast u should wait for some right place na.
Swara: it’s mistake( irritated)
Sanky: ( places hand on own heart) don’t call it mistake, I will die due to it.( said dramatic)
Swara: Sanskar, u stop ur drama or else..
Sanky: u again kiss me but swara this time na not on cheeks. I am not any baby nor ur di.
Swara: I will kill u( stamped his foot angrily)
Sanky; swara not fare.( give him more angry look) kk , now sit in car.
In car..
In car there is pin drop silence, both are thinking what to talk . sanky thought to break silence.
Sanky; do u wanna listen song.
Swara; only I wanna kill u, do u allow me to kill u?
Sanky; u already Killed me with ur smile, u can’t kill anyone twice yr.
Swara: whatever( blushes little)
Sanskar: swara , do u remember? I had said u , if u wanna stay in my room then I have two condition. Do u ready for that?
Swara: I remember, tell me condition.
Sanskar: u have come with me for a date.
Swara: are u in ur sense? I will not go for any date and mainly with u.
Sanskar: jiju doll u don’t have any option. And one condition is still pending. Be ready at 8:00 pm , I will pick u.
Swara; are u always ask everyone for date?
Sanky: no, first time asking someone.
Swara: Can I know reason?
Sanskar: You are special( both staring each other, their eyelock disturb by horn)
Op:oye love birds romance at your home.
Sanky: sry( shouted)
Swara: Sanskar u should be careful na.( with concern)
Sanky; sry, par this is not my mistake.
Swara: what u wanna say, is it my mistake?
Sanky: ha toh, all is ur mistake .
Swara; can u explain me?
Sanky: if in starting itself u agree with me for date . I don’t need to argue with u , neither we lost in each other.
Swara; I am not, and still I don’t said yes for date.
Sanky: I also don’t need ur permission. Wait till evening. u will come along with me. that’s my challenge
Swara; we will see. if I also not make ur plan flop na my name is not swara gadodia.
sanky: start thinking for new name
At mm
Raglak and swasan are seated on sofas opp to each other.
Laksh: doll Sanskar don’t disturb u na .
Swara:vo jiju he asked me for..
Sanky: arre Swara, don’t worry he will not deny us. Hai na bhai, bhai today is my frnd birthday I am thinking to take swara along with me. But see na bhabhi she is denying. Tell her na u will be happy if she will come with me.
Swara; di, he is..
Raglak cut her in middle..
Raglak; Swara , no excuse.
Swara; but jiju,
Ragini again cut her,
Ragini; Sanskar tell us when u have to reach.
Sanky: 9;00 pm bhabhi, we will return before 12.
Swara; par
Laksh: doll go na, u will surely enjoy.
Sanky passes her naughty smile
Precap: swara plans to spoil date …
Do u think she will succeed in it or Sanskar will make her plan flop…
Bye , take care and love u all….


  1. Deeksha


    |Registered Member

    Nice one anniya….. Waiting for the present part… Pls end this past one soon…. Wanted to see how Sanskaar convinces swara in the present…… Anyway dear sorry for not commenting on the previous ones…. I was busy with my brothers wedding……. And do continue soon… Lots of love

    • Anniya



      Soon I will show present also, don’t be sry for not commenting I know about ur brother wedding. It’s kk…
      Keep reading it..

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