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Hii guys, Thanks 4 ur response on previous part. I have one question , are u okay with past or I will end it in 2-3 parts. What to do I am really a confuse soul.
Sry 4 not replying u all, now a days I am busy in two works one sister ppt and making swasan edits…
U all have guess right, so clap for ur self…
Swara room
Swara is still sleeping, sunrays are disturbing her. Due to Sunrays she slowly open her eyes.
Swara: ( monologue) oh god, y u created this stupid sun. He never let me sleep. I know this sun is really jealous by my beauty sleep. I know sun u r jealous na due to everyone likes me but no one like u. Even I don’t like u.
Swara look around room, by seeing that scene she completely freezes. Tears start flowing from her eyes.
Sanky monologue
What happen to her? She need to happy na seeing whole wall are full of her parents , friends and bhabhi pic. Did she not like that ? I can’t see her like that , I need to console her.
Swara is still crying, someone wipe her tears.
Swara: what r u doing here. See Mr kidnapper I am not in mood of fighting with u.( still tears not stop)
Sanky; I am sry Swara, plz don’t cry. I can’t see u like this. I Will remove all pics from wall if u don’t like it. But u don’t cry.
Sanky went toward wall and start remove pic.
Swara pull his hand,
Swara: what do u think u himself ha. Answer me? ( sanky try to answer her) what is need to do it? And now why y removing this pics. If u even touch it na then I slap u.
Sanky: but u were crying after seeing it.( said it so innocently)
Swara: oye Mr kidnapper, I never cry . just something went in my eyes.
Sanskar: really( move closer to her) its means u like it.
Swara: ( moving backward) ya, y I don’t like it. I know it must be jiju plan. I am impressed by him. U don’t answer me, wat r u doing here?( speak while fumbling due to closeness)
Sanky: if I say ur jiju has not done this then also u will tell u r impress.
Swara; yes, then it must be my di plan. Whenever di surprises me I always kiss her. U leave my way.
Sanky: (pull hr more closer) if I say it’s all done by me, then u also kiss me.
Swara: ( not in sense) yes
Sanky: are u sure ?
Swara;( come in sense) u idiot, ( start to beat him on chest)
Sanky: ( hold her hands, and kiss her on cheeks) I thought u are not going to give reward, so y not I myself take it.
Swara: ( start blushing) How can u kiss me?
Sanskar: ( again kiss her on other cheek,) like it
Swara: you blo*dy
Sanky: swara don’t use abuse words may be this time I loose my patience and kiss you some other place( pointing toward lips) yes if u want it then u may continue.
Swara: I will nt leave you.( still struggling to come out from his grips)
Sanky; I also don’t want you to leave me, listen na swara. I want something from you. Do u give me( naughtily)
Swara: Mr kidnapper, first u leave na then I can give u many rewards. Don’t u want that?
Sanskar; ( immediately leave her but both are still in same position) really, now I had leave u.
Swara; Sanskar( softly), u know what u r looking so ..
Sanky: so what swara
Swara: ( moving closer to him) I will not say first close your eyes then I will speak and give u reward also.
Sanky: ( just like child) really swara( closes his eyes)
Swara: very good boy. What I am saying u r looking so ..
Sanky; Swara y u always stop at this point.
Swara: patience baby, u r looking like monkey( shouted in his ears)
Sanky: ( lost in her thoughts) Thanks swara
Swara; ur welcome, I don’t hearing about ur praise. U will turn red, bye monkey..
Sanky: ( reliases what she said) Swara I will kill u
Raglak room
Ragini: laksh , do u notice change in behaviour of Sanskar.
Laksh: ragini, day by day u r becoming unromantic. U can notice sanskar’s behaviour change but not my mood. Since Swara came here u always busy in swasan fights.
Ragini: swasan? Who r they?
Laksh: ( he put his hand around her neck) my sweety, swasan means swara+Sanskar.
Ragini; oh, so my patidev started to doing match making job.
Laksh; what to do patni ji, my sil is so cute. So I don’t want she ever go beyond my eyes. Again u r talking about swasan, sometimes think about our future. U don’t want someone call u mama and me dad.
Ragini: laksh, don’t try to e oversmart.
Laksh: ragini, what I am doing?( he lean toward her to kiss her)
Someone; sry, I don’t see anything. U both continue ur romance. I am going
Ragini; Sanskar come na,do u want anything
Laksh;( to himself) yes , he don’t want to see me happy. My romance enemy, ..
Ragini: laksh, stop mumbling
Sanskar: vo bhabhi I want to talk to bhai.
Ragini; okay u both continue. I am going to wake up princess.
Sanskar; she is already wake up.
Ragini: kk, surprisingly my princess is becoming responsible.
Rags went from there..
Laksh: why u always disturb me. Don’t u could come later.
Sanky: bhai if u wanna do romance. U should close the door na.
Laksh: u should knock na
Sanky; it’s ur mistake,
Laksh: just wait baccha, when u will be in love . I will always disturb u and ur gf.
Sanky; bhai, u can’t I will make special room for her. Most importantly I always do romance after closing the door. Not like u….shameless creature.
Laksh: when u will marry then u will understand. When ur wife will not give u time and some idiot always come to disturb you.
Sanky: My wife will not be boring like ur wife. She will never stop me from romancing.
Laksh: we will see that.
Swara come there,…
Swara: jiju, u forget na u have to come with me for admission.( By seeing Sanskar ,she blush little)
Laksh; shona sry yr I have now meeting. Do one thing go with Sanskar , he is in same CLG. Sanskar will help u in ur admission.
Swara; no( shouted)
Screen frezzes at smiling face of sanskar and shocking face of swara…

Precap; sankia first meeting, swara and alia fight.(precap may be change)
Jwala di ; update ur ff na, I am missing revenge,hatred and lust.

Note: atleast for my cute swasan edit like these 2 pages
Shan’s page:
Shan now I will daily disturb u by sending my edit.
And this page
Bye,take care and love u all….


  1. Mithu

    Plz tell me who is the writer of fan fiction kiss I hate the most. Plz post next episode of it. I m waiting

  2. Mahjabeen

    Wow its so lovable…thy r soo cute nd lovely in da past..thier fighrs nd sankys teasing her is rlly so nice…continue soon

  3. nisha

    Awsm part.
    I think now a days u are really busy, even u don’t rply anyone. plz tell me today u update or not

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