bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 2)



Yipee!I am back…….so excited.A big tnx to everyone for comment and also tnx to them who doesn’t comment…☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Yes may u all have guess right.girl 1 is swara…
Swara is walking aimlessly on road all incidents are flashing in her mind.She kneel down on road start screaming Why sanskar y u did it.I know u don’t like me BT how can u think I can kill someone.Today I became killer in ur eyes.U trusted that bi**h whom u know hardly from some months.Today u really broke my heart.I also nt feel that much of pain that day when u leave me.I hate u sanskar maheswari. I hate u…….
I will soon prove my innocence nt for u BT for my Di and jiju who trusted me…..
Again she start walking BT now determine face..
Doctor is examine a girl….
Sanskar; doctor tell me nt anything serious na .Is alia and my child is fine.
Sry to say this BT alia lost her baby….
‘No this can’t happen’ sanky screamed loudly.He fell down on knee.
Beta u have to strong. Alia need u .u have to strong for her.Go and tell her.
Alia is lying on bed. Her face is pale.
“Alia how r u feeling now” sanky asked her while entering in her room.
“Sanky we lost our baby.My baby dead .I am too bad mother.I can’t protect him from evil eyes.She kill him….” Alia

“What r u saying.U slip down from stair…. “Sanky

“No sanky I don’t slipped she push me.She always wanted to kill me.She is successful this time” Alia

“Who did this tell me dammit.”sanky

” Swara”Alia

Meanwhile swara and raglak also reach there.
“What r u saying .My sister never can hurt anyone” Ragini

Bhabhi believe me .She wanted revenge from me. She hate me that sanky love me nt her.

“Alia stopped it nt word against swara I will kill u if again say anything about her.We all know she can never fell so low.” Laksh said this he is hell angry.

“Stop it” don’t dare to shout at her.No mother can lie about her child.I believe her.”…laksh I know u all nt like her.Can’t u see her pain”
Everybody shock at his statement….
Finally our swara(hey I also love her BT nt more than my sanky)speak…

“Enough. U r believing this bi**h before she can complete her statement someone slap her hard..
Guess guys who can be ya u all may be guess correctly. None other than our angry man…

Raglak rush near swara.They made her stand.

How dare u slap her.
Someone slap sanky….

I am nt telling u guys .U have to guess it.Till then bye sweet dreams of ‘my sanky’…love u all.Take care…
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Credit to: sanky fan

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    Msg from Team: Fixed.

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  5. Awesomeeee….watng for nxt part

  6. Jwala

    I hate sanskar here.. how dare he.. hope swara prove her innocence soon. write more longer update dear.. it is different and very good

    1. Tnx….
      I also hate him here.soon she will prove her innocence. He will also pay 4 that…..
      I have already submitted next part. Hope they post it soon.

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    Awesome n yeah ragini will slap sanskar ☺?

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  11. krystal singania

    awsm epd yr nd really ur concept is diffrnt

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