bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 19)

Hii guys, thanks 4 response on previous part..
Congress guys ragsan fan is back to entrain us.
Next week I am fully free , try to give u long parts..
This is last time short part…

At kitchen..
Ragini: I have an idea
Swara: what ?
Ragini: I will make u marry with my BIL. Then we both always remain together.
Swara: wow di, u are are really intelligent. ( reliases what ragini said) one minute, what u said? I will never marry kidnapper.
Ragini: princess, if you not marry ur kidnapper then I have to make him marry with Alia.
Swara: (unknowingly jealous) who is this alia?
Ragini: alia is Mr shegil daughter. Anyone can flat on her. Very hot and…
Swara cut her..
Swara: whoever she is , u don’t need to praise her. U r my di u should only praise me. Not any Alia or jhalia…
Ragini: arre my valcano I am not praising anyone.No one is better than u. Now stop being childish at everything.
Swara: good, I love u so much.( she kisses on her cheeks, run away)
Ragini: mad girl,

Sanky room
Laksh: answer me sanky what r u doing?
Sanky: vo bhai just I making pout, how girl make diff pouts while taking selfie. I am just trying to think how can they such ideas.
Laksh: true yr, I also don’t know how they get such ideas.
Ragini is listening their talks…
Sanskar: bhai, u should be careful when u r speaking about girls. If bhabhi listen it then u will be finish .
Laksh: I am not afraid by ur bhabhi. U don’t know ragini can’t even not raise voice against me.
( swaragini are listening it, Sanskar notice them but remain quite)
Sanskar: really bhai ,how u able to control her.
Laksh ; don’t worry , when u r married I will even teach u.
Sanskar: no bhai, I don’t need any lesson. I will be happy if my wife will control me.
Laksh: but..
Ragini cut him ..
Ragini: arre sanky, u should learn from him , how to control ur wife. Hai na laksh ji, Laksh u even teach my shona. After marriage it will also be helpful her.
Swara: arre di, why r u saying anything to jiju. Mr kidnapper must instigate him.
Laksh: ha Ragini, doll is right..
Again laksh don’t able to complete his line..
Sanskar: what do u mean jiju’s doll?
Ragini: ur jiju is not any child.
Sanskar: right bhabhi
Swara: oye bhabhi’s kid, I know u..
Laksh: right doll, u don’t know . This bhabhi kid, he only making diff pouts.
Sanky: I am not making any pouts, I am just kissing…
Ragini: so my BIL is in love. Who is that lucky girl.
Swara: di, not lucky one.
Sanskar: oye wat do u mean?
Laksh: again u both, Ragini leave them u come with me. I have talk u about marriage
Swasan: u can’t do this..
Swasan both look at each other, raglak went from there
Next day…
Sanskar enter in swara room without making any noise..
Sanky : ( monologue) yesterday wat u said that girl will unlucky whom I love. Let me tell u that girl is only u. When I first time see u, only that I become flat on u. The way u r fighting with ur friends. Ur all cute antics always make me crazy.

At some unknown mansion
Guy: why u always make me feel shame.
Girl: dad, what I have done now
Guy: alia u don’t know , what about I am talking? Where r u yesterday whole night?
Alia: vo dad, I am with some friends.
Mr shergil: kindly explain us what kind of friends they are. You never told us ur friends are in police.
Alia: dad just there r some misunderstanding. That’s why they arrest me.
Mr shergil: no exuces, we are fed up of u. Now I can’t take any risk. U may leave our house.

At mm
Sanky;( monologue) now I will see shona how u not fall for me. After seeing today surprises u will also start feel for me. That’s Sanskar promise.
Swara wake up, seeing sanky in her room she literally shocked..

Precap: again not any idea

What do you think swara will impress by Sanskar or not.
So, finally alia also enter in past.
Wait for grand meeting of sankia…
• Sry for short part…
There r two reason..
1. As usual time management
2. Lack of idea
So if any have any suggestion they can free to give me….
Sunday: pakka promise I will update next part of in your love..
Bye,take care and love u all…


  1. Vyshu10


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    Nice….what surprises? And Sankia is like kalia.
    Dat ragsan fan is back…lol. We ll give him/her sweet treatment

    • Anniya



      It’s kk,…
      Study is more imp than commenting. So don’t worry first priority is study. Don’t think about comment.

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