bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 16)

Hii guys,well my reason of nervousness is not that stupid Comment. Well I have suggestion for u ragsan fan. At least change the comments. U r writing same comment on every ff. Very bad, from now use diff comment on every ff. This will entrain writer as well as reader. Today I will wait for ur comment. Thanks 4 ur wonderful comment. Keep commenting ragsan fan.

U all becoming confuse na, adi has no role in past track. So all revenge drama are other’s plan not adi. I love adi character, so no negative for him.
Thanks for ur response on previous part…
And sry too, why I am saying sry u will come 2 know at end.

Sanky: vo bhabhi, I just have guess nothing more. Anyone can easily tell girls like because all r same na.
Swara: oye Mr. same, swara gadodia is diff( swara goes toward sanky and wishper in his ear) Mr same , I know how u know everything about me, don’t strain ur stupid brain. Well I miss ur phone calls.( said all these with naughty smile)
Laksh: what r u both wishpering?
Swara: jiju, I am telling ur brother do more research on girls. It will help him to convince her.
Sanskar: vo bhai, tell ur doll don’t worry about me. If I have convince someone I will do in my way.
Ragini: I think after spending some time in jail both are became mad. Now u both stop ur taunts and come with me.
Sanskar: (monologue) I am already mad in her love.
Swara: Mr kidnapper where r u lost, don’t think so much about me. I am not ur cup of tea.
Sanskar: I am not thinking about u, I just..
Ragini: ( cut him in middle) u both again started.

All of them seated in car, sanlak at front and swaragini at back seat.
Laksh: Ragini, now u will never feel bore in my absence. Both will entertain u by their fights.
Swara: jiju, u don’t feel jealous di will still miss u. Whatever she want only u can fulfill it not us.( with naughty smile)
Sanskar; ha bhai, I have a plan why not bhabhi join office with u. So I can spend some time with ur doll.
Laksh; and y u want to spend time with my doll.
Sanskar: bhai, I mean u can spend time with my doll, I mean with bhabhi ( all said it in single breath)
They reach home, laksh went for parking the car and Ragini inside the house.
Sanskar drag swara backward the house.
Sanskar; what r u saying about missing phone call.
Swara: ( coming more closer to him) u don’t know what about I was telling. Okay so once more I am saying. I miss ur phone calls.( she slightly push him and run away from there)
Sanskar(monologue): Oh god , means she knows everything that I am that one who use to disturb her by calls. Well now it will be more easy for me to make her fall love with me. So, miss swara gadodia be ready for fall in love with me.
Sanskar went from there and reaches home.
Laksh; Sanskar,u have to shift in other room. Doll will live in ur room.
Sanskar; what????( shocked face and almost shouted. By hearing his voice Swaragini also reach there)
Laksh: why r u shouting? Whenever doll came here she always live in ur room. She love that room.
Ragini: par laksh this time both are here, how can it will be possible. Swara will live in other room.
Laksh: no Ragini, Sanskar will shift in some other room. U know doll has habit of big room. Guest room is not so big. Sanskar will adjust there.
Sanskar: bhai this is not so fair , due to ur doll u r doing partiality. I will not shift any where, tell ur doll to live in other room.
Swara; Mr kidnapper, that is my room. Whenever I came here I always stay there. You should leave that room. You don’t know guest is equal to god. U should respect them.
Sanskar; but u r not any guest.( Sanky go toward her and wishper in her ears) if u want to live in my room I don’t have any problem in sharing my room with my permanent guest.
End at confuse face of raglak , shock face of swara and rocking face of sanky.

Precap: sanky receive unknown call.

Note: still revenge game not begins. So whatever Sanskar feeling for swara is true.
I know this is short as well as not up to mark.
Well I have to go hospital for seeing my frnd. That’s y sry for short part.
Next part: Wednesday
Thursday; in your love(swasan TS)


  1. Sumeeta


    |Registered Member

    anniya maine sahi kaha na ye sab swasan ko defame karne k liye kar rahe te .ab hum bolna shuru karenge to bolenge bashing kar rahe te.
    ek to rag…..san ki hi existance hi nahi hai.jab san villain tha aur ragini uski partner in crime thi tabhi bhi cosmic connection aur chemistry swasan k bij me hi thi.kaha se in dono ki pair up hogi mujhe to samaj me nahi called ragini aur ragsan fan swasan aur swasan ff se dur raho agar swasan se ko tolarate nahi kar sakte ho to.reel me to rag…..san nahi milegi to apni chat ragsan ff me hi rakha karo.swasan k kisi bhi story me apka big nose mat ghusao.swasan fan are verry possesive about swara nd sanskar nd swasan ff
    story park baad me review deti hu ruchi

    • maisha

      its just my thought don’t want to hurt anyone but rag san fan incress when laksya cheat ragini by using her body because when marraige happen swalak and swasan fan are fighting no rag san once agine sorry if i hurt anyone

  2. Vidhi

    Wow soo sweet chapter…. N Ha that ragsan fan is really dump I think commenting everywhere 😡😡😡….bt plz continue for us plz…. 😘😍😘😍😍😘lots of love from vidhi💜💜💜💜

  3. Sanjanaagrawal


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    Ragasan fan keep commenting and u r right she repeats her comment …. and epi was awesome …. and don’t worry about short update …
    From lots of love from ur frnd ….

  4. Jwala


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    amazing choti.. loved it.. will swasan share one room? lol.. I’m going mad thinking about it.. and about that ragsan fan , now I’m seeing that comments on many ff’s including my os.. and that person really have some mental problems lol.. just ignore that person choti.. attention seeker.. no other job to do.. lol.. anyways love you dear.. tc

  5. Crazy


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    Sahi hai on my ff to he put sane cmnnt
    But take his cmmnt n +be way dear
    Being a hater f swasan he’s reading swasan ff then obvio v swasan writers did grt work nz?
    Btwn good epi

    • Anniya



      Really he/she is very great . sometimes I don’t able to comment on stories which I read due to lack of time but she is well managing time…

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