bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 14)

Hiii guys, thanks 4 ur response on previous part.
Sry for 1 mistake; instead of 2 year now leap is of 4 year.
Thanks mica 4 telling it…
Madhu don’t worry about adi, I will not let him hurt…
Swadi are only engaged only….I hope u all understood what I wanna say…
Thanks naina for suggesting niaksh name…
I have updated first part of ” in your love”
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Part 1

Swara reached at mm.
At mm…
“ mam, u can’t go inside.” Watchman.
“ why I can’t go. It is also my house. I don’t need anyone permission for going inside. Leave my way, I am going. U don’t who I am? “ swara
“ sry mam, whoever u r but u can’t go inside.” Watchman
“ okay, infrom laksh sir , swara has come to meet him. “ swara
“ u wait, I will infrom him.” Watchman
Inside mm…
“ why r u inside. U should be on gate na. Go there.” Laksh
“vo sir, someone has come 2 meet u” watchman
“ I don’t wanna meet anyone” laksh
“ but sir, she is come for very far and her name is…” watchman
“ whatever her name, tell her laksh maheswari never meet anyone at home” laksh
“ okay sir” WM
At gate
“ now can I go inside?” swara
“ sry mam sir has denied to meet u.” WM
“ Do u tell him my name?” swara
“ mam, sir is not ready to listen anything. And Sanskar sir is also not at home. Only he can convince him.” WM
“ I don’t want anyone favour. Go and tell ur sir, she is saying until u will not meet her, she don’t leave from here.” Swara
“ but, weather is also not good. U can come tomorrow” wm
“ I told u na, just infrom ur sir. Mam will not leave until he doesn’t meet me.” Swara
“ kk, mam ur wish” wm
4 hours passes, but swara is still there. Meanwhile Sanskar also come home.
“ sir, one minute.” Wm
“ wat happen” Sanky
“ vo sir, this girl is here from 4 hours. She wanna meet laksh sir.” Wm
Sanky see in that direction,but can’t able to see her face.
“ who is she? And does she told what she has work?” sanky
“ I don’t know why she wanna meet him. Her name is something like..” wm
Someone from behind shouted his name.
“ Sanskar wat r u doing here? Laksh
“ bhai, that girl wanna meet u. She is here from 4 hours. Bhai meet her once.” Sanky
“ she is still here. I don’t wanna meet anyone.” Laksh
“ plz, atleast listen her once. “ sanky
“ call her” laksh
“ thanks bhai, wm call her.” Sanky
“Kk sir” wm
“ mam, sir is ready to meet u. Come with me.” Wm
“ thanks,u go I am coming” swara
“ where is she? These girls na don’t have any sense. Now I am ready to meet, then she is not coming.” Laksh
Laksh turn to go….
“ u don’t want to meet ur doll. U forget me na? “ swara
By listening her voice, sanlak freeze.
“ I know now u and di are not one but still we have some relation. Do u not even see my face. From 4 years I am trying to come India, finally when I came. U don’t wanna even see my face, do I am that much bad. Okay u not turn I am going. Sry to distrub u.” swara( almost crying voice)
She began to go, ….
“ swara” laksh
“ di, y u stop me. I wanna know why he want to kill himself.” Swara
“ bhabhi, is really u r her sister. I mean may be by mistake she is change with some one.” Sanky
“ what do u mean ? , I should ask this question jiju are u sure he is ur brother. I think he is really kidnapper.” Swara
“ I am not, u stop jiju kid.” Sanky
“ I am not any kid, if I am kid then u r grand paa” Swara
“ u both stop it, Sanskar how can u assume that girl as doll.” Laksh
“ bhai, it’s only ur mistake. U only use doll word. I thought girl must be small. How could I know ?” sanky
“ u should ask na, how can rags sister be so small.’’ Laksh
“ why not? See ur self only her age is more but her mind is just like 5 year kid. Can any one by seeing her imagine she is rags bhabhi sis.” Sanky
“ di, tell ur BIL. Don’t say anything about me, he don’t know me what I am? “ swara
“ I know u better than anyone, u come from London. U have studied in xyz school. Ur fav color is blue, u like to hangout with frnds, u love to eat chocolate and most important thing ur dream is slap and beat someone. I think this much info is kk. Or I should tell more about ur parties.” Sanky
All has mouth open…
“ jiju , I am right he is really belong to some mafia. U should give him to police.” Swara
“ Sanskar, how u know everything about her. U r meeting her first time na.” Ragini
Precap; Sanskar reaction about swadi engagement.
Laksh breakdown…

Past: love and hatred both start…

Sry, 4 boring part…..
And also for small part, from Monday I will give u long parts…
Tomorrows what u want…
Next part of ff…..
First part of ss….

Bye , take care and love u all….


  1. Sanjanaagrawal


    |Registered Member

    Next part of ff … and can u tell me qhy can’t u update saturday n sunday if u don’t want Don’t tell its ok n past was awesome n present too ……

    • Anniya



      No specific reason, this Saturday I am updating 2 part of TS. So can’t update both. On Sunday I will try….

  2. Mahjabeen

    Hey dear it ws nt borng but ya a bit small..hope u post nxt time a long part…nd da epi ws v.nice..waitng fr soom

  3. little princess

    Good one..waiting to see the reaction of sanky n laksh..i hope she unite raglak soon…and get back her love for which carved a long back…i thnk now a days u r giving short chappies..may be the situations demands so…but still u used to handle both present n past altogether well…when will u finish the past track?…i felt like u made some mistake in linking the past with present in this chappy.. I mean this episode was not having the same flow that u used to give through past n present track.. its just my opinion..dont be desp…and i am sorry if i hurt u…u r a good writer and i really appreciate ur writing skill as well as ur thinking skill…u very well maintained the story n made it beautiful.. But here in this episode i felt like a break when it came to past track..writing upto the end of present was perfect but lost the continuation afterwards… Whatever i said was just my thoughts..dont feel bad n disappointed..i said it so that u can write it better…all that i said is only about this episode… Ur previous episodes r amazing.. Keep on writing… Love ur storylines..update next chappy asap..

    I consider u as my good frnd… Said all these as considering our frndshp… I hope u also consider me as a good frnd

    • Anniya



      I also felt so, thanks 4 telling me.
      I will improve myself….
      I considered u good frnd ….
      Thank u … time I will try to give link between past and present…
      About short update I am mobile now a days. Typing from mobile is really difficult work. I will try to give long parts….
      Again thanks…

      • little princess

        Glad to know that u understood what i said…i thought that my comment hurted u…bt u took it in a positive way…really like ur this positiveness….i know that u r sincere n dedicated on ur work…u can bring betterment in ur work…i felt like telling u that somewhere something is missing as compared to before..moreover it can happen as u r writing more than 1 story..u may not be getting enough time or may be busy with ur own life..but still u finds time to write fictions n update it properly as per readers wish…u tried ur best not to disappoint ur readers.. And u r giving us more interesting as well as appreciable work that r indeed good ones…even i can understand that its really a difficult task to update from mobile…it may take hours for typing it…so u dont worry…u dont have to give very long parts if it is not fine with u… Give long parts when u can do it…we can wait till a good frnd,everyone will understand u…anyone can do atleast this much for u their frnd…

        Looking forward for more n more new interesting story lines as well as good episodes of ur current wishes…love u…take care

  4. Vidhi

    It’s awesome dear… Loved it… I just want to knw laksh’s reaction…. OMG… Plz update soon… 😘😍😘😍😘😘😍love u💜💖💜💖

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