bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 13)

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“swara I have one condition. After coming from London u will ready for marriage “ ragini
“ but Di , wat is connection between marriage and my going to London “ swara
“ I can’t trust our fate, I wanted to secure ur future. That’s y I am saying it.” Ragini
“ but I am not ready for marriage. Moreover I don’t to do marriage. “ swara
“ swara I am not saying u have to marry today. Only before going to London. Ur engagement will happen. After 2 months ur marriage. Marriage will be in India.” Ragini
“ for whom I have to marry ?” swara
“ Aditya” Ragini
“ but Di he is my best frnd” swara
“ that’s y I have selected him. He is perfect 4 u. He knows about ur past also, u don’t have any problem in future also” Ragini
“ but Di, do u have talk to him regarding it.” Swara
“ yes, he told me whatever will be ur decision, he will agree with it.” Ragini
“ kk Di, after talking to him I will tell u my decision” swara
Swara monologue….

I really don’t know wat to do? If I agree to marry with aditya,it’s like cheating on him. He deserve better girl, who can love him. I have talk to him.
“ kk send her” Sanskar
“ now wat u want” sanskar
“ sanskar , is this way talking to ur Masi. Don’t forget who I am?” Urvashi
“ Masi, now I really don’t care why mom did suicide. It’s past, due 2 it I already have hurted many people. I wanna recify my mistakes. It’s also better for u to forget all things.” Sanskar
“ kk as ur wish, wat could I do if u don’t want to give peace to ur mother soul. I am going but remember one day ur so called bro also snatch ur all happiness like his mother did.” Urvashi
“ Masi r u going or not” Sanskar

“ I am going” urvashi
“Thanks 4 going” Sanskar
“ why u don’t say no to Di directly” swara
“ what r u talking, I don’t get it” aditya( nervously)
“ don’t act adi, I know u understand wat I am talking” swara
“ listen swara I know u don’t want to do marriage. But if u want to go India, u have to do it. Let’s make a deal we will do engagement but not marriage.’’ Adi
“ what do u mean” Swara
“I mean after 2 months we will brake engagement . By giving some excuse. “ adi
“ but it will hurt Di and ur family too” swara
“ don’t worry about my family I will handle them and your sister will also understand it” adi
“ but why are u doing this?” swara
“ kk u want to know na, I promise after coming from India, I will tell u everything.” Adi
“ okay, I will wait” swara
After 2 days…..

Swadi are now engaged, swara is leaving for India.
“ adi, don’t distrub my champ” swara
“ who is saying it, u both disturb me. Now I don’t have to take any tension.” Adi
“ Di, u have meeting na and also champ is hungry. Adi is here I will call u after landing” swara
“ I am not going anywhere. Until u don’t sit in plane I am here” ragini
Swara say something to niaksh through eyes.
“ mom, my stomach is paining. Plz take me 2 doctor. I can’t stand here…” niaksh( he fall down)
“ Ragini u go with him, I am here for swara” adi
“ kk , I am leaving. Niaksh only one minute we will reach doctor and he will give u big injection.” Rags
“ arre mom, my stomach is paining due to hunger. No need 4 injection. Give me pizza” niaksh
“Kk , come with me” Ragini
“ mom one minute,Masi come here.(swara bent down) Masi after reaching India u will made me talk 2 dad” niaksh
“ okay champ” swara

After 5 hour….
Kolkata airport….
Swara monologue
Finally I reach Kolkata again. This time only 4 two months. God give me energy to face everything.
Meanwhile, she take auto.
“ driver , take me 2 maheswari mansion” swara

Precap: swara waiting for meeting someone…
Past: same as previous
Till 15th part, present and past both continue. May be from 16 or 17 there will be no present.
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  1. Madhu

    Feeling sad for adi…he truly loves swara….i dont know dr what will you do but if its possible plz Plz dr dont hurt adi….
    And coming to this part it’s superb dr…. waiting fr next part….
    If i hurt you plz dr sorry…

  2. Nishma

    Hy Ty niana was very happy cing tat u name him niaksh considering her opinion…I’m her sister nishma

  3. Vidhi

    It’s awesome dear… Loved it… N plz plz plz plz plz plz….. Continue……plz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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