bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 12)

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Tell me how’s it.
Adi is still on floor.
Ragini; why r u disturbing shona and niaksh.
Adi; Arre Ragini , these two r fooling u. U don’t know what both had done.
Swara; Arre aditya ji, u have meeting don’t u wanna attend it.
Niaksh; Ha uncle, mom always says we should never waste our time.
Adi; oh both daramebaz I don’t have any meeting. Ha Ragini wat I am saying.
Niaksh; Arre mom do u know today I fall down due to adi uncle.
Adi; Arre when
Ragini; I know all of u. Adi tell me wat both have done again.
Swara: Arre Di u know how much I love champ. He wanted chocolate so I give him.
Adi: Also tell her how u both brought chocolate.
Niaksh: uncle come here,Arre sit na(adi seated on knee) if you tell mom how me and Masi make fool to shopkeeper uncle. Then I will tell Masi u have 10 gf.
Adi; but I haven’t any gf.
Niaksh; so what? I will tell her na and she will trust me. After that she will break frndship with u and mom will angry with u to hurt Masi. Now decision is in your hand.
Swara; adi one minute here also, if u tell Di how I lie shopkeeper that I am CBI officer and I came in his shop for raid then I will tell Di. U have hurt Niaksh. Then Di will kill u by own hands.
Adi; but I don’t hurt niaksh.
Swara: so wat ? U know na our acting skills. Just think before taking any decision.

Adi monologue
Oh god, why always me. One side little devil and other side my cute devil. In front of me real devil, if I open my mouth these two devil will kill me. And if I lie this real devil will not only kill me but also cut my body in small pieces and throw it to crow.
Adi: Arre Ragini u forget we have meeting in half an hour.
Ragini: I remember, first tell me whole matter.
Swara: Arre Di, go na why r u becoming James bond.
Niaksh; ha mom, u only told us not to late but u r not obeying it.
Adi: ha ragini, this meeting is very imp. Let us leave…
Ragadi went from there.
Swara; champ we r safe. Give hifi.
Niaksh; Arre Masi, now u have promise me . we will talk mom about going India.
Swara; I remember champ, but first I go alone.after solving everything I call u and Di.
Niaksh; okk Masi.

Someone is scolding servant.
Boy; how many times I told u not put my things in that room.
Servant: sry sir , but Ragini mam always use to keep ur things in her room itself.
Laksh; are u seeing Ragini anywhere here. She leave me. She don’t think anything about me how I able to live without her and swara. She punish me for that mistake which I never did. If two year before I don’t choose sanskar that day he may dead. Now tell me does my decision was wrong?
Someone is listening all these thing silently and went in his room without making any sound.
His room is full of a girl pic. He went toward cupboard and take one pic.
Boy: swara, plz comeback not for me but for bhai. Only u can unite bhai and bhabhi. U should punish me 4 my crime but y u leave me.( in crying voice) ur sanskar is missing u. U know bhai has become like monster. He always yelled at everyone. He never meet anyone without profit. His life is only now a business deal. Only due to me I had lost everything. Do u remember how they both fight in jail?
Swara; Now my jiju come and kill everyone including u.
Sanskar; oh jiju kid, I don’t afraid from ur jiju. U don’t know my bhabhi , if she can handle my bhai then she clean bond ur jiju.
Swara; oye bhabhi kid, u don’t know my jiju he is alone handling his business. Arre business is small thing he is handling my Di also. If he can manage my Di na then he can do anything.
Inspector; u both jiju and bhabhi kid shut up. If one more word then ur bail will also cancel.
Swasan; but u don’t know my
Inspector; I know ur jiju and ur bhai.
Laksh reaches first
Laksh: inspector how dare u arrest my doll.
Inspector tell him whole matter , how they are fighting till now.
Swara: now see my jiju has come. I will tell him how u irritate me.
Sanskar; go and tell jiju kid. I am not afraid by ur jiju.
Swara; jiju, I am here.
Laksh turn her side, sanky is shocked by seeing him. Laksh still not notice sanskar.
Laksh: doll tell me. Is anyone misbehave with u?
Swara; yes jiju, he(pointing toward sanskar back). He irritate me lot. And u know he also told his bhabhi clean bold u.

Sanskar monologue
What need to speak so much? Now only bhabhi can save me. Sanskar be man and turn , he is ur own brother. He can’t kill u.
Laksh: y u r not turning? (Sanskar turn). Sanskar u?
Swara; jiju u know him. U know jiju wat he was telling his bhabhi is handling his bhai.
Laksh; doll not only him, I also know his brother closely.
Swara: jiju how u know him and his kidnapper family.
Laksh; kidnapper?
Swara: ha jiju, on airport he is kidnapping a girl. He told me his brother send him for this work.
Sanskar: vo …..I misunderstood her as doll.
Laksh: doll , tell me what he more said.
Swara: Arre jiju,he told me he is not afraid from anyone.
Sanskar: Arre swara,leave it na. U don’t want to go home. Leave all these things, bhai let’s go.
Laksh; Arre wat is need of going so early. Ur bhabhi is also coming na let meet her also.
Swara: why r u calling my jiju as bhai.
Laksh; swara,just wait for sometime. One surprise is coming here.
Ragini also reaches.
Ragini; sir, where is my BIL.( inspector point toward her in sanskar direction)
She don’t notice swalak.
Ragini; Arre Sanskar, now tell me wat happened? U know I lied ur brother.
Sanskar: bhabhi no need to do now anything. Bhai come to know everything.
Swara monologue…
Arre why I am hearing Di voice. If she come here she will kill me. Jiju also not able to save me.
Laksh turn toward her, swara hide behind laksh
Ragini; laksh wat r u doing here.
Sanskar; arre bhabhi, u don’t know he come here for special meeting. Arre doll y r u hiding behind him. Ur jiju can handle ur Di na , he easily handle my bhabhi also na.
Swara turn nervously….
Ragini; swara wat r u doing here?
Laksh; ur BIL and my SIL are fighting at airport , who is more younger.
Swara: arre Di, I only save a girl he is kidnapping her.jiju tell Di na not stare me like this.
Laksh; Ragini, swara is not at fault.
Ragini; u shut up, only due to ur love. She is becoming like this.
Now raglak started fighting, swara go to Sanky.
Swara: sanskar, do u have popcorn.
Sanskar: no , let ask inspector.
Swara; sir do u have popcorn?

Inspector; No I am not here for selling popcorn.
Sanskar; sir, we already warn u. Now 3rd world war start. U r reason for this fight. Swara are u hungry? Let us go somewhere. They both will fight till evening.
Swara: u r right. We should escape before they remember us.
Swasan began to go, raglak still fighting.
Inspector; u all keep quiet, this is not ur home. Where u can fight? And u 2 this is not any cinema hall, so u both wanted popcorn for enjoyment. If in one minute u all not go from there. I will shoot my self.
Swara; but sir u should shoot us na, why u wanted to do suicide. Is there any problem?
Ragini: swara, we should leave.
Swara: but Di…
Raglak somehow manage to take her…..
Flashback end….
Sanskar; I don’t know anything about u swara. I tried to find u and bhabhi but not even single clue.
Adi; swara r u sure , u will lie to Ragini.
Swara; expect it, I don’t have any option. U know even listening India name . She become angry. She still misses jiju. I just want to unite them. I am going to talk her.
Adi: swara, do u able to control ur self after seeing sanskar.
Swara; who Sanskar? I don’t know any Sanskar.
Swara: Di, I wanna go London for 2 months.
Ragini; swara , I don’t allow u go anywhere . u know na swara anyone can fool u. U r so innocent.
Swara: plz Di, I promise I don’t trust anyone. I really want to go London. This is only matter for one week. After one week adi also come London.plz Di…
Ragini; no swara, I can’t take any risk.
Swara; plz Di, my all frnds are going. Di I promise, after coming from London whatever u will tell I will do.
Ragini: kk at one condition.

In office
Sanskar is working on some project..
A peon come inside his cabin
Peon; Sir, someone come to meet u.
Sanskar: Who?
Peon: she is telling her name urvashi.
By hearing her name his face become pale…


Precap; ragini condition, remaining part of teaser…
A veiled woman come to meet Sanskar.
From 14th part, there will be only past…..

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