bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 11)

Part 10


2 YEARS had passed, that i lost laksh, he choosed his brother above me. now i have only two reason to live. my naughty sister, yes she again become my previous shona , which i had lost due to sanskar and my prince. both are my reason of existence. that day i want to tell laksh i am pregnant but he destroy all by choosing his bro.

at corridor
” laksh why r u silent , just answer one simple question sanskar or me ?” rags
” ragini try to understand not only sanskar but swara also need him. he is only person whose love can pressurize her to comeback. can’t u see him he is repenting.” laksh
” oh! so, ur bro has reliases his mistake. okay tell me if today swara will die. who will be responsible you or ur brother. if today something happen her ,does ur bro regret can give me back my shona.” rags
” sanskar is not fully fault, he don’t try to kill her. all fault is of alia.plz ragini see him he is still holding her hand . if u will seprate them both will die” laksh

inside room…
” swara ,bhabhi is saying she will separate us. u will not leave me na. u know i never enjoy in jail ,but that day really i enjoy very much because u r wih me.

”arre sir u don’t know me who is my brother.?” sanskar
” who is ur brother”swara
” do u know , who is pm of india?”
” yes, i know narendra modi” swara
” he is my brother” sanskar
” if i call him, once na he will suspend this officer. sir, do i call him? ”
” no, plz don’t call him. u should tell me before na”‘ police
” arre sir he is lying, NM is not his brother” swara
” i am saying na he is my brother. don’t u know all indians are our brother and sister. PM is also indian so he is brother. do u understand?”
” if he ur brother then he is my jiju . sir leave me also.” swara
” now how he ur jiju” police
” sir, don’t u listen all indians are our brother and sister. his wife is my sister. so our pm is my jiju.” swara
” arre but first u both are saying ur bro and ur jiju are professional kidnapper and killer. our pm is none of them. then how can he will be ur bro and jiju.” police
Both wink at each other….
” are u married” sanskar
” yes,’β€˜ police
” do u tell every secret to ur wife” swara
” no” police
” so , how can u expect he will open all secret” swasan
” really” police
” yes sir, u don’t know one day some goons disturb us. he himself come like hero and save us. now we both are going. if he come to know , we r in police station. he will…” sanskar
” suspend me. u both can go, but plz don’t tell him anything .” police
” kk sir u r too good.” swara
both started going,
” sir, these two fooled u” another police
” how, don’t u listen . how he save both of them” police
” they r lying, don’t u believe me. ask them to call him” another police
” u both stop, call ur brother and jiju. i wanna talk to him…” police
” sir but he has many work how can we distrub him. he will angry o u. ” swasan
”our sir will handle him” another police
” yes, call him.”police
” vo, sir we remember he is out of india” swara
” u both stop fooling me, call anyone from ur house for. inspector take them in jail” police
”sir, , u don’t know me American president is also our frnd.” swara
” u both call anyone i can’t tolerate u .” police
” but sir obama is really my frnd” swara [innocently]
” call him for ur bail. now not even single word.” police
” arre plz sir try to understand na if my original bro come to know i am in jail . he will throw me outside.” sanskar
” and if my original sister come to know anything. she will kill me. just think sir if i die then my future husband curse you.” swara
” why he will curse me,” police
” see sir, if i die then he will become widow. if he will widow then no children. no children then his generation will stop. if it happen then he will curse u know. do u want anyone curse? ” swara
” not only her future husband but my would be wife also curse u even she can kill u.” sanskar
” and how?” plice
” see sir if my bhai throw me outside then , no money, no money then no house, if i don’t have any house then no father give his daughter hand to me. if the girl come to know my condition is due to u then u can understand. now we can go sir. swara come with me i will drop u. we have save sir from our would be partner”‘ sanskar
” yes, i am coming”‘ swara
‘police officer started to think, suddenly
” u both stop, again u r making me fool. call at ur house.” police
” okay sir,” swasan

swasan monologue
if i will call bhai/di he / she will kill me, yes idea i will call bhabhi/ jiju.

” jiju/ bhabhi,plz come to xyz jail. due to one idiot i am in jail. but plz don’t inform di/bhai. u know na i am so innocent, but di/ bhai think i am very bad. i always create problem.” swasan
” but wat happen” raglak
” i will tell u later” swasan
” okay i am coming” raglak

” RAGS, I am going for some imp. meeting” laksh
” vo laksh, i am also going for shopping”

doctor come inside along raglak. ward boy starte to take her to ambulance…
” what r u doing. can’t u see she need treatment. where r u taking her. bhabhi y r u not saying anything” sanskar
” sanskar, she is taking swara along her for treatment.” laksh

meanwhile rags don’t speak anything…
” okay i am also going with her. when she wake up she need me.”’ sanskar
” u r not coming with us” rags

ambulance started to go …..
” bhai stop them, bhabhi can’t separate us. i will die without her.” sanskar
” sanskar, we can’t stop them. now everything is beyond our hand. just pray nothing should happen to swara” laksh
” no bhai, i will not sit like this….” sanskar[ he started running behind ambulance]
” stop sanskar” laksh

sanskar is still running behind ambulance but… to stop it.
sanky monolouge
i destroy everything. how can i become so selfish only due to me today bhabhi leave bhai . my swara is separated from me. i will also die. today i win whatever i wanted i achieve everything bhai is in pain. my revenge is fulfilled but now i don’t want this. he started to walk. by remembering each moment with swara
Soniye Hiriye Teri Yaad Aandi Ye
Seene Vich Tadapta Hai Dil Jaan Jaandi Ye.

Tuhi Jind Meri Ye Dil Da Karaar Ni..
Tuhi Jind Meri Ye Dil Da Karaar

when he see her first time in school…

Tu Aaja Tenu Rabda Wasta..
Udekta Main Tera Rasta

how after so many struggle he get her no

Kinna Tenu Chaava Ey Na Samjhi Tu..
Tere Naam Kitti Zindagii,

first time he call her and disturb her….

Jab Tu Milengi Tenu Dassange
Tere Naal Meri Har Khusi

how he met again at airport…….

Tuhi Jind Meri Ye Dil Da Karaar Ni..
Tuhi Jind Meri Ye Dil Da Karaar

how they both fight with inspector……

Tu Aaja Tenu Rabda Wasta..
Udekta Main Tera Rasta

how he propose her……

Soniye Hiriye Teri Yaad Aandi Ye
Seene Vich Tadapta Hai Dil Jaan Jaandi Ye

how he broke her heart…

Suna Suna Dil Da Aasiyaana Hai
Suni Zameen Ho Asmaa..

how he accuse her for miscarriage…

Khoya Khoya Renda Mera Paagal Dil
Aaja Laut Ke Hun Aa Bhi Jaa

how he slap her…

Tuhi Jind Meri Ye Dil Da Karaar Ni..
Tuhi Jind Meri Ye Dil Da Karaar

how she fall in his arms….

Tu Aaja Tenu Rabda Wasta..
Udekta Main Tera Rasta

her condition in hospital

Soniye Hiriye Teri Yaad Aandi Ye
Seene Vich Tadapta Hai Dil Jaan Jaandi Ye

at last how ragini take swara with her….
HE going to jump but someone pull him….
fb end….

GIRL and a small boy running bashing someone
girl; adi give us our choclate. u don’t know who is my di?
adi; oh , swara use some new dialouge i know what u will now speak. ” my dii is number one business women. and champ u don’t speak today ur mom will kill me. if i tease both of u.
really u both only can give warning …….
adi going backward , his back strike by someone and he fall down
” vo… sry i am kidding. champ take ur choclate. tell ur mom i am not distrubing her sister and son. ragini u know na me, swara and ur prince are my best frnd. arre ragini don’t see me like this
rags is still staring adi, adi is still on floor………

from next episode past will be more……..
suggest name for raglak child……….
thanks for this song suggestion…….
plzz give me ur views, if u don’t like something then also tell me i will try to improve it…
bye, take care and love u alll……..


  1. Mishti

    Hey!! Randomly read your post.. Its interesting, I’ll read all the previous ones.. Keep writing πŸ™‚

  2. himani

    its was just awesome dont know wat to say u r giving so much suspense n ya plz make raglak n swasan together soon waiting for it n u asked raglak child name na i dont know its nice or not my suggestion is ayan

  3. Sanjanaagrawal


    |Registered Member

    If raglak had a daughter I had given her the name lakshika but she is boy so can’t have any good name. … ok coming back to epi it was not v.good …. I doesn’t love this episode ….. sorry to say but ur episode was more than awesome I just loved it to the core ….. just love swasan …..

  4. Vidhi

    The episode was awesome dear… Loved it… N plz don’t stop dear… Plz…. N update soon…

  5. Samaira

    I started to read it from nom. Nice stry i like revenge wala stories. All credit goes to sanju. Who write the name of it on her anlysis. My mind is full s name. no name come from l word. Same name: aryan,ayan,nihal, vihan.

  6. Angel ruhi

    Awesome episode, and about name it should be Armaan means dream and every parent have lots of dreams about their child so I think ARMAAN.

  7. Mahjabeen

    Awesome…rlly loved it..hope swasan nd raglak unite soon..nd ayan name fr raglaks son..

  8. swarna

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Are its vry nyc. Past was so funny along with present ha ha ha. Bt middle past so sad. ;-(

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