bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 1)

Well I am totally new to writing section. From many days one story is poping in my small mind . So I thought just give a try.I have already decided about pairs so no change in it……

Boy; U r killer of my child.How can u do it.U wanted take to revenge from me .U should killed me BT y my child . what was unborn baby fault.U r killer.Just leave my house.
Girl; plz sanskar (yes this is our cute sanskar) believe me she is lieing I don’t push her.She herself fall from stairs.

Sanky; No mother can kill her own child. Just go away from my site or else I call police.
Girl 2 ;baby just leave her.Don’t call police. She will reliase her mistake plz forgive her at least for my sake.
Sanky; first I had guilt whatever I have done wid u BT u deserve it.I hate u……never come here.
Girl1; today I am going BT remark my words the day u will got to know truth.U were already have loosen all relation.Yes it’s true I hate u whatever u had done to me.BT I am not so cruel to take revenge…… I will soon prove my innocent…….

So how is it.this story have three phase…
1 how she will prove her innocence
2 past revelation..(why sanky is saying u wanted to take revenge from me)
3 some pure relation will break and a leap
And 4 one also about that u get to after leap…

Till then guess both girls….
bye…..if u like then comment….

Credit to: sanky fan...


  1. Arshi


    |Registered Member

    Superb yaar… girl 1 may be swara or ragini….

    I guess… u wont make either f them as girl 2.. as it seems.. girl 2 s the reason for thwor seperation….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.