bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 60)

Hiii, thanks for your response on previous part.
This night not seem to end soon for four of them.
One side swara and kaira who were testing love of their love. Other side Sanskar and aditya were tensed for what should they do win them back.
One side both girls have hope that their love will surely do something which will melt their broken heart.
Other side both boys were trying their best.
Sanskar went from his house and started to drive some where.
Raglak sees him going and smilingly went from there.
That was same place where destiny started a beautiful love story which now going to take major turn.
Swara keep her luggage aside and sit in waiting area.
She started to think about Ragini’s words.
“ just follow your heart, I clearly see you already have forgive him but just don’t ready to accept it. Why are fearing to do so? Do you have any fear or doubt that he will again hurt you?”
Swara nodded in no.
“ Then forget everything and start from beginning. “
Swara: beginning??
Ragini: means from first meeting where you both were stranger.
Swara: hmm,are you sure everything will be okay na then.
Ragini: ever I gave you wrong advice?
She nodded in no and hug her.
Swara: thanks di, you’re really world best sis which anyone get.
Ragini: now stop praising just go from here.
She happily nodded in yes and started to pack her bags.
Fb end
Sanskar happily driving car, he remember how a single note gave him happiness.
“ I want to start from where our journey started, I will wait for you. If you also want same then come there.”
His happiness doesn’t have any boundary finally he will get that for which he is waiting since ages.
He reached at his destination where she was already waiting for him. Hope was devastating by passing second many thought were coming in her mind.
“ if he didn’t see that cheat, if he thought I go away from him.”
Her chains of thought broken by some announcement, there an announcement made that her flight is going to take off.
With heavy heart she stand from her place, other hand he finally entered inside the airport yeah only after lot of buttering to guards.
Sanskar’s monologue
If I will started to find her here then there are chances that I may lost her, it will be better if I choose smart way.
He smile at intelligence and walk toward some room.
She going to sit in plane but suddenly she heard someone voice.
“ I know I hurt her lot, still after my biggest mistake she ready to give a chance to me but as she don’t like simple things so she wanted that I should earn this chance. So Miss gadodia uff Mrs maheswari your kidnapper finally reach here. Now pls yr don’t make me run like filmy hero who win fight with guards and stop his heroine. I don’t want to come in front of you with broken piece. If you are listening it then pls come outside. I am waiting for you. And I know you ate listening if because I sensed your presence yr so don’t make me wait more do fast.
She smiled at that voice and turn her side.
He desperately waiting for her single glance which going to give him life. Finally his wait over she came out in red suit and teary eyes. Both eyes met with each other, they were conveying happiness which they get by seeing each other.
Swara: I thought you will not come.
Sanskar: I thought I loose you for forever.
Swara: I thought I have to go from here.
Sanskar: I thought you will never give me a chance.
Swara: now stop your thoughts, I thought you will propose me here you only stop me not fair Mr kidnapper.
Sanskar: jiju’s doll you also stop think so much because I am not going do it.
Swara: What you call me? Jiju’s doll you idiot kidnapper I will kill you.
Sanskar: Why so? You also called me kidnapper na I mind no na then why you mind it.
All people seeing them fighting with each, a girl come there and stood between them.
Girl: uncle, didi you again started fighting.
Swasan looked toward her and remember how they fight due to same girl.
Swasan: no, this is our way to tell how much we love each other.
Girl: then fine, now shake hands like good people.
Both happily sited at their knees and kiss girl’s cheeks.
Swasan: you’re our angel, who make us meet.
She smiled at them and kissed their cheeks.
Girl: you both are so cute just like my barbie doll and my prince charming.
She again kissed them and went from there.
Both looked toward each other.
Sanskar: now what?
Swara: now what ha, propose me and ask my hand from my di then I think something can happen.
Sanskar: arre but why again I have to ask your hand. I guess we already are married na?
Swara: shut up that was not any marriage, that was deal. I want my marriage special yr with every function.
Sanskar: so I have again marry you. Ohh God now I have bear her for 14 births.
Swara: youu
She started to beat him.
Swara:kk I am going then live like devdas.
Sanskar: Arre why I will live like devdas I will live like king.
Swara: so I go
Sanskar: your choice
Swara: bye..
She angrily stood from there and began to move.
Sanskar: listen na
Swara: now what?
Sanskar: nothing bye
Swara: bye
Sanskar: one more thing
Swara: now what?
Sanskar: what do you think about 100 birth together?
Swara: I can’t tolerate same person for so many births.
Sanskar: is that so?
Swara: hmm
He stood from his place and move toward her.
She felt she is in air,she found her self in Sanskar’s arm.
Sanskar: now don’t hit my chest just warp your around my neck like romantic position.
Swara: never, I will kill you.
Sanskar: but I want to you and only you for every birth. In every birth I only want my princess, my bro’s doll, my bhabhi’s sister as my better half.
He joined their foreheads.
Swara: then why that teasing?
Sanskar: because I love you more when you fake angriness.
Swara: is that so?
Sanskar: yeah, I love you very much thanks for everything. Thanks for forgiving me by the way I don’t ask do you forgave me?
Swara: what do you think?
Sanskar: umm I think still I have to work hard.
Swara: umm yes
Both started to laugh. She suddenly stop laughing and sees toward him.
Swara: don’t think I became okay with this proposal I want something diff.
Sanskar: yeah for you now I have to borrow some one mind also.
Both sit in car, he tie her sit belt.
Swara; not bad idea Mr kidnapper.
Doing some silly fights both reached their home where Raglak were waiting for them.
She hugged her di, laksh went and hug his bro.
Raglak: so everything fine ?
Swara: not so soon di, he need to propose me officially and ask my hands from you both. Then everything will be fine. Till then I will live in Kayu room.
Sanskar: what?????
Swara: yes Mr maheswari, good night sleep well and have my dreams.
His face fell down listening his lady love demands.
Laksh: best of luck
Ragini: wow my sis is so intelligent and only due to her intillegence I will able to see her marriage. But my poor bil don’t worry do fast and make her forever yours.
Laksh: don’t worry my bro will definitely do it.
Raglak chuckled seeing him and went from there.
Sanskar: yeah beta, ready for new mission. Mission asking bhabi’s sister hand and proposing her for marriage. I wish my partner should be here so I could able to take her help. Dude plz do fast and come with her fast.
Adira’s side
Adi decorated whole terrace with red balloons.
He went downstairs and directly without giving her any chance he pick her.
Adi: now just shut up and keep utter silence.
Kayu: you monkeyyyyy
He reached at terrace and put her down. She become surprised by seeing arrangement.
Kayu: what is it?
Adi: see I am so nervous, in my lifetime I never propose anyone. So pls understand by this decoration na what I want to say?
Kayu: what I have to understand? I am dumb so I will only understand by words. So say it clearly or I will go from here.
Adi: Are you sure? I think I am good in action. So how it will if I demonstrate it.
Kaira: means???
Adi,: means
He pulled her toward himself and …..

Precap: marriage

Guys really now nothing story is left in this story that’s why I want to end it. Pls understand na. I will end after marriage.
Most important question in whose team you want? There are two teams sanskar, kaira or swara,adi. And ready for witnessing different marriage of both couples swasan and Adira. Plssss tell me in whose team you want swadi or sanira.

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