Bhabho & bhabasa’s love story OS(DABH)

Hii guys how r u all,here the is about bhabho & bhabasa.
All rathi family gathered in the house & its bhabho & bhabasa’s marriage anniversary.
All wishes them happy marriage day .
Bhabho & bhabasa- thnk u all.
All took blessings from them & settle in the hall & had a chit chat.
Ved-granny ur’s love marriage na, please tell me ur love story na.please…….
Bhabho-what r u saying ved, I’m not going to say ,& fells shy.
Bhabasa-if ur dad I will not say ,I will say.
Dev- wow,
Bhabasa start to narrate the story.
Fb starts
A boy is shown with whit shirt with dots & black pant going to college.he had red rose in his hand. He goes to a girl
A girl is in white & red chudhidar.
boy- santoshi , I love u .says this in kneeling position.
U got to know that girl is santhoshi & boy is a run.(I.e is bhabho & bhabasa)
Actually bhabho & bhabasa are classmates & both love each other but waits thinking that the other will say.atlast they marriage got bhabasa thought to propose. But it goes in vain
Santhoshi- but a run, I don’t love and my married is fixed.(saying this she run & face is shown & she is cying.
Santhoshi- y arun u proposed me now ,if u say this before I would acceptance u.(in mind)
Pari- aww, so romantic, what happened next.
Ved- ha what happened next ??
Again he started & all are listening him carefully.
Again fb starts.
Here bhabho is marriage arrangements r started & wherelse bhabasa’s also.

In olden day boy & girl used to see each other on the mandao only.
So both are sad but for their parents happiness they acted to be happy.
Here bhbasa’s family goes to bride’s family house & groom’s family arrived at bhabho’s house.
All the rituals started & time to apply sindur to bride’s fore head.
Bhabasa took sindoor with coin & applies the sindoor & unknowingly his eyes fall on bride’s face & smile appears at his face.
He murmured Santhoshi.
Bhabho recognized the voice & sees the groom’s face.
The both are at cloud nine & they both get happily married.
At night, bhabasa comes to his room where bhabho is sitting & he said – I love Santhoshi to core of my heart & tale care of u like princess.
Bhabho feels happy & says I love u too.
Fb end .

Sooraj – wow, bhabho & bhabasa it so nice love story & hugs them.
All said- we too want hug & had family hug.
pari- we must have a family selfie.
Bhabho-kya sel..self….selfie, u people talk all new words ,I don’t understand.
Pari- bhabho , it means to talk photo like this & she take photo of her & shows to bhabho.
They all had a family selfie.


I hope u will like this os.

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  1. Sorry for the spelling mistakes.



    1. Honey

      Thnk u

  3. Zuha Fatima (SuNusZuRahLima)

    Hahahaha… Bhabho and Babasa ??? Cool dear?? I enjoyed… ??

    1. Honey

      Thnk u dear

  4. So nice.pls write some surya OS.we’re missing it a lot.this is a kind request plsss??

  5. Good but add some spices in their love story but still it was amazing ???
    By the way bhabo in college and doesn’t know meaning of selfie ?
    Directer should take this idea for next track ??

  6. what is os

    1. One shot story

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