Have Bhabhiji makers reached new low and totally lost it?


After all the fall-out with Shilpa Shinde aka the previous Angoori Bhabhi, the storyline wasn’t that great. I just loved Shilpa Shinde in that role. Still, I was happy that Angoori Bhabhi is back. But, it didn’t help. I felt that the humour part had come down drastically. And the stories weren’t as bang on as before. Shilpa Shinde had nailed the part of innocent Bhabhi… But with introduction of new Bhabhi, they began changing characters of the bhabhis. Anita, who used to scold her hubby for not working, used to love and pamper him and defend if somebody tries insulting Vibhuti. Now, love has reduced and Anita herself started insulting. Vibhuti used to praise in beautiful Urdu verses… That is missing now. Moreover, they had increased the amount of double meaning jokes. In short, the stories became less funny.

Slowly they improved the story, but humour was still far off… Any person watching from the beginning would understand. Still, me and family watched on and off. When I thought all is well, they started “Mastani Bhabhi”. For anyone who missed it, check out the written updates here http://www.tellyupdates.com/tv-serials/tv/bhabhi-ji-ghar-par-hai/ Here’s the gist of what happened:
“There’s some lady who’s been teasing and harassing guys. Ammaji calls Angoori and tells that there is some major problem in Tiwari’s kundli due to Shani Dev and some babaji told that Angoori should become a flirt and tease guy so that ill effects and can vanish. This has to be done in the night. Angoori Bhabhi agrees and practically whistles and makes Vibhuti dance in knife point. The rickshaw wallah records the video twice and creates MMS. Tiwari, who first had no idea, comes out and watches on the second night. Tiwari asks Anita to make Angoori understand. Anita, first tries telling indirectly at Tiwar’s house and then invites them both to her house for dinner. During dinner, Angoori Bhabhi teases Vibhuti by stepping on his leg for a long time. After going home, Tiwari listens to Angoori talking to Ammaji and understands that his mom is the one who’s making Angoori all chichori. Tiwari calls Anita n Vibhuti to come home next day. After drinking alcohol, Tiwari gets guts and once his mom arrives starts yelling at her for making her daughter in law a chichori. To which, ammaji tells that there’s problem in Tiwari’s kundli and Angoori tells that Tiwari’s Shani Dev, sade sati period has started. So as the “tod” she was doing that. On being asked why only Vibhuti, ammaji tells cause he’s the only one without any job and a “nalla”. Tiwari feels relieved. Happu Singh comes with lady he arrested who harassed all the other guys (including him).”
After this entire Mastani Bhabhi series, I feel so disappointed and have decided not to watch. Why?

Here are the reasons:
• Angoori Bhabhi is supposed to be the innocent one. So shy and blushing always. Though, she might praise Vibhuti, it will never be like flirty kind. That has vanished now. Angoori didn’t have any hesitation teasing him. In the past, remember, Angoori acted as Vibhuti’s wife in front of Vibhuti’s uncle? Angoori was so uncomfortable the whole time! Now? She stomped on Vibhuti’s foot under the table!!!
• Angoori though being naïve, has always been strong. Like the women learning self-defence? Angoori Bhabhi kicks Vibhuti who was in disguise. And whenever the husbands goof up due to Gulfam Kali or Prem, both the wives know exactly what their husbands are upto. Then how Angoori Bhabhi agreed to ammaji?
• Whenever Vibhuti tries flirting with Angoori, ammaji has always protected her from him. Now, she’s sending her bahu like that…
• Ammaji has told such poojas and other “tod” stuff before too. But it has always been like moun vrat and normal pooja. But here our great ammaji, asks her bahu to tease an outsider.
• How can Angoori flirting with a stranger will resolve problem in Tiwari’s kundli? Today it’s just flirting. Tomorrow, the baba will ask to sleep with a stranger. Will ammaji ask her bahu to do it?
• Here, Angoori remained faithful to her husband. What if she had started liking the teasing part so much? As Tiwari’s wife, she’s controlled a lot. But this entire thing gave her the power. What if she started liking Vibhuti? Then ammaji would’ve destroyed all the lives…
• In the end, even when ammaji tells that Vibhuti is ‘nalla’ and that’s why he was chosen… Anita and Vibhuti keep quiet… Vibhuti is actually relieved that Bhabhiji was doing it only to resolve kundli problems. Vibhuti might not have self-respect. What about Anita? They’re so cool over it. She didn’t even point it out that such things are actually superstitions. She could’ve educated Angoori and asked her to pray the lord instead. She should have told ammaji and Angoori that such babas are fake.
I would have treated this entire story as simple joke and ignored. But, the fact that made me so angry was Angoori telling that Tiwari’s Shani Dev’s sade sati period has started. Do they even know what it means? If the period starts, you will look for ways to do pooja for Shani dev and be devoted. Trust me, teasing and harassing a guy isn’t the solution. They have made a mockery of the whole thing. They could’ve stated some other dosh. I don’t even have problem with using sade sati problem. It is the solution. So very disappointed.
I know people might tell that it’s just a serial… But I can’t help getting angry and disappointed that the my once upon a time favourite serial has been reduced to this level.
Did you guys watch the whole story? Or read the written updates? What do u guys think? Am I right in my analysis?

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