Bhabhi Please Give ur Sister’s Hand – Character Sketch


Yup! I am back with character sketch..

Ragini maheswari – 25 years old.Happily married to laksh maheswari.Love her sister beyond anything. More than a sister she is mother for her.Expect laksh family and her sister she has no loved ones.

Laksh maheswari – 26 years old.happily married to Ragini.Loved his step bro very much like his own bro.For him his world only rotate around rags,his sister in law(rags sister),his bro…

Sanskar maheswari-23 years old.A charming personality boy any girl can for him(even I love him)He used to love his bro BT after knowing some truth he hate him . Go any extent to give him pain.

Swara singhania- 20 years old.Live in her dream world.According to her all are angel.She can trust anyone easily. Love her sister very much .very childish in nature. She is very much pampered by her sister.

Aliya sharma; A spoilt brat.22 year old. Her world rotate around alcohol,parties and all bad habits are there . Due to this nature her family disown her.Now finding some rich boy……

Most important thing…..
Swara small pain can broke raglak in pieces.Why I tell u this u came to know when story will unfload.

Give me suggestion for alia’s role expect Nikita(kavita) b/c I am bored form her her name….

I am bsc 1st year student.So I don’t have much time.First CLG then coaching…. Wat to do studies are imp.So whenever I get time I will update. And I am writing from sometimes may be small update b/c my hands start paining soon……
Thanks everyone for comment .I don’t expected even single comment. Special thanks to rosey.U r first one to comment. And shan I love ur story very much.I don’t expected u will comment on my story…….
If anyone don’t like this story just tell me I will try to change that I am only writing for my inner stasifaction…..nt bother about comment. Bt it doesn’t mean u will stop commenting.By frnds luv u very much…..

Credit to: sanky fan

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  1. Divyanshri

    awsome episode…….. ????

    1. Tnx…

  2. Awesome dear… Loved it… ????n continue…. Update soon….

    1. Tnx….

  3. Ruhani

    Superb intro dr.. Looking forward for the first epi

    1. Tnx dear….

        This prologue link I guess u didn’t read it if u want u go through it.Tell me ur views…

  4. It’s really nice
    And I think sanskaar will only marry swara so that he can torure her n then laksh will feel her pain

    1. Nice guess u will get to know soon..

  5. nice………….

  6. nyc..continue soon..

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  7. Jwala

    nice character sketch dear.. continue soon

    1. Aahna

      thank u….

      1. Aahna

        sry by mistake..

    2. Tnx….
      I love ur ff very much.I am glad u like it…

  8. Abirsha

    Its awesome…. For negative chatacter ritika of math….
    Rags of suhani si ek ladki…..
    Sesha of nagin…..
    Thanks for liking my ff….

    1. Tnx……wat about alia from jamai raja.I don’t know her real name.

  9. Anu

    Lovely dear…nd dont fall in love with sanky…he is my papa?….when my mumna come to know she will be sad….nd all the best for your studies my mumma’s sautan aka my di?

    1. Sry to say BT I am breaking ur mom heart .I am already love wid him.Don’t say to forget him. I will become mad…….

      Tnx for such sweet comment. Don’t worry I will nt separate u from ur papa….

    1. Tnx…

  10. Vyshu10


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  11. Awesome one dear…..…???

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  12. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

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  13. Deeksha

    nice dear….continue soon….

    1. Tnx….

  14. Aahna

    Update next part soon….

  15. Dharani


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