Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Happy Singh goes to saxenas house n calls Tiwari n Vibhuti, Vibhuti says why are u shouting,it’s curfew,happy Singh says don’t worry I’m with u, Vibhuti says thanks lets go, happu Singh says see I helping h but u didn’t invite me, anyways how coward are u two, I’m inspector here n so ur safe with me, Tiwari says lets go quickly home, happy Singh says its so safe with me we will celebrate bday here n calls Anita n anguri out.

Anita says middle of road it’s unsafe, happu Singh says don’t worry u people are with safest person here, men come n start hitting happu Singh, Anita perm n anguri Rush to Anita’s house and Vibhuti Tiwari to tiwaris house. Anita seeing prem with them n shouts n says didn’t u get any other place, oh god how

will may bday be celebrated, anguri says yes n even I want to dance.

Vibhuti says this is so sad this curfew ruined everything n Tiwari u are behind it BCoz u financed this party. Tiwari says plz be quite, u came to ask me for money, why Did u marry Anita bhabhiji leave her n she will be in peace poor anu, Vibhuti says don’t call her anu or else I will call anguri as pagli.

Anita n anguri slowly walk out n see happu Singh still lying on ground injured, anguri tries waking him up but he doesn’t respond, Anita says lets throw stone at him but happu Singh wakes up, Anita says u don’t deserve to be part of police u are useless, anguri says she is right, Anita says I’m gonna complain to commissioner. Tiwari n Vibhuti walk out listening to Anita’s voice, Anita calling commissioner but sees men running behind him to beat him n all get shocked.

All go back inside their respective houses. Happu Singh in middle of road sits crying. Vibhuti says this is our commissioner n inspector,Anita calls Vibhuti n says baby it’s enough u come in balcony we will see what to do next, all come in balcony . Vibhuti says any I will cut cake on ur behalf,Anita says good idea. Vibhuti cuts cake n all wish her happy birthday. Happu Singh joins from middle of road .

Vibhuti says I will not give u cake Tiwari have it in ur own, Anita asks is cake tasty, Vibhuti says very, Anita says I want to have cake too, Vibhuti says open ur mouth I will throw cake from here , he throws correct into Anita’s mouth, anguri says even he nat some, Vibhuti says sure n throws cake n it goes in anguris mouth,Anu says good boy, Prem says my turn, Vibhuti says sure n Tiwari now I will teach this prem a lesson n throws cake on his face, happu singh says give me some too, Vibhuti n Tiwari laugh at him.

Tiwari b Vibhuti says lets have drink, Vibhuti says bhabhiji u can dance too, anguri says dj, Vibhuti says that’s not possible dance on this silence, anguri says ok n starts dancing. Happu Singh all partying without me how sad. Vibhuti says good going bhabhiji, Tiwari says Ania bhabhiji this party, Vibhuti closes his mouth, Tiwari pushes him n says I paid for this party.

Anita looks at Vibhuti in anger, anguri says Tiwari u are so bad u spoiled her mood, Anita forget them come lets dance n both dance, Anita gies Vibhuti cold looks. Till n Malka still at tea stall n all injured.

Malka says tikka u are the reason we are so injured, Tika says u just tell me are we going to party, Malka says yes we will,Tika says ok I will check, Malka says this time I will check n says oh it’s clear n both come out but Those men come again n surround them n hit them.

Anguri watching tv n sees badhu bahu trailor, Vibhuti comes in n says congratulations curfew is over n what are u up to, anguri says &tv new show n it says we need a love story like me n Tiwari n u an Anita bhabhiji,Vibhuti says when will she learn abt my love.

Pre cap: Anita says Vibhuti u have nothing to talk to me abt, Vibhuti says yes I do I have paid bills.

Anita says anguri we will take this test n this will tell our relationship strength now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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