Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update : Anita and Vibhuti to shift America.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita forcing Vibhuti out and says I cant take your joblessness weight,Vibhu says I promise I will work but let’s not go away,Tiwari and Anguri come out rushing,Tiwari asks what’s wrong,Anita says we are leaving for America,he isn’t working at all in Kanpur,Tiwari starts crying and says don’t go I will help him,Anita says no use,Anita forces Vibhu into the cab,Tiwari says you will have to go over my dead body,Anita says okay driver drive over him,driver drives over him.

Tiwari wakes up scared,Anguri asks what’s wrong,Tiwari explains her the dream,Anguri says did you get hurt,Tiwari says it was a dream,Anguri says early morning dreams do come true,Tiwari says shut up and go to sleep. Anita calling Vibhu and asks him to get her coffee quickly,Vibhu says

you are so desperate always,Anita says you are slow,Vibhu says oh really,Anita says Vibhu look who is calling from America,my brother mark,mark says hello sis how are you,and how’s your husband bhuti,Anita starts laughing and says he is calling you Bhuti,Vibhu and then says mark its Vibhu,mark says I heard he is jobless,Anita says yes he is,mark ask do you work,Anita says yes somehow managing,mark says I’m alive,get him here, I have good jobs for you two,fly down here quickly, I shall apply for you visa,Anita says great thank you mark,Anita starts dancing we are going America.

Vibhu asks what’s the excitement,Anita says mark has job for me,and we are going,he has a job for you too,and goes upstairs dancing,Vibhu says what will bhabhiji do without me. At tea stall,tikka says I had a dream last night,Tilu asks which girl hit you,tikka says shut up I dreamt of going America,Tilu says I dream about salary every night but never get, Tiwari comes and slaps him and asks why aren’t you at shop,Happu comes and stops him,Tilu says Happu don’t interfere,Happu about to slap him,malkhan says calm down,have some tea and listen to this song,Anita walks in one piece and malkhan plays the song, all stair at her.

Happu says bhabhiji you looking so beautiful,Tiwari says why are you praising her this uniform is to serve people and not praise,Anita says stop quarrelling,Happu says I was just praising you,Anita says did I ask you to,and Tiwariji if he is praising what’s bad with you just relax,Tiwari says I’m just curious how come you are in western outfit from sarees,Anita says I’m shifting to America,all are heart broken,tikka says see even I will go America,malkhan and Tilu says even we will soon,Anita leave and Tiwari shouts in anger,and hits them,Happu joins him and starts hitting them.

Anguri gets down to pick up onions,Vibhu walks to window and ask what will You do when I’m gone but you never feel my love,Anguri gets up and asks when did you come and what are you saying I never understand,Vibhu says I’m going America,Anguri says that’s a good news,Vibhu says if I go America will you miss me,Anguri says yes I will miss you a and Anita a lot,Vibhu asks what about me will you miss the most,Anguri says yes your Urdu,Vibhu says you never understand,Anguri says that’s the reason I will try memorising what you meant,Vibhu cmon be a sport say it,Anguri says no no nothing else, oh no I kept the Tap open and runs away.

Vibhu says I will miss you a lot,because I kind of love you.

Tiwari and Vibhu having drinks,Tiwari says you have no control on bhabhiji,you should be shameful about being a man,Vibhu says you are drunk,Tiwari says I’m not saying anything wrong,Vibhu says if you would have married Anu you would have known,how difficult it is to deal with lioness,Tiwari says agreed she is a lioness but you,Vibhu says I was a lion before marriage but and starts crying,Tiwari says and because of this my love will go away,Vibhu asks what do you mean,Tiwari says I mean ours,Vibhu says you love me,and both hug each other.

Happu sees Tiwari and Vibhu hug each other and says who will I hug and says I love you,and is in tears,Vibhu asks what is wrong with you,Happu says I wish I could tell you what’s hurting me and leaves,Tiwari starts singing song in pain of separation,both hug each other and start dancing,Tiwari drunk tries kissing Vibhu,Vibhu pushes him away,Happu comes from behind and dances with a bottle of alcohol.Tiwari starts crying.

Pre cap : Vibhu says I will earn a month lakh rupees,Anita says really okay,if you do so,I shall drop the plan to shift America.
Vibhu begs Tiwari and he gives him a coin.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    How about a wife swop. Anita to Tiwari and Angoori to Vibhuti. This would be really funny.

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