Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori is telling laddu to behave good with everyone n behave good with teachers also. Vibhuti comes n asks what is going on. Angoori says laddu is going for trip so she has come to drop him. She sends him with the teacher. She cries n gets upset. Vibhuti says soo cute n come on smile smile. She looks at him n he says ok ok. Angoori tells him that in the evening she is making a special bihari dish so he n anita have to come. He says ok he’ll. He just wants to come. Anita is watching news n sees on the news that a criminal has run away from happu singh’s clutch with his gun. She says these media people make too much fuss. Then tiwari comes n says why is she talking to media people they are like this only. He says he has come to invite for dinner. She says ya vibhhti has told

her. She says they will come.
At night, tiwari is waiting for anita desperately. Someone knocks at the door. Tiwari opens the door n it turns out to be the criminal chutan. He comes n says he is the criminal chutan who has ran away. They get scared seeing his gun. Angoori says that if he doesnt go from here she will tell her brother he is a big goon n he will not leave him. Chutan says her brother is her friend n he only gave this address to him. He says so no one will come in the house n no one will go out of the house. Happu is searching for chutan. Tika n malkha stop him n ask what happened. They ask him for the description so they both irritate him n malkha gets beaten up. At tiwari’s house he says to chutan to go n hide as guests are going to come n pleads him. Anita n vibhuti knock the door. Chutan asks him to send them back or else he will shoot angoori. He tells vibhuti n anita that dinner in not ready so they should go now n when dinner will be ready he will call them. Anita says this is such a rude behaviour. Vibhuti says ok till then they ll talk let them come in atleast. Tiwari says no. They dont need to come im n go home he’ll call them. Anita says its so rude n she doesnt want to wait here so they go from there. Chutan hits tiwari n says why did he tell them to come back later. He says anita will get upset thats why he said. Again the door is knocked by saxena n he tells he is smelling good food from here so he wants to eat food today please. Tiwari says no he cant n slaps him. He goes. Anita comes in nighty n says this is disgusting n she is irritated with tiwari’s behaviour. Vibhuti says may be angoori shies while making food thats why he might have said to come later. Anita says he n she both know that angoori doesnt shy while making dinner. She asks him not to use any useless logic. The screen freezes on vibhuti’s face.

Precap:- Chutan asks angoori to hold gun at tiwari n stand as he is eating food. Tiwari asks is she mad to hold the gun. Vibhuti comes again. Tiwari says go as there is a problem. Vibhuti comes in forcefully n talks to angoori whats the problem tell him but doesnt notice chutan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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