Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with happu saying that since he has cut his moustache his respect has gone and his pregnant wife is making him work a lot and when he comes out some guy come and pinch him and tease him. Vibhu says you are responsible for this happu, happu says what? Vibhu says yes you should catch that thug Manuka. Tiwari says I don’t know if he is caught or not but I am not going to be a woman anymore. Vibhu says I am with Tiwari and they remove wigs. Even tika and malkhan remove. Happu says then even I will remove. They all remove wig. A flying knife comes and hits tea stall with a letter to it. happu reads it that you modern colony dogs, if you don’t listen to me then this knife will go in your butts next time and I am looking at you all. Everyone wear wig again and go.

night anita is in balcony, vibhu comes and says here is milk. Anita says thanks and I am going to sleep. There Tiwari puts the bed and anguri comes and says is it ready? Tiwari says yes. Tiwari then says lets romance. They start romancing on song jane do na. there anita and vibhu are dancing and romancing too. They sleep.
Next day morning, at home laddo is also dressed as girl and the teacher is in woman clothes. He says so laddo beti this is to be solved like this. Laddo says thanks and I understood it miss. Tilu comes as woman. He says where are you Tiwari boss and come fast. Laddo says hello tilu and tilu says who is this man dressed in woman clothes? Lado says it my madam. Tilu says but his legs and chest say something else. Teacher gets up and says you don’t have manners and beats tilu on back with stick and suits. Tilu says he is strict and Tiwari comes. Tilu says you look a very characterless woman. Tiwari slaps tilu. Anguri comes. Tilu says since you have started coming to shop everyone is saying where is the new boss because that old boss was useless. Anguri says yes go I will reach on time. Tilu goes. Anguri goes too. Tiwari shouts in angriness. Teacher says don’t you have manners and we are studying. Tiwari says as if you have and look at yourself in the mirror. Teacher hits Tiwari with stick on the butt. Tacher and laddo go. Tiwari is belly dancing from the blows of the stick.
At street vegetable seller comes as woman. Tiwari and vibhu are there. They says give vegetables. Seller says I don’t get it and these Kanpur guys have become characterless and they teased me. Tiwari and vibhu say what has happened to them and don’t they understand we are men too? A van comes and tika and malkhan are thrown. Van goes. Tika and malkhans clothes are torn and they have been raped again and manhandled. They cry and tell Tiwari and vibhu that this time it were 8 men and they removed our clothes and made us dance and what not? Vibhu says go it wont happen next time. They go singing a rhyme. Seller says I should go before this happens to me.
At night anita and anguri are at the dining table. Anita is dancing. Tiwari and vibhu are cooking in kitchen. Anguri says my business I going well since I am going and I earn 3 to 4k daily. Anita says that’s nice and before vibhu use to fight with me over working in the house but now he has to do it. vibhu and Tiwari come out and say don’t say that and here we men have become women and its annoying. Anita and anguri say we are doing it to save you and that Manuka has an eye on everyone. Anguri and anita say come on now give us food and do your work. Anita says first we husbands will eat and then you will. Vibhu and Tiwari say we never did this. Anguri say we are a different type of husbands. Anita and anguri say first we will drink coffee and then dinner.Tiwari and vibhu are forced to go.
At night Tiwari comes out in lawn and says how do I wear this wig at night and he removes it and keeps it on wall. Phone rings and tiara goes to take it. vibhu opens the door and takes some fresh air then sees tiwaris wige and says its tiwaris. He then smiles.

Precap: vibhu takes a blanket over him and takes Tiwari at night at gun point and says I am Manuka and I told you to stay as woman and why did you remove your wig and you will die now.happu singh and vibhu are on televison saying that finally thev have got vibhuti who was actually behind this and not any thug manuka. vibhu on TV laughs and says i am a pyscho

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Really enjoyed tonight’s episode. In fact the comedy sketches in places was hilarious. Best comedy show on &TV keep up the good work guys and gals.

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