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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari saying lets switch on television n see the news. He switches the television n says whats the news. The news reporter says wait n says that a famous shayariwala face has been blackened because he told people the difference between dal’ rate n meat n thats why he decided to return his award back to the government which is wrong. Tiwari switches off the tv n says he is doing wrong by returning his award. Saxena rings the door bell n as usual he gets shock. He comes to tiwari n tells him to take care of his award as work is going on at his house. He says he has kept all other luggage at tika’s n malkhan’s place but not this award as they might sell it n this award is previous for them. Tiwari says ok n asks what award is this? He says that he

got this award for best story writer as he has written many stories n tells weird names of his books such as blind mountains, naked wires etc. Tiwari says names are weird like you. Saxena says that his stories have made lots of talks in the city. He says take care of my award n while giving it to tiwari it was going to fall from tiwari’s hand but tiwari catches it. Saxena was going to hit him but doesn’t n say take care of it. Tiwari says that by this i ll impress anita. He goes to her house n acts to talk on the phone to the writer’s council n says whatever is done with the famous shayariwala i ll return my award n cuts the phone. Anita wonders that he is a writer n calls him inside n says that u received a award n u are a writer wow u didnt tell. He says oh u heard it. She says u were speaking so loudly that everyone must have heard it. He murmurs i wanted u to hear it only. She asks about the award so he fakes that he is a writer n got the award n tells the story told by saxena to her. He tells his name is anokhe laal nirlaj which is actually saxena’s for his books. She says yes i have read the books n they are amazing n praises him. She asks but why are you returning the award he tells about the shayariwala’s whose face was blackened. Vibhuti comes n tells anita to take coffee but she refuses then tells her that even after being educated how does she believe that he can be a writer who has a undergarments business. He insults tiwari n tiwari says that this is why i am returning my award n goes. Anita tells vibhuti that he shouldn’t have insulted tiwari n he did wrong. She says get coffee for me. He says then why did u refuse at that time when i was giving. She says that time i didnt have mood yo have coffee but now i have. He goes.
Vibhuti is standing outside tiwari’s kitchen. Angoori comes n says that who kept this sweets here. He says i kept as there is a good news. Ahe says are u going to be dad? He shies n says no. He fakes that he got a job she says of a peon? He says no then she says watchman? He says no n says look at my clothes from any angle i look like a peon or watchman? Then he says he is a undercover agent. She says nice n gets happy for him. He says dont tell anyone. He says he is catching people who are returning their awards as its an insult to the government n says that did tiwari get any award? She says no n he says i ll go to find who ate returning their awards. He goes. Tiwari is standing in the garden of his house with the award waiting for anita to come out with her friend n see him. He shouts i ll return this award which he calls samman in hindi. Saxena comes n says that which award is he returning? He says he meant luggage not award. Saxena says ok n says what are you doing with my award? He says i am cleaning it. He says clean it carefully n says other wise he ll not leave him if anything happens to his award. He goes then anita comes with her friend. Tiwari shouts that he ll return this award to which anita hears n tells her friend about him being the famous wtiter. She calls tiwari n anita’s friend tells him that she should get a picture clicked. Tuwari flaunts n gets happy that anita is impressed. Angoori sees all this n gets upset that tiwari didnt tell her n goes in kitchen n says if vibhuti gets to know that tiwari is returning his award then he’ll be jailed. Vibhuti comes n says that i got to know that tiwari is returning his award by my senior but for you i wont put him in jail n for that we’ll have to go on a date to meet that agent cause he cant meet anywhere else. Angoori says i ll think as i dont go anywhere without tiwari. She goes. Vibhuti gets happy. Tiwari says that we’ll sell this mixer n other stuff to the papermart n metalsmart (bhangarwala) n will get only 100 Rs/-. Angoori says so less. Vibhuti comes n says that u’ll remain uneducated only tiwari n clicks pics n says that posts pics on OLX APP n they promote it.

precap: anita asks tiwari questions n note down his answers . Tiwari asks her why is she noting it down, anita says this is so bcoz she has arranged a press conference.tiwari gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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